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AP Invoice Processing for JD Edwards_Bottomline Technologies


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It’s Time to Redefine Invoice Processing within Your JD Edwards Environment.

Faced with an unpredictable business environment, forward-thinking companies are now making the leap to automated invoice solutions and quickly realizing significant operational benefits, including accelerated invoice processing cycles that reduce costs, increase real-time visibility into the status of all invoices and reduced incidences of duplicate invoices and payments. Not to mention help their suppliers get paid faster, which ensures stronger, more productive business relationships.

This presentation is intended to help viewers understand:
-- How AP automation can improve key metrics such as costs per transaction and invoices-per-FTE;
-- Insight into identifying solutions optimized for JD Edwards, and managing a successful implementation; and
-- Best practices for increasing adoption of e-invoice submission among customers and suppliers.

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AP Invoice Processing for JD Edwards_Bottomline Technologies

  1. 1. Redefining AP Invoice Processing Within Your JD Edwards Environment Chris Luoma, Director of Product Marketing Bottomline Technologies April 22, 2010; 8:30 AM Mandalay Bay Ballroom B
  2. 2. Agenda • Challenges with AP I Ch ll ith Invoice Processing i P i • Transform™ AP: Integrated Invoice Management for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne • Transform AP: Success Stories • Completing the AP Automation process • Summary / Q&A • About Bottomline Technologies
  3. 3. It’s Still A Paper-Based World “95% of AP departments said they are still receiving the majority of their invoices as paper, via the mail.” Source: IAPP AP Automation Study, 2009
  4. 4. Paper Invoice Processing Invoice approved? pp Goods received? Which invoice? Pay the supplier! REQUISITIONER Goods & prices Industry Average Results: match? Missing invoices! $12.71 and 6.4 days Duplicate invoice! to process a vendor payment IOMA: AP Department Benchmarks and Analysis SUPPLIERS MAIL ROOM SUPPLIER INVOICES AP DEPARTMENT Outstanding invoices? Audit original invoices? Pay my invoice! Processed invoices? MANAGEMENT
  5. 5. Industry Research – Key Findings • 60% - 70% of enterprises l k visibility i t th i f t i lack i ibilit into their primary AP spend and invoice data. • Enterprises who have automated their invoice receipt and approval workflow policies have experienced 55% l i d lower iinvoice-processing costs, as i i t well as 30% lower invoice cycle times. Source: AberdeenGroup, January 2010
  6. 6. Transforming the AP Process INVOICE & ORDER INVOICE TRACKING PROCESSING APPROVERS Invoice approved? Coding, Matching, Goods received? Best-in-Class Results: Posting AP DEPARTMENT $8.58 to process an invoice (compared to $12.71) 3.0 days to process a vendor payment SUPPLIERS MAIL ROOM (compared to 6.4 days) INVOICE STATUS IOMA: AP Department Benchmarks and Analysis NOTIFICATION VISIBILITY Duplicate invoice? Status, Reporting, , p g, Goods & prices don’t match? Audit History Invoice rejected? MANAGEMENT
  7. 7. Agenda • Challenges with AP Invoice Processing • Transform™ AP: Invoice Management for JD Ed Edwards EnterpriseOne d E t i O • Transform AP: Success Stories • Completing the AP Automation process • Summary / Q&A • About Bottomline
  8. 8. Transform™ AP: I Invoice M i Management t with & within JD Edwards
  9. 9. Invoice Document and Data Capture • Inbound Documents I b dD t  Paper documents via scan  Fax server  Email attachments  Transform™ Scan Center: Optional add-on module for scanning and indexing documents • Batch Review  Web-based previewing of scanned CAPTURE batches  Automatic bursting into individual document sets • OCR  Pattern creation and expression-based rules automatically capture header level y p data
  10. 10. Invoice Document Capture Invoices I i Capture C t Image Files I Fil Transform AP T f Multi-function Device Scan Fax Email
  11. 11. Verification and Matching  Verification  Resulting images and associated captured data are automatically made available in EnterpriseOne for i E t i O f validation VERIFY & MATCH  Automatic Match  PO-based invoice data is dynamically matched against both pre-existing purchase orders (2-way) and/or goods received notices (3-way) and posted to the G/L  Invoices which fail to match are made available for exception processing
