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Water, a vital resource, critical to health and the environment. A major challenge for the 21st century. Understanding the water challenges our customers face, anticipating their expectations, innovating and containing costs: we strive to achieve the same goal committed together to water, a source of life.

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Commercial Brochure EN

  3. 3. 06 WATER TREATMENT _OUR MISSION • p. 8 - Understanding needs, creating solutions • p. 10 - Two areas of business • p. 12 - Four activities and five areas of expertise • p. 14 - A commitment spanning over 70 years • p. 15 - 5,200 employees 18 YOUR NEEDS _our SOLUTIONS • p. 20 - Four activities serving our customers’ performance • p. 22 - Turnkey facility design and construction • p. 24 - Operation and services • p. 26 - Equipment and technology • p. 28 - BOT (Build, Operate & Transfer) contracts • p. 30 - Melbourne, a technical and environmental reference 32 YOUR CHALLENGES _OUR EXPERTISE • p. 34 - Our customers are the source of our innovation • Local authorities • p. 36 - Drinking water production • p. 37 - Seawater or brackish water desalination • p. 38 - Municipal wastewater treatment • p. 39 - Biosolids / Sludge treatment • p. 40 - References • Industry • p. 42 - Water for oil and gas (upstream) • p. 43 - Water for refining and petrochemicals (downstream) • p. 44 - Water for the paper industry • p. 45 - Water for the food and beverage industry • p. 46 - References • p. 48 - Our flagship products 52 YOUR SUCCESS _OUR COMMITMENTS 4 // Degrémont • p. 54 - Committed teams working alongside our customers • p. 56 - Progressing employees’ skills • p. 58 - Challenges shared with our partners • p. 60 - Our commitment to the environment Degrémont // 5
  4. 4. WATER. A VITAL RESOURCE, CRITICAL TO HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT. A MAJOR CHALLENGE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. UNDERSTANDING THE WATER CHALLENGES OUR CUSTOMERS FACE, ANTICIPATING THEIR EXPECTATIONS, INNOVATING AND CONTAINING COSTS: WE STRIVE TO ACHIEVE THE SAME GOAL COMMITTED TOGETHER TO WATER, A SOURCE OF LIFE. 312 customers responded to the 2012 satisfaction survey about our businesses and activities. They gave Degrémont an overall satisfaction score of 16 out of 20. 94% WATER TREATMENT _our mission p. 08 Understanding needs, creating solutions p. 10 Two areas of business p. 12 Four activities and five areas of expertise p. 14 A commitment spanning over 70 years p. 15 5,200 employees TRUST Degrémont. 6 // Degrémont Degrémont // 7
  5. 5. WATER TREATMENT_OUR MISSION UNDERSTANDING needs, creating “ CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF DEGRéMONT How does Degrémont respond to its customers’ expectations today? Rémi Lantier: We include a wide range of products and services in our commercial proposals: this wealth illustrates our capacity to adapt to our public and private customers’ many requirements. It is also our policy to ensure our locations are as close as possible to our markets, and to guarantee technical support for our customers. Finally, we regularly carry out surveys to gauge customers’ expectations and measure their satisfaction. Working closely with our customers in this way contributes to a better understanding of the specific requirements of the local market. It goes without saying that our customers’ needs are changing. New financial, economic and environmental constraints are emerging. These changes prompt us to regularly review our practices and they are the source of our continuous improvement. In my opinion, the attention we pay to what the market says is a key factor that underpins the quality of our relationship with customers. It forces us to be more responsive, but also more creative. In fact, it is this capacity for innovation that enables us to create the relevant and competitive solutions that guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. How do you support change in the water sector? R.L.: Firstly, we anticipate new water treatment requirements by creating services and innovative technological solutions through the development of partnerships and joint research programmes. The sums invested in innovation, unchanged over the past few years, are testimony to our committed 8 // Degrémont solutions approach to progress despite the economic crisis. Our research focuses on both products and processes. It translates into progress that benefits our customers, thereby strengthening our position as a specialist in water treatment and its sustainable management. Of course, innovation is not limited to technology. We have broadened its reach to include new contractual arrangements and even different finance packages. We adapt our working methods and management to the economic conditions. Against the backdrop of the current economic crisis, we are developing, for example, lean management which is an effective approach to optimising production cycles and the flow of information, simplifying processes and boosting economic performance. All this directly benefits our customers. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers, committed to assisting them in the task of reconciling their competitiveness with sustainability targets. The reasons for this commitment are as much economic and ethical as social. At the same time, we have realigned our organisational structure to strengthen our local presence and to foster the sharing of our expertise. Gradually rolled out in 2012, this structure is based on multicultural teams able to act anywhere in the world with the same level of efficiency. What advantages do you have in the face of the current economic environment? R.L.: Thanks to its 70 years of experience, Degrémont is able to leverage advantages that underpin its strength and expertise. Its command of water treatment technology is the first of these advantages. It means we are the global reference in this field. Our second advantage is our ability to effectively manage projects. This is a major challenge for us and our customers, as the aim is to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget and on target with the required level of quality. Our third advantage is the global dimension of our Group and its local presence in many countries. In particular, this is what enables us to detect the early signs of change in our sector and to react swiftly. We are able to offer solutions tailored to specific local conditions, and to determine whether the needs of an Australian customer can be met using a solution that has already been implemented, say, in Brazil. Finally, our belonging to the Suez Environnement Group enables us to develop the synergy that is essential to making us even more competitive. A few closing words? R. L. : Our areas of business mean we operate on markets with strong prospects for the long term. Up until now, we have managed to put in place the resources needed to manage the difficult period we are currently experiencing without losing sight of our goals. We will continue down this same path by strengthening our sense of service and our ability to adapt. Our future is built each day through the quality of the men and women who work for Degrémont and their ownership of our shared goal: “Committed together to water, a source of life”. “ INTERVIEW WITH rémi lantier “ IT IS THIS CAPACITY FOR INNOVATION THAT ENABLES US TO CREATE THE RELEVANT AND COMPETITIVE SOLUTIONS THAT GUARANTEE OUR CUSTOMERS’ SATISFACTION  “ Degrémont // 9
  6. 6. WATER TREATMENT_OUR MISSION 2 areas of business DEGRÉMONT WORKS WITH ITS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CUSTOMERS TO ENSURE THE SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF WATER RESOURCES. WATER TREATMENT FOR INDUSTRY Degrémont Industry combines all Degrémont’s industry business making it a reference for the overall management of optimum industrial water cycles from resource to discharge. Its solutions ensure the reliable production of process water, industrial effluent treatment, and the treatment and management of industrial wastewater sludge. Optimised water treatment plants increase customers’ competitiveness, make their production processes more reliable while also reducing their environmental impact to ensure continued compliance with increasingly stringent regulatory standards In the heart of Macau, the drinking water plant produces 120,000 cu. m. per day. 10 // Degrémont WATER TREATMENT FOR LOCAL AUTHORITIES Degrémont helps local authorities meet their public service mission requirements: - roduction of drinking water from surface, underground, p brackish and sea water - reatment of municipal wastewater before its discharge t back into the natural environment or reuse - management of sludge, a treatment by-product. The areas in which Degrémont Industry operates - Energy - Oil and gas (exploration and production) - Refining and petrochemicals - Chemicals - Pharmaceuticals/cosmetics/fine chemicals - Metals and mining industry - Pulp and paper - Food and beverage - Microelectronics - Health By containing their investment costs in this way, public authorities are able to provide their citizens with quality drinking water and discharge treated wastewater back into the natural environment or reuse it for other purposes. These targets are met while keeping energy consumption to a minimum and protecting the environment in accordance with health and environment safety standards. 1 BILLION people are supplied with drinking water and wastewater services from plants built by Degrémont Degrémont // 11
  7. 7. WATER TREATMENT_OUR MISSION 4 INTEGRATED AREAS OF ACTIVITy AREAS OF PROVEN EXPERTISE DEGRÉMONT’S COMMAND OF ITS FOUR COMPLEMENTARY AREAS OF ACTIVITY HAVE MADE IT THE GLOBAL REFERENCE FOR WATER TREATMENT. DEGRÉMONT PROVIDES ITS CUSTOMERS WITH COST-OPTIMISED EXPERTISE TAILORED TO ECONOMIC AND REGIONAL CONDITIONS. 5 BOT: build, operate transfer Whether it is signed with a local authority, or a provincial or national government, or with an industrial concern, a BOT contract involves Degrémont in every stage of the project, from financing to building and operation. In return, the customer pays a fee covering the operating costs and depreciation on the capital invested. At the end of the contract, the facility is transferred to the customer. DESIGN AND BUILD With its dual expertise in project management and water treatment, Degrémont manages every stage in the process of designing and building new units and extending or refurbishing existing plants, from the choice of process and site location to managing purchasing, worksite supervision, equipment assembly and commissioning. In this way, Degrémont delivers future operators user-friendly plants and ensures that they blend seamlessly into their environment. 12 // Degrémont DRINKING WATER PRODUCTION Faced with serious difficulties in accessing water, emerging countries are seeking reliable and affordable production solutions. At the same time, the industrialised world is setting new standards to improve comfort and public health. The diversity of technology developed by Degrémont (sand filtration, flotation, ultrafiltration, etc.) offers major advantages in order to respond effectively to these multiple challenges, regardless of water resource origin and quality. Operations and Services EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY From day-to-day plant management to the proactive recommendation of new services (supply of spare parts, refurbishment and training), Degrémont contributes at each and every stage of a plant’s life. Degrémont’s experts are involved in all the preliminary project phases to ensure that the needs of future operators are fully addressed. This joint expertise as both builder and operator is the customer’s guarantee of reliability and performance. Degrémont offers equipment packages designed to improve and/or diversify the performance of existing facilities. Sludge drying and incineration, water disinfection using ozone and UV treatment, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, industrial process water treatment, biological treatment and separation… all these applications are the focus of Degrémont’s expertise, delivered in conjunction with high-profile international names, such as Innoplana, Ozonia, Triogen, Aquasource, Ameriwater, Infilco, Anderson and Water Power Technologies. DESALINATION Degrémont has developed technology to produce fresh water from seawater. It offers original and efficient processes at every stage of the water’s treatment, with particular emphasis on preliminary treatment upstream from the reverse osmosis desalination stage. In practical terms, this preliminary treatment stage governs the efficiency, reliability and durability of membrane systems. MUNICIPAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT AND REUSE Degrémont’s technology provides local authorities and industrial customers with the level of public health and environmental safety required for full compliance with regulatory requirements. Customers can also opt for processes that enable treated wastewater to be reused in agricultural, urban and industrial applications. BIOSOLIDS AND SLUDGE TREATMENT As a by-product of wastewater treatment, sludge poses a major economic and environmental challenge. Improved wastewater treatment processes have resulted in significantly higher quantities of sludge to be treated. Degrémont provides an effective response to this trend by offering a wide range of processes applicable to every stage of treatment, from digestion to thickening, dewatering, drying and incineration. INDUSTRIAL WATER PRODUCTION AND TREATMENT Degrémont Industry works with its industrial customers to identify and adopt the best solutions that meet their individual requirements for process water production and effluent treatment. The range of solutions provided by Degrémont Industries delivers water that satisfies the requirements of the most exacting industries. Degrémont // 13
  8. 8. WATER TREATMENT_OUR MISSION 70 A commitment spanning over 5,200 years CREATED IN 1939 IN FRANCE, DEGRÉMONT HAS BEEN THE WATER TREATMENT INDUSTRY PIONEER FOR OVER 70 YEARS. EMPLOYEES WORKING TOGETHER TO CREATE AN EFFICIENT, SUCCESSFUL AND INNOVATIVE COMPANY. A 100% SUBSIDIARY OF SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, DEGRÉMONT REPORTED 2012 REVENUE OF DEGRÉMONT’S MAIN LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE €1.397 BILLION BREAKDOWN OF REVENUE BY CUSTOMER TYPE Toronto BY BUSINESS SECTOR BY REGION 6 19  % 75 26 5 52 15 33  % Design-Construction Services Equipment BOT SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Natural resources are not infinite. Each day, Suez Environnement (Paris: SEV, Brussels: SEVB) and its subsidiaries deal with the challenge of protecting resources by providing innovative solutions to industry and to millions of people. Suez Environnement supplies drinking water to 96.6 million people, provides wastewater treatment services for 66.3 million people and collects the waste produced by 50 million people. Suez Environnement has 79,550 employees and, with its presence on five continents, is a world leader exclusively dedicated to water and waste management services. In 2012, Suez Environnement generated revenues of EUR 15.1 billion. 14 // Degrémont Moscow Brussels Milan Seoul Beijing Tokyo Amman Delhi Cairo Mexico City Doha Dubai Bengaluru Panama City Kuala Lumpur Jakarta São Paulo 30 Local authorities Industry Oxford Paris Bilbao Richmond Salt Lake City 11  % East Kilbride Grangemouth Algiers 3 25 Montreal Santiago de Chile Johannesburg Buenos Aires Europe Asia–Pacific North America South America Africa Middle East Perth Sydney Adelaïde Melbourne 5,200 EMPLOYEES IN 70 COUNTRIES OUR VALUES NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES BY BUSINESS SECTOR* BE AMBITIOUS FOR DEGRÉMONT 130 830 Services Design and Build equipment BOT 1, 760 COMMIT WITH COURAGE  % 2,480 CREATE TRUST THROUGH RESPECT AND INTEGRITY PROGRESS AND HELP OTHERS TO PROGRESS *At 31 December 2012. Degrémont // 15
  9. 9. WATER TREATMENT_OUR MISSION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executive Committee is the ideas development, consulting and decision-making body that ensures company strategy is implemented consistently and effectively. For cross-disciplinary issues, it is supported by the Business Units and Business/Activity departments responsible for delivering operational performance and for working closely with customers. Rémi Lantier Jean-Luc Alexandre Mathieu Le Bourhis Clément de Villepin Sabine Rous Samy Benoudiz François Bernès Frédéric Claux José del Castillo François Février
 Jean-Luc Ventura Chief Executive Officer Director of Communication Executive Vice President in charge of Europe, Latin America Africa Senior Executive Vice President in charge of Design Build and Services Businesses Executive Vice President in charge of Industry (Degrémont Industry) Executive Vice President in charge of the Middle East, India, Asia and the Pacific, Development and Marketing Chief Finance Officer Executive Vice President in charge of Equipment Business Director of Human Resources, Sustainable Development and Risk Prevention Executive Vice President in charge of BOT Business Executive Vice President in charge of France the business units LATIN AMERICA FRANCE CONSTRUCTION Asia
 EQUIPMENT – CONVENTIONAL SEPARATION, INCINERATION AND BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT FRANCE SERVICES India IBERIA AFRICA Australia ITALY EURASIA MIDDLE EAST Gabriel Toffani Maximilien Pellegrini EQUIPMENT – MEMBRANE SEPARATION AND MOBILE UNITS Andrew Reed EQUIPMENT – DISINFECTION AND DRYING Éric Dehouck 16 // Degrémont Jean-Luc Ventura Denis Blanc José del Castillo Loïc Voisin Guillaume Mizon Shyam Bhan Roch Cheroux Pierre Pauliac INDUSTRY EUROPE Samy Benoudiz Degrémont // 17
  10. 10. p. 20 Four activities serving our customers’ performance p. 22 Turnkey plant design and build p. 24 Operation and services p. 26 Equipment and technology p. 28 BOT contracts / Build, Operate Transfer p. 30 elbourne, a technical M and environmental reference DEGRÉMONT OFFERS A COMPLETE RANGE OF SERVICES COVERING THE DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, EQUIPMENT SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION, AND OPERATION OF WATER TREATMENT FACILITIES. THESE COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES ARE PERFORMED IN A SPIRIT OF PARTNERSHIP BASED ON THE SHARING OF EXPERIENCE. YOUR NEEDS _OUR ACTIVITIES 89% of customers surveyed state that Degrémont is a company focussed on the INTERESTS OF ITS CUSTOMERS. 18 // Degrémont Degrémont // 19
  11. 11. YOUR NEEDS_OUR ACTIVITIES FOUR ACTIVITIES SERVINg our customers’ performance Our customers choose us because we offer them the certainty of a project adapted to their local conditions, with the expected quality on time and on budget. Samy BenouDiz Executive Vice President Degrémont Industry François Février Executive Vice President in charge of the Middle East, India, Asia and the Pacific, Development and Marketing Designed and built by Degrémont, the Al Dur (Bahrain) plant is part of an industrial complex combining electricity generation and seawater desalination by reverse osmosis. 20 // Degrémont In what way is Degrémont a strategic partner for local authorities and industry? François Février: Degrémont is a reliable partner able to tap into a broad range of experience. Our customers choose us because we offer them the certainty of a project adapted to their local conditions, with the expected quality on time and on budget. Each type of water to be treated is different. With our command of a broad range of processes and technologies, we factor in these specific qualities and design the optimum solution. Each customer is different. We have been in this business for 70 years, and we operate in 70 countries: openness and adaptability are part of our DNA. Our experience and global presence help us to understand our customers better, to work with them in selecting the best solution, and to innovate together. 5,000 INDUSTRIAL SITES equipped with water treatment systems Samy Benoudiz: We are one of the few industry players able to implement solutions incorporating the full range of treatment technologies and to provide operation services, technical assistance, etc. The combination of builder and operator provides customers with the assurance of operational excellence and reliability. Likewise, it means continuity for industrial production, and protection of the environment and of their corporate image. Our global presence enables us to work with our industrial customers as they grow their activities internationally. With teams specialising in each industrial sector, we speak the same language as our customers: we are fully aware of their needs, which are specific to their sector, and the way in which they manage their projects. With our matrix-based organisational structure, they know they can count on a close, competent and lasting partnership. Pressure on costs is a real challenge for all industrial concerns and we are able to offer solutions to improve their competitiveness. Degrémont // 21
  12. 12. YOUR NEEDS_OUR ACTIVITIES Guillaume Peyrissaguet Project Manager “ LONG-TERM RELATIONS BUILT ON TRUST In Doha, the capital of Qatar, Degrémont built the third extension to the Doha West water treatment plant in 19 months. With an additional 40,000 cu. m. per day, it has raised the site’s total capacity to 175,500 cu. m. per day. The local authorities recycle the municipal wastewater treated using membrane ultrafiltration to irrigate parks, develop market gardening and replenish the aquifer. The previous projects completed by Degrémont in Doha played a central role in this success. The facilities have proven to be so robust and reliable, and the operation so efficient that they are able to treat volumes in excess of what was originally planned while maintaining treatment quality. Thanks to this previous build and operation experience, Degrémont was able to complete construction three months ahead of the initial schedule while also ensuring service continuity.  “ The Doha West (Qatar) wastewater treatment and water recycling plant. INNOVATION: AT THE HEART OF PROJECT SUCCESS TURNKEY PLANT DESIGN AND BUILD WITH ITS DUAL EXPERTISE IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND WATER TREATMENT, DEGRÉMONT HAS COMPLETE CONTROL OVER EVERY STAGE OF TURNKEY PLANT DESIGN AND BUILD. THIS LONGSTANDING EXPERTISE IS TAILORED TO THE NEEDS OF BOTH LOCAL AUTHORITIES AND INDUSTRIAL CUSTOMERS, AND IS BASED ON THE FUNDAMENTAL VALUES OF PERFORMANCE, RELIABILITY AND RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Degrémont develops and includes technological innovation in all its turnkey contract proposals which are systematically based on the best possible technical and economic solutions. OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS BUILT IN Plants designed and built by Degrémont are user-friendly in order to facilitate the day-to-day tasks of the future operators. They combine technical and economic performance with high levels of safety as well as measures to protect their natural or urban surroundings. From the earliest-possible stage, the design choices made reflect the company’s commitment to optimising and adapting processes in order to control operating costs, maximise safety and minimise preventive and remedial maintenance. GUARANTEED AT EVERY LEVEL The Degrémont commitment to turnkey plant design and build is structured around the guarantees it provides to its customers: technical performance, on-time delivery and construction cost. These guarantees apply to every type of plant and every stage of the project, from proposal to build, as well as services and consulting. ENVIRONMENTAL INTEGRATION For many years, Degrémont has placed sustainable development at the very centre of its priorities by associating environmental performance with social performance. As a Design Build specialist, Degrémont uses a range of processes to reduce the environmental footprint of its projects. SOLID PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE 10,000 over  plants designed and built by Degrémont worldwide 22 // Degrémont Degrémont offers its customers comprehensive project management services. From the plant design stage onwards, Degrémont teams take full responsibility for engineering studies, drawings and equipment purchase. On site, the Project Manager coordinates the teams from the commencement of work right through to operational testing. In the construction phase, the project management teams manage equipment purchase and assembly, as well as plant commissioning. A network of technical experts is also involved in inspecting, validating and guaranteeing the performance of the future facilities. DRINKING WATER FOR LUANDA In 2012, Degrémont won the contract to refurbish the Kifangondo drinking water plant for EPAL (Empresa Pública de Águas de Luanda) in Angola, worth a total of $35.8 million (€28 million). On completion of this 30-month contract, the plant will supply 140,000 cu. m. per day of drinking water to the population of the rapidly growing city of Luanda. bertrand garnier Technical Director Degrémont Industry ENTRUSTS “ BPITS LARGESTUS WITH EUROPEAN REFINERY With a daily capacity of 380,000 barrels, the BP refinery in Rotterdam (Netherlands) is one the two largest in Europe. In response to changing regulations and treatment needs, BP contracted Degrémont Industry for the engineering and process equipment supply for the effluent treatment facility. The total budget is €11 million. Degrémont will supply three compact oil-removal primary settling tanks and three nitrogen flotation units. All the equipment will be covered to avoid gas emissions. The treatment plant, with a capacity of 550 cu. m. per hour, also includes three biological treatment lines, three clarifiers and a sludge dewatering centrifuge. When the plant comes on stream at the end of 2014, the water discharged into the natural environment will comply with the new local regulations.  “ Degrémont // 23
  13. 13. YOUR NEEDS_OUR ACTIVITIES annelise avril Performance Improvement Manager  SHARED “PERTH MANAGEMENT IN OPERATION and services ALL DEGRÉMONT LOCAL AUTHORITY AND INDUSTRY CUSTOMERS BENEFIT FROM THE COMPANY’S LONGSTANDING EXPERIENCE IN PLANT OPERATION AND A COMPREHENSIVE SET OF ASSOCIATED SERVICES. CUSTOMISED SERVICES The Aroona teams work at the Subiaco plant, (Australia) under the Alliance drinking water and wastewater management contract signed in July 2012. Whether or not the water treatment plant was built by the company, Degrémont offers a range of services that can be customised for every operator. These include technical assistance, consulting services covering facility construction, installation, commissioning and operation improvement, spare parts and the integration of industrial IT solutions. Degrémont also provides a comprehensive catalogue of training opportunities, including expertise transfer programmes. PLANT UPGRADES AND EXTENSIONS Established to minimise costs and maximise environmental performance, the Aroona Alliance that came into effect on 1 July 2012 in Perth (Australia), stipulates that Degrémont, Transfield Services and the Water Corporation of Western Australia will manage the city’s drinking water and wastewater services jointly for ten years. It applies to 19 drinking water plants, 14 wastewater treatment plants, 13 dams and 190 groundwater bores. Six months after the start of the contract, we had already made significant progress in the areas of safety and reagent consumption minimisation following an audit by Group experts. Capitalising on the Alliance members’ expertise, we are now focused on improving the economic and environmental performance of the water services.  “ Degrémont engineering teams are involved in plant refurbishments, extension projects and the maintenance of previously installed equipment. They provide expertise in all the systems and processes required by customers to upgrade their plants and workshops, optimize processes, reduce energy consumption and ensure that their facilities fully comply with current regulations. LEADING-EDGE AFTER-SALES SERVICE By sourcing very high quality equipment worldwide, Degrémont’s purchasing teams offer customers spare parts and equipment at the best-possible cost and in the shortest possible timeframes to facilitate day-to-day maintenance and repair operations. Performeau™: TRAINING FOCUSSED ON OPERATION more than 25 254 yearS experience in build and operation contracts 24 // Degrémont operation CONTRACTS worldwide in 2012 SERVICE CONTINUITY Not only do Degrémont operation teams provide expert control of operational systems and processes, but they also apply a continuous process to identify cost optimization opportunities by implementing an effective preventive maintenance system. Trained as experts in best practices, the company’s specialists share their methods internationally to ensure faultless service continuity. Degrémont has created PerformEauTm, a training division exclusively for operators that capitalises on Degrémont’s experience and expertise built up over its 70 years of activity. Operators receive exclusive support for plant commissioning which in particular includes the provision of “Operation Manuals” written specifically for each site and each system, together with theory and hands-on training tailored to the needs of the operators and technicians working in the field. Xavier Lazennec Director Services France Ondeo IS “ FINE-TUNING IMPROVES EFFICIENCY For the past ten years, Degrémont Industry has been operating the STMicroelectronics wastewater treatment plant in Crolles (France), which it built. With its three stages – physico-chemical treatment, Biofor™ biological treatment and effluent polishing treatment – this wastewater treatment plant removes carbonaceous, colloidal, nitrogen, fluoride and copper pollution. The technology and the way it is operated mean STMicroelectronics can achieve performance levels in excess of those required under the applicable environmental standards. Degrémont has also lifted the plant’s initial capacity by continually introducing improvements, thereby avoiding the newed for plant extensions.  “ Degrémont // 25
  14. 14. YOUR NEEDS_OUR ACTIVITIES andrew reed Chief Executive Officer Water Power Technologies Anderson Water Systems EQUIPMENT and technology “ A HIGHLY RESPONSIVE GLOBAL NETWORK DEGRÉMONT HAS PROVEN EXPERTISE IN ALL THE TECHNOLOGICAL AND INDUSTRIAL STAGES OF PROJECTS FROM DESIGN TO EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION TOGETHER WITH ALL THE ASSOCIATED SERVICES. DEGRÉMONT GUARANTEES QUALITY AND FAST SERVICE BY WORKING CLOSELY WITH ITS CUSTOMERS. In under six months in 2013, Degrémont installed 33 separate brackish water desalination plants each with a daily capacity of 5,000 cu. m. at 14 sites on the outskirts of the city of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). The technology (reverse osmosis and containerised modular treatment units) was supplied by Water Power Technologies, a subsidiary based in the United States, while production was managed jointly by Degrémont entities in Europe, the United States, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.  SPECIALIST COMPANIES Degrémont has a broad network of companies and teams specialising in six segments: conventional separation, membrane or ion exchange separation, mobile facilities, evapocrystallisation, biosolids and disinfection-oxidation. “ GLOBAL MANUFACTURING NETWORK For the Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) contract, each set of five containers produces 5,000 cm. m. of water a day from brackish water. Degrémont has established a global network for the manufacture of its equipment in order to comply with the needs of demanding and competitive markets. Degrémont’s manufacturing and purchasing centres apply industrial methods, especially those derived from lean management, and rely heavily on standardised solutions and operating methods, continuous improvement and efficiency. The overall consistency of this approach ensures the reliable delivery of a very high level of service. FOUR RESEARCH CENTRES IN THE UNITED STATES AND EUROPE A COMPREHENSIVE RANGE Degrémont implements a sustained policy aimed at innovation and the ongoing improvement to the performance of its equipment at its four research and development centres in Richmond and Leonia (United States), Toulouse (France) and Zurich (Switzerland). These centres design innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs and continue to improve existing processes enabling the company to maintain its technological advantage and consolidate its position as the supplier of very high value added equipment. Degrémont designs, manufactures, installs and maintains treatment systems and processes based on its proprietary technology. Tailored to the needs of the municipal authority, industrial, medical and leisure markets, every stage of the water treatment cycle relies on Degrémont solutions including pretreatment, biological treatment, separation by filtration (ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis) or settling and flotation processes, and sludge treatment (drying and incineration). 50 million CU. m of water: the annual treatment capacity provided by our mobile units 26 // Degrémont SOLUTIONS TO STANDARD OR SPECIFIC NEEDS Degrémont provides its customers with standardised equipment and systems tailored to specific needs and applications. In every case, Degrémont is responsible for the design and manufacture of its standardised or packaged technological solutions, as well as their supply, installation and commissioning. This broad offer also includes technical support and after-sales service. BALLAST WATER DISINFECTION Degrémont is currently developing ozone disinfection of ship ballast water to comply with upcoming maritime regulations. Supported by our innovation investment fund, this development leverages the expertise of Ozonia, our global specialist ozonation company. Sreekumar janardhnan Technology Market Leader, Oil Gas “ SOLUTIONS FOR TAR SANDS In Alberta, Canada, the tar sands industry uses Degrémont water treatment equipment and solutions. In order to demineralise the water produced at the extension of its Christina Lake site, Cenovus Energy recently awarded Degrémont a contract to supply ion exchange systems worth $6.2 million. The contract covers the delivery of six SAC (Strong Acid Cation) and four WAC (Weak Acid Cation) units, together with the associated control-command apparatus. With a unit capacity of 750 gpm, these systems will enable Cenovus to recycle the water used to generate the steam required for the assisted gravity drainage process, and to comply with the applicable stringent regulations. “ Degrémont // 27
  15. 15. YOUR NEEDS_OUR ACTIVITIES BOT CONTRACTS: build, operate transfer anne de pazzis BOT Business Manager DEGRÉMONT LEVERAGES ITS EXPERTISE AND THE FINANCIAL RESOURCES NEEDED TO ENSURE TIMELY AND COST-EFFECTIVE COMPLETION OF CUSTOMERS’ PROJECTS. LONG TERM PARTNERSHIP From plant design to transfer, for Degrémont, a BOT contract means service and long-term commitment , which guarantees the plant’s performance for the customer in terms of volume and treated water quality. MANAGING COMPLEXITY BOT contracts provide a comprehensive solution in which all project participants contribute their respective expertise and commitment. Degrémont agrees to build the plant and operate it. It secures the necessary project finance with financial partners. During the term of the contract, the customer pays a fee that is applied to gradually reimbursing the initial capital outlay and to covering the plant’s operating expenses. MANY SUCCESSES WORLDWIDE An innovative financial partnership was developed for the extension to the As Samra wastewater treatment plant in Jordan. In Mexico, Degrémont has signed seven BOT contracts since the beginning of the 1990s when the goal was to encourage private investment to supply equipment and infrastructure, while at the same time protecting the environment, without burdening the customers’ financial capabilities. In Australia, Degrémont has signed two BOT contracts: Prospect Filtration Plant that supplies three million cubic metres of drinking water a day to the population of Sydney; and the Victorian Desalination Plant, the second largest plant of its type in the Southern Hemisphere with a daily production capacity of 450,000 cu. m., supplying drinking water to the city of Melbourne. In Jordan, the new BOT contract signed in 2012 for the extension of the As Samra wastewater treatment plant will meet the needs of 3.5 million people, or nearly 35% of the country’s population. “ innovative finance for as samra To raise the capacity of the As Samra (Jordan) wastewater treatment plant from 267,000 to 365,000 cu. m. per day, Degrémont put together a 25 year BOT contract involving original financing. Its teams convinced the Millennium Challenge Corporation, an independent U.S. Government foreign aid agency, to invest $96 million in the project. The balance of $175 million is funded by the Samra Project Company – in which Degrémont has a 50% stake – and a bank consortium led by The Arab Bank. Signed in July 2012, this project not only means users will benefit from low wastewater charges, but it will also help protect the environment and renew the country’s water resources as the treated water will be fed into a dam upstream from the agricultural region of the Jordan Valley. “ TOTAL PROJECT FINANCE 11 BOT CONTRACTS managed in 2012 28 // Degrémont BOT contracts provide customers with four key benefits: project financing costs spread over a long period, transfer of all the associated risks to the private sector, the ability to retain control of the assets and the water service, and a stable price per cubic metre treated. For this type of contract with financing, Degrémont calls on the services of numerous experts under its responsibility. It handles all aspects of the financial and legal package needed to fund and govern the project, calling on partners selected for their technical or financial added value, and their specific expertise and knowledge of the relevant country. Whenever Degrémont signs a BOT contract, it commits to building and operating the plant for twenty or twenty-five years depending on the time required to reimburse the initial capital outlay. DEGRÉMONT BOT CONTRACTS WORLDWIDE slovenia Mariborw Mexico Ciudad Juarez San Luis Potosi Valle de Juarez Culiacan Salina Cruz (2 plants) Jordan As Samra INDONESIA Medan Australia Melbourne Sydney Degrémont // 29
  16. 16. YOUR NEEDS_OUR ACTIVITIES 225 ha melbourne_australia A TECHNICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL BENCHMARK THE RECIPIENT OF A 2013 GLOBAL WATER AWARD FOR ITS TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL INTEGRATION, THE VICTORIAN DESALINATION PLANT, DESIGNED AND BUILT BY DEGRÉMONT, HAS SET A NEW GLOBAL BENCHMARK FOR THE DESALINATION INDUSTRY. 450,000 cu. m. 27 surrounding the plant able to be produced each day, or 150 billion litres a year OF DRINKING WATER year 2.8 1 million 25,000 total investment were required for the plant’s design of 20 nationalities worked on the project ECOLOGICAL RESERVE BILLION EURO A unique, 26,000 sq. m. living roof covers the desalination plant’s main building, thereby blending it into the local environment. HOURS OF ENGINEERING operation by the AquaSure consortium PEOPLE FOUR INTEGRATED PROJECTS Located 135 kilometres southeast of Melbourne, the Victorian Desalination Plant is considered to be the water industry’s largest public-private partnership in the world. Degrémont, along with its construction partner Thiess, designed and built the facility on behalf of the project company AquaSure for the Victoria State government: it includes the seawater desalination plant, the seawater intake and brine outlet tunnels, the underground water transfer pipeline and the underground power line. The plant’s commissioning phase progressed without the slightest incident and in record time for a project of this scale. This technical feat was achieved through the quality of the engineering and the dedication of a team of high-level specialists skilled in all phases of the plant’s assembly and commissioning. The plant won the “Desalination Plant of the Year” award at the 2013 Global Water Awards for its major innovations in energy use minimisation and the adoption of world’s best-practices to lessen any potential environmental impact. The energy required to operate the plant is entirely offset by Renewable Energy Certificates. With its reduced footprint and living roofs, the plant is fully integrated into its environment and is surrounded by 225 hectares of rehabilitated land, forming an ecological reserve to protect indigenous plant and wildlife. Digital models and online analysers are used to ensure the protection of the offshore marine biodiversity in compliance with the rules of the Victorian Environmental Protection Agency. During construction, a community engagement team, based in Wonthaggi, maintained a constant dialogue to inform and educate the local community as well as other project stakeholders. Some 15,000 people visited a dedicated information centre. The reverse osmosis rack and energy recovery system building, and the worksite for the seawater intake and brine outlet marine tunnels. 30 // Degrémont Degrémont // 31
  17. 17. IN RESPONSE TO THEIR NEEDS AND THEIR TECHNICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES, DEGRÉMONT PROVIDES ITS CUSTOMERS WITH SOLUTIONS COMBINING PROVEN EXPERTISE AND INNOVATION. YOUR CHALLENGES _our expertise p. 34 Our customers are the source of our innovation 92% p. 36 Expertise for local authorities p. 40 Local authority references p. 42 Expertise for industry p. 46 Industry references p. 48 Our flagship products of our customers consider that Degrémont is an INNOVATIVE company. 32 // Degrémont Degrémont // 33
  18. 18. YOUR CHALLENGES_our expertise OUR CUSTOMERS ARE the source of our innovation At Degrémont, innovation parallels customers’ needs. Global or local solutions are developed to provide the best possible response to their identified needs. Philippe Gislette Scientific, Technical and Innovation Director How do you define innovation? Philippe Gislette: Innovation means putting our customers and their needs at the heart of our processes. We view all our ideas from this angle, and make every effort to involve our customers and suppliers in the process as early as possible. By working with them from solution design through to implementation, we are able to gauge our contribution as a function of their needs and how they perceive our input. What does Degrémont innovation involve? P. G.: The customers’ needs are the main focus of our approach; this is what sets us apart from our competitors. It leads to original solutions and not just in terms of technology, but also in the areas of finance, contracts and logistics. Our innovation is incorporated as an integral part of our proposals: from the most generic to the most specific. 34 // Degrémont Almost 15 MILLION euros invested in Research and Innovation Do customers drive your innovation? P. G.: For Degrémont, a customer does not buy equipment but rather a solution to a need. This posture makes us stay one step ahead as the situation on the ground changes and new requirements crop up. Given this context, the close relations we have developed with our customers enable us to identify and leverage changes very early on. We are able to improve our range of solutions and, when the time is right, offer the most appropriate solutions. At the same time, we are heading towards increased standardisation to improve our response times and competitiveness. Who is in charge of innovation at Degrémont? P. G.: Innovation is everyone’s business! Innovating means finding ideas that improve the service provided to customers. All our activities do this. Moreover, Degrémont has created an “innovation process” to underpin this approach in all our activities, at all levels, and to turn good ideas into solutions that deliver a real plus for the customer. 120 PATENTS at 31 December 2012 Degrémont // 35
  19. 19. YOUR CHALLENGES_our expertise LOCAL AUTHORITIES DRINKING WATER Production USING EXPERIENCE BUILT UP OVER 70 YEARS, DEGRÉMONT ADAPTS TO ALL WATER RESOURCES AND GUARANTEES THE PRODUCTION OF QUALITY DRINKING WATER. SEAWATER OR BRACKISH WATER DESALINATION DEGRÉMONT PRODUCES DRINKING WATER FROM SEAWATER OR BRACKISH WATER USING PROVEN TECHNOLOGY. REVERSE OSMOSIS MEMBRANES AND EFFECTIVE PRETREATMENT MINIMISE ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. 20 3,000 MILLION people supplied with drinking water by our operation teams plantS designed and built by Degrémont produce quality drinking water P a roduction of drinking water whatever the quality of the raw water resource. C a ost containment. Implementation of innovative processes and solutions tailored a to each treatment stage, from flotation through to ultrafiltration, including even the most complex treatment (e.g., micropollutant removal). C a ommand of reverse osmosis pretreatment and remineralisation. S a tandardised modular design to keep installation and commissioning times to a minimum. O a peration aid systems to ensure continuous drinking water production while keeping operating costs to a minimum. E a fficient energy recovery systems to reduce total energy consumption. R a ollout of solutions to protect marine wildlife. Laurent Guey Technical Director Drinking Water and Desalination “ IN SAIDABAD, BANGLADESH, WATER RESOURCES ARE THE CHALLENGE In Saidabad, near Dhaka, Degrémont has designed a plant able to use raw water that varies considerably in quality. Upstream, our teams installed aerators in the inlet channel, MeteorTM mixed biological treatment and primary chlorination. This pretreated water then undergoes clarification (Pulsatube®), filtration (Aquazur®) and chlorination. The pretreatment stage provides biological treatment of the local water which has particularly high levels of organic matter in the dry season, and the clarification stage ensures the consistent quality of the 450,000 cu. m. of drinking water produced each day since December 2012. The overall treatment meets the requirements of the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority, which is in charge of managing water supply to the Bangladeshi capital. “ 36 // Degrémont Véronique Bonnelye Expert Drinking Water and Desalination Group “ SIMULATE TO SPEED UP AND OPTIMISE OPERATION By using ControlBuild, our desalination simulation solution developed for the Al Dur desalination plant (Bahrain) completed in 2011, Degrémont’s teams were able to halve the commissioning phase for the Victorian Desalination Project, the Melbourne desalination plant (Australia) with a capacity of 450,000 cu. m. per day. Early in the project, we were able to test and adjust the parameters of the automatic controllers in the simulator before validating them in the actual plant. The operation team was trained using this virtual plant, helping smooth the way for operation as soon as final acceptance for the plant had been obtained. The teams will continue to use the system to simulate all potential avenues for maximising the plant’s operation and steadily continue to improve its performance through to 2039 when the operation contract ends. “ COMPUTER MODELS REDUCE INSTALLATION TIME Over the years, Degrémont has accumulated considerable volumes of data about plant operation and service parameters, particularly where reagents are concerned. Using this extensive database, Degrémont has created a computer modelling tool that calculates the optimum operation parameters for any future plant as a function of the available raw water. As a result, considerably less time is needed to adjust a plant’s operation parameters prior to its coming on stream. ROBUST DESALINATION Using the computer modelling system developed jointly with Laborelec and GDF Suez, it is now possible to select the most suitable pretreatment line for a given type of seawater and to ensure operating costs are kept to a minimum. This system has been developed using operation data from the desalination plants and pilot units installed by Degrémont. 3 255 cu. m. of drinking water produced by desalination in 2012 designed and built by Degrémont for water desalination MILLION plantS Degrémont // 37
  20. 20. YOUR CHALLENGES_our expertise LOCAL AUTHORITIES MUNICIPAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT biosolids / SLUDGE TREATMENT DEGRÉMONT OFFERS EFFICIENT, ECONOMIC AND COMPACT SOLUTIONS IN RESPONSE TO THE STEADY RISE IN THE NEED FOR MUNICIPAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT DRIVEN BY THE STRONG URBAN GROWTH EXPECTED OVER THE COMING DECADES. A WASTEWATER TREATMENT END-PRODUCT, SLUDGE INVOLVES SIGNIFICANT ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES SOLVED BY DEGRÉMONT USING A WIDE RANGE OF PROCESSES. L a asting solutions suited to all treatment lines. A a wide range of processes to meet requirements and local recovery methods. M a aximised generation of biogas used to generate energy. I a mproved biosolid quality ready for use in agriculture or energy production. Inaki Del Campo Project Manager C a ontrol of all environmental impacts (by-products and odours). “ INNOVATE, PROTECT AND INTEGRATE After Adeje in the Canary Islands in 2011, two other Spanish towns, Burgos and Ourense, contracted Degrémont at the end of 2012 for the extension and refurbishment of their wastewater treatment plants. They will be equipped with thermo-hydrolysis (DigelisTM Turbo process using the Cambi technology) of the treatment sludge, and a solution to treat the digestion feedback with its high ammonium content using the CleargreenTM process that maximises the action of Anammox bacteria in a Cyclor™ type sequencing batch reactor (SBR). The success of Degrémont’s proposals lies in their level of innovation, as well as their compactness, energy efficiency and excellent integration into the surrounding environment. “ 26 2,500 MILLION people are connected to wastewater treatment services provided by our operation teams 38 // Degrémont plantS designed and built by Degrémont for wastewater treatment Éric Judenne Biosolids and Air Technical Director “ TREATMENT IS A AND SOURCE OF ENERGY REUSABLE MATERIAL In Meistratzheim, near Obernai (France), Degrémont has built a treatment plant that performs to high energy and ecological standards. Sludge digestion and anaerobic digestion of sauerkraut juice both produce biogas that is used to power the plant. This first system is followed by an EvaporisTM LE (Innoplana) two-stage drying unit: the heat from the first stage is recovered and used in the second stage. This facility reduces energy consumption while at the same time recovering the sludge which, after processing, is used for agriculture or to generate heat from incineration. Recognised management expertise for a broad range a “ of effluent types. P a ioneer in the reuse of treated wastewater. P a roven solutions to complex needs (load variations). Compact plants with low energy and reagent consumption a to reduce environmental footprint. INNOVATION FOR THE REMOVAL OF MICROPOLLUTANTS IN WASTEWATER Azurairtm Scan In 2012, the Sophia Antipolis (France) wastewater treatment plant was the first to utilise a treatment line designed and built by Degrémont to remove micropollutants from water. The contracting authority, Syndicat des Bouillides, took advantage of the refurbishment of its plant to incorporate future regulations by opting for a solution including an Ozonia ozonation unit between the nitrification and denitrification treatment stages in a BioforTM. This new system designed to monitor and manage the impact of odours at wastewater treatment plants was first used at the Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) wastewater treatment plant. Developed under a partnership between Cirsee (Suez Environnement’s Research Centre) and Ondeo Systems, it detects and monitors odour plumes and then adjusts the treatment to reduce or eliminate odours. 51 34 using the ThermylisTM process using the Innodry 2ETM drying process INCINERATORS lines Degrémont // 39
  21. 21. YOUR CHALLENGES_our expertise LOCAL AUTHORITIES References ULTRARAPID AQUASOURCE In response to crisis situations, temporary or seasonal needs, Aquasource has launched a leasing service in France for its Nomad ultrafiltration units (1,500 cu. m. per day), which can be made available within 72 hours. PROTECTION GUARANTEED NEW ORLEANS / UNITED STATES In New Orleans, Degrémont has built 13 Climber Screen® mechanical bar screens that are 11 metres high to protect the world’s largest inland flood control pumping station. Thanks to the uninterrupted operation of this pumping station, the city was protected from flooding during Hurricane Isaac that hit the Louisiana coast in August 2012. SLUDGE TO ENERGY panamA city / panamA On 12 May 2013, four months ahead of the contractual date, final acceptance was issued for the water treatment line of the Panama City municipal wastewater treatment plant. It was also the start of four years’ operation by the Degrémont teams. With a daily capacity of 238,000 cu. m., the plant treats the Panama City municipal wastewater. The biogas from the sludge digestion will be used to generate 18% of the plant’s energy requirements. It is the country’s first plant and one of the largest in Central America. SUCCESSFUL INTEGRATION LA FEYSSINE / FRANCE In Lyon, successfully integrating the La Feyssine wastewater plant with a capacity of 300,000 population equivalent into its surrounding environment was a key aspect of the project. Designed as a model for landscape integration by using soft architecture, natural materials and extensive planting, the plant is largely out of sight and mind: the water and sludge treatment structures liable to give off odours have been closed and covered, and noisy equipment has been soundproofed. 40 // Degrémont Degrémont // 41
  22. 22. YOUR CHALLENGES_our expertise INDUSTRY WATER FOR OIL AND GAS (upstream) WATER FOR REFINING AND PETROCHEMICALS (downstream) GIVEN THE GROWING SCARCITY OF DEPOSITS AND INCREASINGLY STRINGENT REGULATIONS, THE OIL EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION INDUSTRY NEEDS EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY WATER SUITED TO LOCAL CONDITIONS AND STANDARDS. DEGRÉMONT PROVIDES SOLUTIONS TO ALL THESE CHALLENGES. BY GIVING WASTEWATER A SECOND LIFE, DEGRÉMONT’S SOLUTIONS HELP PROTECT THIS PRECIOUS RESOURCE, BOOST THE PRODUCTIVITY OF CUSTOMERS’ PROCESSES AND REDUCE COSTS. S a tate-of-the-art technology and integrator capabilities to ensure improved risk management. C a ost containment. C a ompliance with current regulations and integration of future standards. T a he assurance of continuous water supply production with a mobile water supply service requiring no investment. Cathy fuchs Upstream Oil Gas Water Treatment Business Development Manager “ extract more oil Degrémont designs and installs water treatment lines for assisted oil recovery in accordance with the customer’s specifications. For example, we supplied the water treatment system at a production site for Maurel and Prom in the Onal oil field in Gabon. This facility has two treatment lines: one for drilling water and one for water from the oil deposit. Each of these treatment lines has been designed to produce water that is strictly compatible with its intended use, namely, to help extract more oil. Then, the water from the two treatment lines is injected into the deposit, again with the purpose of extracting more oil. “ 500 litres of water are needed to produce one barrel of crude oil 42 // Degrémont BOOST THE DEGRADATION PROCESS FOR RESIDUAL ORGANIC MATTER (HARD COD) The OxyblueTM process uses ozone’s oxidation power to break down hard COD. After an oxidation stage, the effluent is fed into a BioforTM biological filter in which bacteria remove the remaining carbonaceous and nitrogenous pollution. Installed upstream from ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, OxyblueTM reduces the chemical oxygen demand (COD) by up to 60%. T a ailored solutions and proven industrial processes. R a enowned experience as a solutions and systems integrator. C a ompliance with standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 18001, MASE (French Manual for Improving Industrial Safety), VCA, and OHSAS). O a ptimised operating costs and asset protection. TWO INNOVATIONS FOR UPSTREAM OIL GAS By combining reverse osmosis and nanofiltration, the systems developed by Degrémont remove sulphates from seawater for assisted oil recovery. Another innovative treatment line uses stripping to transfer toxic BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene) from wastewater to raw natural gas. It can then be recovered along with the other natural gas condensates. egbert de jong Oil Gas Business Development Manager “ PROTECT RESOURCES AND CUT COSTS The Italian company Eni (Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi) selected Degrémont for an engineering and equipment supply contract for a plant to reuse the wastewater from its refinery in Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi (Italy). Commissioned in 2013, this reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration plant will treat a maximum flow rate of 740 cu. m. per hour. It will produce demineralised water from the effluent that will then be converted into steam for use in refinery and other processes. This system enables Eni to achieve several goals: protect water resources and optimise the operation of its facilities, which in turn results in lower operating costs and improved environmental protection. “ 1,500 litres of water are needed to produce one litre of petrol Degrémont // 43
  23. 23. YOUR CHALLENGES_our expertise industry WATER FOR THE PAPER INDUSTRY AS IT IS FACED WITH THE NEED TO MAKE ITS PROCESSES MORE EFFICIENT AND TO IMPROVE ITS ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, THE PAPER INDUSTRY CAN RELY ON DEGRÉMONT’S KNOWLEDGE OF ITS REQUIREMENTS AND ITS COMMAND OF THE RELEVANT TECHNOLOGY. WATER FOR THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRY THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRY MUST DELIVER QUALITY PRODUCTS WHILE ADAPTING TO ITS CUSTOMERS’ DEMANDS. IN WORKING WITH THESE COMPANIES, DEGRÉMONT RELIES ON ITS INNOVATIVE PROCESSES, INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE, RESPONSIVENESS AND FLEXIBLE ORGANISATION. a Reduce the cost of process water. G a uarantee continuous production C a omply with applicable standards and legislation. P a rotect the environment. Pablo reali Project Manager Alain Huck Operations Manager, Ondeo IS “  ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION “  COMPLETE COMMAND OF THE WATER CYCLE In 2011, cellulose manufacturers Arauco and StoraEnso contracted Degrémont to design and build three water treatment plants at their Montes del Plata site in Uruguay with a cellulose production capacity of 1.3 million tonnes. Upstream, the first two treat river water to the standard required for various production needs: filtered water for the cellulose pulp production units and demineralised water for the boilers. Downstream, the treatment line is designed to handle hot water with a high level of organic pollution. After treatment, the effluent can be safely discharged back into the River Plate. Primary settling and cooling render the effluent compatible with the final biological treatment stage.  Flexibility and management of production fluctuations using a temporary treatment units: keep installed capacity, and so capital expenditure, to a minimum. R a educed consumption of water and chemicals; recovery and reuse of water. O a ptimised processes focussing on energy recovery and the use of anaerobic processes to convert carbonaceous pollution into energy. E a xternal recovery of concentrated carbonaceous effluent, sludge and grease. “ 10,000 litres of water are needed to produce one tonne of paper 44 // Degrémont A SIGNIFICANT BUT TEMPORARY NEED BETTER THAN CHLORINE Ozone is an economical, ecological and effective substitute for chlorine and other chemicals, such as chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid for bleaching pulp. Also used in specific bleaching systems, Ozonia’s IGS™ technology lowers energy costs and decreases oxygen consumption. Degrémont’s Ecoflow® and mobile solutions provide the answer. Based on the same industrial processes as large plants and providing the same level of reliability, these mobile units can be made available rapidly anywhere in the world. They can produce or treat up to several hundred cubic metres a day, while also complying with environmental standards, and health, safety, quality and environmental (HSQE) requirements. We treat all the effluent from the Saint-Dizier (France) plant of ice cream manufacturer Miko-Unilever. The plant includes a BiocontrolTM system that reduces the volume of sludge produced and the cost of its transport to the recovery centre, further lessening the overall environmental impact. We have also improved the energy efficiency of the aeration system in the tanks, which is essential for the BiocontrolTM to operate optimally, thereby reducing its electricity consumption. We are formally committed to the electricity savings or losses incurred, resulting in a win-win situation for Miko-Unilever and ourselves.  “ 1,000 litres of water are needed to produce one litre of milk Degrémont // 45
  24. 24. YOUR CHALLENGES_our expertise industry FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS MOBILE UNITS / WORLDWIDE Degrémont’s mobile fleet, available worldwide, totals an annual treatment capacity of over 50 million cu. m. Mobile units include pretreatment, demineralisation in reverse osmosis or ion exchange units, and posttreatment, and can be used to produce process water or to treat industrial wastewater. These temporary solutions are applicable to three main types of situations: unforeseen or emergency production requirements; planned service operations, such as maintenance; or a more specific long-term need. References ENVIRONMENT FIRST AND FOREMOST EL TENIENTE/ CHILE REUSE AND SAVE chengdu / chinA The first of its kind in China, the wastewater treatment plant for the Petrochina refinery in Chengdu, Sichuan province, treats process water and allows part of it to be reused, thereby helping save the region’s water resources. With a daily capacity of 67,000 cu. m., the plant includes a conventional treatment line and a polishing treatment line. More than one third of the wastewater can be reused thanks to its ozonation treatment – the largest such unit ever installed in China (200 kg per hour) – biological filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and brackish water treatment. The treatment line also handles treated stormwater. Codelco is the world’s leading copper producer. Degrémont Industry built and maintains the effluent treatment plant at the El Teniente mine in Chile, the world’s largest underground mine. Under the operation and maintenance contract, the plant lowers the molybdenum concentration in the wastewater to less than the required 1 ppm despite the high flow rate (2.5 cu. m. per second) and adjusts the pH in order to meet the increasingly stringent environmental regulations in force in Chile. FLOATING DESALINATION offshore / BRAZIL Degrémont and Keppels FELS were awarded a contract by Petrobras for the supply of two sulphate removal units and two seawater desalination units to be installed on two floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) ships for offshore oil extraction and production off the Brazilian coast. The sulphate removal units will treat seawater so it can be used for well injection. This process avoids clogging the deposit’s porous rock to ensure enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The reverse osmosis units will produce fresh water from seawater to lower the crude oil’s salt content. 46 // Degrémont Degrémont // 47
  25. 25. YOUR CHALLENGES_our expertise 33 16 confirm Degrémont as the leader for technological innovation in water treatment developed by Degrémont since 2010 FLAGSHIP PRODUCTS OUR FLAGSHIP PRODUCTS new Products USING A VARIETY OF DEGRÉMONT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, IT IS POSSIBLE TO CONFIGURE SOLUTIONS WITH THE BEST ECONOMIC, TECHNICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE. DRINKING WATER DESALINATION reuse Industry AquadafTM RegulazurTM III SeacleanTM Filter compakblue TM OxyblueTM DCITM Surface water clarification by rapid flotation using a plug-flow flocculator. Computerised management of open filter drinking water installations. Pressurised multimedia filtration for clarification of seawater. Advanced wastewater polishing treatment using ozone and biofiltration combined. Customer benefit Customer benefit Customer benefit Removal of suspended solids and associated pollutants using immersed disc filtration. Instant start-up for optimum ease of use, and small footprint. Optimises plant productivity and guarantees the reliability and regularity of water quality. Its strengths include savings on water, operating and maintenance costs. The SeacleanTM filter can be fitted to any sized plant to stabilize and guarantee filtered water quality upstream from the reverse osmosis infeed. Customer benefit Optimum water quality enabling either its reuse or discharge into a sensitive natural environment. The Degrémont Circular Interceptor is a circular separation unit used to pretreat free hydrocarbons and suspended solids in oily refinery and petrochemical plant wastewater. Efficient production of high quality water for reuse or discharge in sensitive areas, Compakblue™ is a compact, energyefficient solution. Customer benefit SeadafTM Customer benefit More economical construction, faster operation procedures and lower odour emissions. Seawater clarification using rapid flotation. UltrazurTM smartrackTM* Customer benefit Drinking water production with pressurised out/in ultrafiltration modules. The ability to cope with the high circulation velocity required to clarify large volumes of seawater prior to desalination by reverse osmosis. Seadaf™ offers a flexible solution for treating turbidity (algal blooms and suspended solids). Customer benefit PulsazurTM This powdered activated carbon contactor eliminates the majority of micropollutants and anticipates pollution peaks. UltrazurTM provides a bacteriological barrier to guarantee water hygiene and safety. Customer benefit UltramarineTM SmartrackTM* Low maintenance costs and reduced consumption of activated carbon, reagents and energy. Pre-treatment of seawater using pressurised out/in ultrafiltration modules. Customer benefit Used upstream from the reverse osmosis process, this solution contributes to meeting sustainable development objectives by eliminating any discharge of iron salts into the marine environment. * SmartrackTM SmartrackTM is a standardised, industrial scale production system that can be adapted to cope with any changes in plant capacity, offering customers complete freedom of supplier choice when replacing ultrafiltration modules. It covers three Degrémont areas of expertise: drinking water, desalination and wastewater reuse. 48 // Degrémont UltrablueTM SmartrackTM* Cleared water treatment using pressurised out/in ultrafiltration modules for water reuse. Customer benefit Solution suitable for plant outlet applications where water is to be reused for agricultural or urban applications. SRU (Sulfate Removal Unit) Sulphate removal for the upstream oil industry. Seawater sulphate removal for EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) or ultradeep oil wells. Customer benefit SERVICE SOLUTIONS Degrémont offers a diverse range of Service Solutions to help local authorities operate their plants. The local authority maintains operational control, while receiving assistance for specific services and tasks, such as commissioning, equipment maintenance, refurbishment, plant extension, specialist equipment leasing, process analysis, online parts and equipment purchasing, and operator training. 
 Easier hydrocarbon extraction by maintaining rock porosity with compact facilities. Degrémont // 49
  26. 26. YOUR CHALLENGES_our expertise MUNICIPAL WASTEWATER BIOSOLIDS AIR CleargreenTM greendafTM TW MeteorTM IFAS DehydrisTM Lime EvaporisTM LT AzurairTM B-Twin Biological treatment of effluent containing high concentrations of ammonia. Tertiary phosphate removal by rapid flotation. Biological treatment of wastewater using combined cultures. Advanced sludge dewatering by pre-liming before centrifuging. Low-temperature sludge drying system. Biological treatment of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans. Customer benefit Customer benefit Customer benefit Customer benefit CleargreenTM offers the opportunity to reduce aeration demand by 60% (compared with conventional activated sludge treatment) with zero reagent consumption while delivering the same level of performance. Remarkably effective in removing phosphorous with very low reagent consumption. Supports broad load variations and meets the most demanding discharge regulations at a controlled cost. Significantly improved dewatered sludge quality, compared with that obtained using post-liming processes. Less primary energy and extremely safe operation. Ultrafor Dehydris Biological treatment using hollow fibre ultrafiltration membranes. Enhanced sludge dewatering using piston press technology. CYCLORTm Customer benefit Customer benefit Activated sludge treatment using a sequencing batch reactor. Optimum treatment quality to protect the natural environment and the public. Effluent reuse helps to protect water resources. Up to 30% reduction in sludge bulk compared with conventional dewatering. TM Customer benefit Complete treatment process producing water suitable for discharge in sensitive areas. Exceptionally small footprint. TM Twist Customer benefit Customer benefit A sustainable approach to odour pollution control. EvaporisTM LE Low-energy consumption sludge drying system. Customer benefit Energy consumption cut by nearly one third, highest level of operational safety available. Azurairtm Boost Deodorisation of wastewater treatment plants through advanced desulphurisation. Customer benefit Control of odour pollution from wastewater treatment plants in warm climates. Azurairtm scan Monitoring and management of odour impacts at water treatment plants. UltragreenTM Customer benefit Biofilter wash water treatment. Biological treatment using ultrafiltration flat sheet membranes. Customer benefit Customer benefit Minimises the size of upstream equipment, boosts treatment line throughput and maximises sludge concentration at the outlet. A cost-effective solution that provides guaranteed water quality exceeding the most demanding standards, even where seasonal fluctuations are high. This system combines monitoring, alert, prediction and maintenance to manage odour risks at the plant and in the neighbouring area. Greendaf bWw TM DigelisTM fast Customer benefit Customer benefit Biological treatment of wastewater using moving bed cultures. Even with heavy loadings, it speeds up the sludge digestion cycle and includes an energy recovery reactor at its outlet. Drastically reduced energy costs achieved by using the heat value of sludge. Customer benefit Adjustment of sequenced aeration for activated sludge. thermylisTM 2S MeteorTM MBR GreenbassTM Optimum thermophilic sludge digestion system. Complete treatment of wastewater with a very compact footprint. DigelisTM turbo Two-stage sludge incineration process. Enhanced digestion of biological or mixed sludge. Customer benefit Customer benefit GreenbassTM reduces treatment plant energy consumption by continually fine-tuning the flow of air supplied to the biological treatment process. Half the digestion volume, higher biogas production and a 5 to 10 point gain in dryness. DrainisTM turbo Biological sludge thickening system incorporating a preliminary concentration phase. Customer benefit THE INNOVATIONS GUIDE: A WEALTH OF SOLUTIONS Degrémont’s new interactive edition of The Innovations Guide showcases around 30 new solutions concerning municipal wastewater, wastewater reuse, biosolids and air quality. It features diagrams, 3D animation and videos to present innovative water treatment processes. Reduces investment outlay and operation costs, maximises treatment line productivity. ThermylisTM 2R Sludge incineration process with energy recovery and production. Customer benefit Transforms final sludge treatment units into a source of alternative energy. 50 // Degrémont Degrémont // 51
  27. 27. p. 54 ommitted teams working alongside C WITH ITS CUSTOMERS’ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGES IN MIND, our customers degrÉmont COMMITS TO TECHNOLOGICAL AND ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE AND MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS OF ITS STAKEHOLDERS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. 91% of our customers state that Degrémont is a company that pays close attention to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. 97% believe that Degrémont is a company that honours its COMMITMENTS. 52 // Degrémont p. 56 Progressing employees’ skills p. 58 Challenges shared with our partners p. 60 Our commitment to the environment YOUR SUCCESS _OUR COMMITMENTS
  28. 28. YOUR SUCCESS_OUR COMMITMENTS commitTed teams working alongside our customers Understanding our customers, their needs, culture and challenges, and working with them through to successful outcomes: such are the goals of Degrémont’s teams which are key to sustainable development. Clément de Villepin challenges, but we have come out the other side thanks to the values that have underpinned Degrémont since its creation: respect for others – whether a Degrémont employee, customer, partner or supplier – authenticity and openness. These values have allowed our employees of 77 nationalities to evolve and work together, and to communicate in several languages, mainly English, French and Spanish. Director of Human Resources, Sustainable Development and Risk Prevention What motivates Degrémont employees? Clément de Villepin: Our internal surveys have revealed that our employees enjoy working for Degrémont because of its international dimension and its environmental approach. Worldwide, whatever their activity, they are committed to solving the global challenges our customers face at their local level. How do you manage the global dimension and diversity of your customers? C. de V.: We have adopted a process-based management approach, standardised our systems and recast our internal organisation. We are now able to deliver the same quality of service to all our customers wherever they are and whatever the issues to be resolved. This shift has not been without its 54 // Degrémont 77 NATIONALITIES among Degrémont employees What is sustainable development based on at Degrémont? C. de V.: Entrepreneurship spirit is the fundamental component of Degrémont’s DNA. Over the years, we have also boosted our capacity to better identify and manage risks, and to listen to and work with our customers. All these facets are strengths which enable us to establish a lasting relationship of trust which we know is essential to succeed and grow sustainably with our customers. Degrémont // 55
  29. 29. YOUR SUCCESS_OUR COMMITMENTS PROGRESSING EMPLOYEES’ SKILLS WE IMPLEMENT WORLDWIDE SYSTEMS TO IDENTIFY AND DEVELOP OUR EMPLOYEES’ POTENTIAL AND CAPITALISE ON THEIR EXPERTISE AND DIVERSITY. COMMON VISION AND SHARED VALUES The Degrémont Vision is a roadmap designed to guide the company towards achieving its ambition of being ‘Committed together to water, a source of life’, and is based on the company’s values and the Degrémont Way which defines the behaviour and procedures to be shared by all employees. DAYS OF TRAINING dispensed at Degrémont in 2012 FREQUENCY SEVERITY RATE RATE of accidents in 2012 56 // Degrémont of accidents in 2012 TEAMWORK AND SHARING Based on a relationship of trust and mutual benefit, Degrémont provides its customers and partners with the highest level of expertise with the systems it has set in place to share working methods, technical knowledge and field experience. Dimension S, as in social and societal In terms of nationality, language, qualifications, disability, age and gender, the spectrum covered by the people who make up the teams of Degrémont is both a valuable asset and a significant contributor to our success. Degrémont’s approach naturally ties in with that of our worldwide customers. “  INTERNAL MOBILITY MAKES US MORE CREATIVE After working in Degrémont’s South American subsidiary, I joined the head office in France. This shift has provided me with a better understanding of how the Group operates, its history and its strategy. I have also discovered a different cultural environment. Such experiences broaden your knowledge and your skills base. The questions I ask myself now are much more relevant than previously, and I am able to help others follow the same path as myself. I am far better able to grasp the extent to which the visions of the many people involved lock together. Internal mobility makes us more creative.” cristhiani chitero ONGOING SOCIAL DIALOGUE Built around regular, open meetings with employee representatives, social dialogue encourages two-way communication, and contributes to developing Degrémont employee relations policies through the negotiation and implementation of company agreements. Director Employment and Human Resources Development AND IMPROVES OUR WORKING METHODS Alongside creativity, I would add that internal mobility allows us to improve our methods. I first worked on a project in Curaçao. After two years in the Design-Build business, I moved to Bilbao (Spain) where I worked in the upstream aspects of construction projects, that is, engineering, purchasing and equipment shipment. I learnt from this site