SnapDragon Consultants: Social Media & Travel Information


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A webinar presented to members of the I-95 Corridor Coalition on January 28th, 2010.

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SnapDragon Consultants: Social Media & Travel Information

  1. 1. I-95 Corridor Coalition Social Media Presentation! January 28, 2010! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 1  
  2. 2. Agenda: ! •  What social media can be used for in terms of travel! •  How to implement it! •  Some issues & concerns! •  Looking forward—whatʼs next in social media! •  Closing thoughts! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 2  
  3. 3. What social media can be used for in terms of travel
 Marketing! Information Distribution! •  Conversation analysis! •  Deliver existing •  Strategy! information resources on new channels! •  Content creation! •  Leverage social •  Influencer outreach! technology to deliver •  Campaign monitoring and more relevant content in adjustment! more appropriate ways! •  Metrics! •  Complement marketing efforts! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 3  
  4. 4. How to Implement it: 
 Marketing! •  Evaluate existing content resources! •  Analyze relevant online conversation (local bloggers and online community leaders)! •  Develop a plan that links deployments across multiple platforms! •  Identify and reach out to key online influencers! •  Track campaign performance, adjust deployment to adapt to user response! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 4  
  5. 5. Engage Through Multiple Services ! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 5  
  6. 6. How to Implement it: 
 Information Distribution! •  Structure data, set up automated updaters, decide on degree of channel monitoring, promote as part of marketing effort! •  There are lots of potential channels to consider —its not just about Twitter! •  Make discovery and sharing as easy as possible! •  Sometimes people will want to contribute or get personal responses, so setting expectation is critical! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 6  
  7. 7. 511NY Twitter Feed Listing Page! •  Visually integrated with the existing 511NY site! •  Includes sharing buttons to facilitate exposure! •  Also has a disclaimer in footer that feeds are automated and not monitored! •  Provides a single point of reference for the initiative! •  The nature of the service allows this to be simple —no signing-up or creating accounts! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 7  
  8. 8. 511NY Automated Twitter Updater
 2) Information processed by SnapDragonʼs application ! • Subway line(s) identified! • Text shortened using abbreviations! • Checked for redundancy! • Link to listing page added if truncation doesnʼt reduce report to under 140 characters! 3) Information 1) Information posted to extracted from appropriate 511NY incident Twitter account! reports page ! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 8  
  9. 9. Leveraging Open APIs and Web Services! •  API = “Application Platform Interface”! •  Open APIs allow developers to link Web applications and available data resources to each other in order to create new functions! •  Doesnʼt require direct integration with agency native IT environment! o  Good reasons for that: security, modularity, scalability, extensibility! •  Weʼll get to why this is so important when we discuss future directions for social technology! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 9  
  10. 10. Lessons from 511NY! •  Marketing: Social media is an effective complement to traditional marketing and PR efforts! •  Information distribution: Users appreciate appropriate, relevant uses of social media! o Blog comment about 511NY feeds: “I think this is the first non-stupid use of Twitter I've heard thus far.”! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 10  
  12. 12. 
 Issue: Privacy! •  Opt-in nature of social media means itʼs largely the responsibility of the user! •  The important thing is not to take advantage of relationships—selling or exploiting contact information would be a mistake! •  Just because someone is participating on one channel doesnʼt mean they want to be spammed on another! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 12  
  13. 13. 
 Issue: Getting management to buy in! Staff not Not enough info available! about it! 33%! 34%! Not sure it
 Not sure how to would be
 start! useful! 22%! 11%! Reasons for not using Social Media! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 13  
  14. 14. 
 Issue: Getting management to buy in! •  Share success stories! •  Demonstrate measurability! •  Itʼs not all-or-nothing! •  Getting on peopleʼs radar, standing out from the crowd will only get more difficult! •  Participation on the social Web can improve an agencyʼs image! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 14  
  15. 15. 
 Issue: Growing the user base! •  Engage key influencers and community leaders! •  Track behaviors to find openings for targeting promotional/marketing efforts! •  Ask your users what they want! •  Find ways to reward advocates who spread the word! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 15  
  16. 16. Issue: 
 How to measure effectiveness ! •  Basic site analytics! •  Can easily document followers, fans, etc.! •  Track the conversation to see how people are responding! •  Like traditional marketing, there are some ambiguities! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 16  
  18. 18. 
 Whatʼs Next: Real-time Web! •  “Push” techniques will mean that information gets to devices and applications immediately (rather than when the client queries the server)! •  XMPP, WebSocket, Firehosers, lots of new technology being explored by industry leaders! •  Will increase pressure to accommodate user-contributed information—ways to deal with that will be developed for travel as well as in other contexts! •  Makes necessary new means of information delivery for drivers—Ford SYNC uses Bluetooth to have text read through car audio system! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 18  
  19. 19. Whatʼs Next: 
 Location-aware Services ! •  Location-aware, data-enabled mobile devices allow social media to be embedded in “the real world” in new ways! •  Distinct from positioning used for navigation systems in cars—attached to individuals and their online profiles! •  Foursquare, Twitterʼs Geolocation API, Googleʼs Near Me Now, Yelp,, more on the way…! •  The confluence of location-aware and real-time services creates new opportunities to provide highly contextualized information ! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 19  
  20. 20. 
 Whatʼs Next: Augmented Reality ! •  On mobile devices for now, but potentially expanding in new directions! •  Thereʼs going to be the first commercially sponsored industry conference over the summer ! •  Will be driven in new directions as technology improves and it links up with location-aware and real-time trends! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 20  
  21. 21. Augmented Reality New York Subway App by acrossair ! •  Displays information about nearby subway lines as a real-time video overlay of immediate surroundings! •  Versions for several cities! •  A new means of delivering information, made accessible by adoption of mobile devices! •  The iPhone initially didnʼt support these sort of apps, community pressured Apple into allowing developers to build them! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 21  
  22. 22. Whatʼs Next: 
 Open, Open, Open ! •  More mash-ups, more open data, more open platforms (whatever they might turn out to be)! •  This is why it is critical to make data available and useful! •  Android device platform is a highly relevant example for travel! o  On phones, navigation devices, cars themselves, all sorts of sensors! •  TriMet App Center is a great example in the travel space! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 22  
  24. 24. Social Applications of New Technology Drive Adoption and Innovation! •  Follow the “alpha-geeks”—their record is surprisingly good! •  New communication tools have their best consumer applications worked out over time! •  It took Twitter years to become visible to a wide audience, but once it did it was everywhere! •  Changes happen quickly, but if you pay attention to early adopters you can remain ahead of the curve! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 24  
  25. 25. At this moment there is a key cultural as well as technological opportunity to be seized! •  Concern about environment (both built and natural), public space, green technology, new ways to organize cities, and a host of other issues mean that state transportation agencies are naturally at the center of a vibrant and “hip” discussion! •  IBMʼs Smarter Planet campaign demonstrates how easy and rewarding it can be to participate! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 25  
  26. 26. Thank You! ! For more thoughts, visit our blog at: ! SnapDragon CONSULTANTS 26