  12. 12. Automatic 2- and 3-way Matching Documents and associated metadata are queued in EnterpriseOne for further processing. Invoice status shows the stage of all invoices in process including those auto matched.
  13. 13. Exception Processing – Forward Request …any exceptions can verified and reviewed and if needed, forwarded for approval…
  14. 14. Exceptions - Approval …split screen interface allows for viewing header data and image…
  15. 15. Code and Approve • Route  Non PO Non-PO approval  Exception invoices and associated data can be routed to appropriate users based on business rules  Users can perform further verification and/or coding CODE & APPROVE • Code & Approve  Email notifications can be sent to users with embedded link to document requiring approval  Also supports coding by model allocation based on preset matrix within JDE  Multiple levels of approval can be configured and audited throughout the process
  16. 16. Code Invoices Online …assigned users code the invoices via standard Web browser; G/L codes are validated against EnterpriseOne…
  17. 17. Approval Scenarios RULES BASED APPROVAL MATRIX $500 $1,000 $5,000 …by Minimum Approvers Invoice A - $4,238 …by G/L Codes including splits Invoice B - $4,702 Line 1: 30.4231 Line 2: 30.7539 …by Escalation / Escalation Alternates Invoice C - $300 Out of Office Alternate
  18. 18. Real-Time Information  Visibility  Audit history with one view of all your invoices  On-demand reporting  Account accruals AUDIT HISTORY  Compliant Processes AND REPORTING  Self-documenting g  Process change controls  Tracking of user activity
  19. 19. Compliance – Reporting …standard reports provide authorized users the ability to view status of invoices and run metrics on productivity…
  20. 20. Invoice Storage and Retrieval • Storage  Transform AP stores all in oices with invoices ith associated indexes  Extends to both related and ad-hoc documents for complete view of each transaction  Invoices are accessible via standard web browsers SEARCH AND RETRIEVE • Access documents within EnterpriseOne  All invoices are linked to the transactions via native JD Edwards media attachment  EnterpriseOne users can interactively process, view, fax, email or reprint documents directly from JD Edwards
  21. 21. EnterpriseOne Media Attachments …users can view invoice documents from within EnterpriseOne via native media attachment…
  22. 22. Transform AP Web Portal …or view outside EnterpriseOne utilizing standard Web-browser via the Transform AP portal…
  24. 24. Benefits O f Overview Full Visibility y EnterpriseOne is the central location for all invoices p Transparent Process Auditing of all invoice interaction and status changes One View Direct integration no need for data synchronization integration, Automated Document Handling Automated matching and posting of invoices Flexible Process Online invoice approval outside of EnterpriseOne Agile Process Adapt the process to meet your needs Seamless Integration View and code the invoice within EnterpriseOne Instantly Usable Looks, feels and is EnterpriseOne Anytime from Anywhere Find and retrieve invoices within EnterpriseOne or online
  25. 25. Agenda • Challenges with AP Invoice Processing • Transform™ AP: Invoice Management for JD Edwards E t Ed d EnterpriseOne i O • Transform AP: Success Stories • Completing the AP Automation process • Summary / Q&A • About Bottomline
  26. 26. • Largest owner / operator of suburban office properties in SE Company p y • 525 properties with 41 4 million square f t of space ti ith 41.4 illi feet f • Annual revenue for 2009: $460M • 400 employees • Process 60K+ invoices annually Problem • Analysis showed high invoice processing costs of more than $25 per invoice • Inability to capture supplier early payment discounts • Growth by acquisition resulted in 10 different processes • A $40 invoice had seven levels of approval Solution • Transform AP for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Results “The Bottomline solution has enabled us to consolidate our invoice processes into a centralized shared services model that cuts approval time, lowers processing costs, and improves supplier relations by ensuring on-time payment.“ Art McCann, Senior Director of IT, Highwoods Properties