experience how to respond better and with greater foresight with regard to certain site requirements (stronger packaging for equipment and more practical packing lists), all of which facilitates the work of the people on the ground, and so improves the quality of the services provided to the customer. I logically advanced my career to the position of Project Manager. In 2011, I was asked to take part in the installation of a new global enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. I was able to use my operational experience to give greater depth to the designers’ vision and help managers master this new system. A few months ago, I moved to the Equipment Business Area and I’m now learning about its specific needs while bringing to the table my own project management experience.” q 2.4 0.08 Being part of Suez Environnement, employees are able to develop their potential and extend their knowledge by sharing expertise and experience internationally. Degrémont is consolidating its training policy by incorporating today’s new customer requirements and evolving its learning methods and resources in order to train its employees in best practices (management, technology, proposals, project management at the Project Management Institute, sales methods, etc.). q Safety without borders Safety is a core priority for Degrémont and its suppliers. Degrémont places great emphasis on developing a stronger international safety culture to reduce the number of accidents and eliminate dangerous situations and behaviour. In addition to manager safety inspections and safety meetings, an employee awareness campaign focuses on compliance with the ten safety rules to avoid risk situations and works toward the shared target of zero workplace accidents. SKILLS NETWORK AND TRAINING “  15,542 Éloi granboulan Project Manager Degrémont // 57
  30. 30. YOUR SUCCESS_OUR COMMITMENTS “  DEGRÉMONT THOROUGHLY ANALYSED OUR TECHNOLOGY Cambi develops highly specific technology. The Degrémont teams have analysed it in great detail and know how to include it in their proposals. We work very well together because we share the same values, the same goals and even the same approach to project management. Degrémont is a reliable and experienced partner in whom we place the utmost trust on a worksite. They provide us with their command of the tender process and project management, and access to other markets through their international network.” CHALLENGES SHARED WITH OUR PARTNERS DEGRÉMONT FORMS SOLID PARTNERSHIPS TO INCREASE THE ADDED VALUE OF ITS PROPOSALS, THEREBY ENSURING THE END RESULT IS GREATER THAN THE SUM OF THE INDIVIDUAL PARTS. q LOCAL PARTNERSHIPS An international company, Degrémont boosts its local presence under each of its contracts through local partnerships. In regions where we do not yet have any presence, this reliance on strong companies, recognised within their respective region, underpins the technical content of our proposals and the capacity of our worksite teams. Their presence, knowledge of regulations and ability to put together operation teams are additional advantages for our customers. Per Lillebø CEO of Cambi CIVIL ENGINEERING PARTNERS As a water treatment expert, Degrémont forms partnerships with civil engineering firms for its design-build projects. Their civil engineering skills provide a key complement to Degrémont’s engineering, assembly and commissioning expertise. The UltraforTM membrane biological reactor installed at the Aquaviva wastewater treatment plant in Cannes (France). GE HONOURS DEGRÉMONT WITH AN ECOMAGINATION AWARD 58 // Degrémont As a specialist of water treatment processes, backed by the experience gained from the many facilities it has installed and operated, Degrémont also works closely with equipment manufacturers to develop and maximise new treatment solutions. FINANCIAL PARTNERS Degrémont has developed financial engineering that can extend as far as BOT funding models. In such cases, the company and its financial partners provide the capital required to build and operate a plant under a long-term contract. PARTNER CUSTOMERS Degrémont tends to develop partnership relations with its customers whenever the contractual context allows. In Australia, we found a contractual framework structuring the relationship, including Alliances based on transparency and sharing the risks and benefits. “ Cambi’s thermal hydrolysis technology is invaluable as it deals with two major areas of sustainable development for waste from wastewater treatment plants: energy recovery (production of biogas) and sanitised biosolids (health safety). It meets a need that can only continue to grow given population growth, and provides us with a differentiating response to current demand while paving the way for future needs. Our respective teams cooperate in an exemplary manner that ultimately benefits all parties: improvements to our processes and to Cambi’s technology through feedback from our experience. For the customer, the advantages are twofold: a lesser volume of sludge to be treated and lower operating costs.” q On 13 December 2012, GE presented Degrémont with its Ecomagination award to mark the tenth anniversary of the partnership between the two companies based on GE’s Zeeweed membrane technology. Used in Degrémont’s UltraforTM membrane biological reactor, this innovative technology, applied in some 60 municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, results in a very high level of treatment quality. The Ecomagination award is testimony to Degrémont’s ability to innovate and provide solutions to its customers’ environmental challenges. TECHNOLOGY PARTNERSHIPS EXEMPLARY COOPERATION josé del castillo Executive Vice President in charge of Europe, Latin America Africa Degrémont // 59
  31. 31. YOUR SUCCESS_OUR COMMITMENTS OUR COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT PROTECTING WATER RESOURCES AND PUBLIC HEALTH, FACILITATING THE REUSE OF WASTEWATER, IMPROVING SLUDGE TREATMENT TO ENABLE ITS VIABLE RECOVERY AND REDUCING THE USE OF FOSSIL FUELS: AT A TIME WHEN GREEN GROWTH IS THE SUBJECT OF INCREASING DEBATE, DEGRÉMONT IS MAKING ITS OWN CONTRIBUTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE. ECO-ENGINEERING AND OPTIMUM SOLUTIONS Faced with high demand for drinking water, the urgent need to treat wastewater, rising quantities of sludge and worsening water stress in some areas, Degrémont customers seek to combine the best technology available with maximum value for money. Degrémont develops and implements innovative technology to reduce the environmental footprint of its plants, thereby enabling local authorities and industrial companies to achieve new targets for water resource protection, biodiversity conservation and climate change reduction. PROTECTING THE QUALITY OF SEAWATER In Fréjus (France), the local authority, Communauté d’agglomérations Var-Esterel-Méditerranée, set stringent requirements for the extension of the Reyan wastewater treatment plant with a 350,000 population equivalent capacity. To guarantee the water discharged into Fréjus Gulf is of excellent quality, the work carried out on the extremely constrained site demanded a compact design, high performance and reliable operation. The plant is now able to instantly meet the high fluctuations in population numbers during the tourist season while keeping noise and odour pollution to a minimum. ENERGY EFFICIENCY Energy and environmental efficiency are primary concerns for Degrémont customers. The challenges are enormous, both in industry - to enable competitiveness – and in treatment facilities and buildings, where valuable carbon savings can be made. Degrémont draws together technology, innovation and engineering to address these essential challenges. The Energy Efficiency Guide sets out the approach Degrémont adopts at its desalination, drinking water and wastewater treatment plants ( Good corporation The industry’s first company to be awarded the GoodCorporationTM certification in 2009, Degrémont was distinguished again in 2011 and in 2012. Recognising responsible behaviour, the audit covers an organisation’s management in relation to its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.), its environmental protection practices and its contribution to the community. iso 14001 Degrémont SAS has renewed ISO 14001 certification of its water treatment plant engineering business and innovative technology development for three years. 60 // Degrémont ECOSYSTEM CONSERVATION Degrémont is continually improving its treatment technology as part of boosting the role played by water treatment plants in protecting the natural environment and biodiversity. Degrémont also implements specific conservation measures: bird reserves in Fécamp (France), a wetlands area in Hermes (France) and an ecosystem information trail in Le Moule (Guadeloupe). LOCAL IDENTITY Degrémont is committed to respecting the local environment and social fabric through carefully considered architecture, elimination of noise and odour pollution, local partnerships, dialogue with stakeholders and local residents, and support for local sports and cultural initiatives. Degrémont // 61
  32. 32. Published by the Degrémont Communication Department Tour CB21 - 16, place de l’Iris 92040 Paris La Défense - France. Design and production: - Text: Gilmar S. Martins - Translation: Sémantis. Photos: Aquasource, Marc Bertrand, Nafeesa Binte Aziz, J. Boccon-Gibod, H. Canet, Cavem/C. Delville, Codelco, Augusto Da Silva/Graphix Images, Degrémont, GDF Suez/Jan Inge Haga, Olav Heggø, Istockphoto, Franck Juery, Véronique Paul, Suez Environnement/Abacapress/Olivier Douliery/Michel Martinez-Boulanin/Laurent Pascal/Patrick Wack, Thiess-Degrémont, Water Corporation, Phil Weymouth, DR. Printed by Pure Impression on Balance Silk paper (60% recycled fibre / 40% FSC virgin fibre) using vegetable-based ink. 62 // Degrémont Degrémont // 63
  33. 33.