NEW: eCognition Online Training


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Introduction to the new available online courses to learn eCognition

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NEW: eCognition Online Training

  1. 1. NEW: eCognitionOnline TrainingJune 2013
  2. 2.  Self-study online course “Tools +Functionality I” Training package consists of six coursesNow available
  3. 3.  Courses are available 24/7 as self-studycourses at Designed for Beginners to learn eCognition Objectives:– the user knows the eCognition principles– is able to set up projects– and perform a basic image analysis procedurewith eCognitionNow available
  4. 4. Course ContentThe course explains the eCognition workflow and its important components. You are ableto open an eCognition project and run Rule Set to analyze a sample image.Course 1: Understanding the workflowAfter conducting this course, you are able to create a workspace and load data in aproject. You are also able to handle the different display settings as well as creatingsubsets and you understand the so called ‘Layer Alias’ concept.Course 2: Loading and displaying dataIn this course you learn what a Rule Set is and how Rule Sets are structured andhandled, e.g. loaded saved and deleted. You also learn how to add new rules and modifyexisting ones.Course 3: About Rule Set ProgrammingThis recorded webinar gives an introduction to the eCognition Product Suite, itsprinciples and the general workflow. Examples of image analysis with eCognition aredemonstrated.General Introduction
  5. 5. Course ContentCourse 4 is all about objects. You get background information on segmentationalgorithms and learn how to apply them to images and how to combine such algorithms.Course 4: Creating ObjectsThis course shows how to assign objects to classes. You will know how to define rules andhow to apply a classification. You also get an outlook on advanced classificationtechniques.Course 5: Knowledge-based classificationYou learn how to prepare a classification for export and how to perform the export itself.The course shows how to export statistics, vector layers and screenshots.Course 6: Export
  6. 6.  Courses are available 24/7 as self-studycourses Every course contains– A recorded webinar– Theory and background information– Detailed hands-on exercises– A Quiz, when passing with 80% score, you receivea certificateFormat and Duration
  7. 7.  Join the eCognition Community to discusstraining content and get help Estimated duration altogether: 8 hoursFormat and Duration
  8. 8.  The courses are hosted in the „TrimbleLearning Center‟ http://www.trimblelms.comHow to register
  9. 9.  For questions, please write toimaging_training@trimble.comContact