  27. 27. • Invests in and develops commercial, industrial and residential property throughout the US Company C • 90 companies from the Fortune 500, Global 500 or Forbes List of Top Private Companies have selected Hillwood • 150 employees with 6 divisions • Process 33k+ invoices annually • All invoice data manually keyed into JD Edwards Problem • 6 divisions received & manually routed invoices for approval • AP was not aware of the status of invoices in process • Invoices were paid late • Not uncommon to misplace an invoice Solution S l ti •T Transform AP for Oracle JD Edwards E t f f O l Ed d EnterpriseOne i O • Significant increase in AP staff productivity and data accuracy Results • Invoice to payment cycle time drastically reduced • Transparent view of all invoices in process and status • Less opportunity for late payment • Reliable and accessible storage of all invoices • Extended capabilities with add-on sub-contract functionality
  28. 28. • Develops, manages and finances some of the world's largest Company real estate projects • Best known for its historic 2.8 million-square-foot $1.7 billion Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle Problem • Homegrown solution worked with Lawson but did not integrate with new JD Edwards installation • AP did not have the required visibility into all invoices in process Solution • Transform AP for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne • Seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards Results • Users new to working with JD Edwards continue to work within their familiar environment • Increased visibility of all invoices in process • Significant increase in AP staff productivity
  29. 29. Agenda • Challenges with AP Invoice Processing • Transform™ AP: Invoice Management for JD g Edwards EnterpriseOne • Transform AP: Success Stories • Completing the AP Automation process • Summary / Q&A y • About Bottomline
  30. 30. Transform™ AP: I Invoice M i Management t with & within JD Edwards
  31. 31. Pay Smarter with the Largest & Fastest-Growing Online Payment Network • Multiple payment types & unlimited remittance detail sent through an easy-to-use online portal • The most fraud-proof electronic payment solution on the market • Integrates with existing financial systems, works with any bank • Any payment file type accepted • Over 95,000 network members and growing • Supplier adoption rates of as much as 70%, vs. only 5-7% for competitors • Over $300 billion in spend processed • Supplier on boarding and authentication support from Bottomline on-boarding • Software-as-a-Service Delivery Model means no upgrade fees or hardware to install
  32. 32. Agenda • Challenges with AP Invoice Processing • Transform™ AP: Invoice Management for JD g Edwards EnterpriseOne • Transform AP: Success Stories • Completing the AP Automation process • Summary / Q&A y • About Bottomline
  33. 33. Agenda • Challenges with AP Invoice Processing • Transform™ AP: Invoice Management for JD Edwards E t Ed d EnterpriseOne i O • Transform AP: Success Stories • Summary / Q&A • About Bottomline Technologies
  34. 34. About Bottomline 725+ 9,000+ Global Employees NASDAQ: EPAY Customers C t Worldwide $138M •80 of Fortune 100 Offices in Annual •70 of FTSE 100 US, EMEA & •15 of Top 25 Banks Asia-Pac Revenues
  35. 35. More Than 20 years’ Experience Automating & Optimizing Financial Processes Strategic, I St t i Innovative Solution Set ti S l ti S t • Wholesale Banking & Enterprise Payments • Financial Supply Chain Automation – Corporate P C Payments & C h M Cash Management – Invoice Processing • Medical Forms Automation • Legal Spend Management • Document Process Automation Bottomline Technologies’ Corporate Headquarters Portsmouth, NH USA Proven to Deliver Significant Benefits Enterprise-wide • Unprecedented visibility into every transaction • Enables paper-to-electronic migration • Supports audit & compliance requirements • Expanding SaaS delivery model accelerates time to value, reduces IT costs, headaches
  36. 36. Top-Tier Customer Base 9,000+ Customers Worldwide
  37. 37. Corporate Awards & Recognition • Aite Group Best-in-Class for Global Cash Management Gro p Best in Class Management: 2009 • American Banker and Financial Insights FinTech 100: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2006 2007 2008 2009 • Law Technology News Technology Award (Vulcan Materials Company): 2008 • Global Finance Best AP Services: 2005 2006 2007 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 • START-IT Top 50 Technologies: 2008 • Financial-i Leaders Innovation” Financial i “Leaders in Innovation Award: 2007
  38. 38. Helping Customers Go Green Interactive Green Savings Calculator allows I t ti G S i C l l t ll customers to better understand the environmental impact of moving from paper to electronic.
  39. 39. Thank You! For more information, please contact: Chris Luoma Learn More Online: Stay Connected! Twitter: LinkedIn: