Defence IQ Events Calendar 2011


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An overview of all Defence IQ events/conferences set to run globally in 2011.

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Defence IQ Events Calendar 2011

  1. 1. The Global Market Leader in Specialist Defence Conferences EVENT CALENDAR 2011 SECURITY TRISERVICE NAVAL LAND AIR
  2. 2. Admiral Moises Gomez, Under Secretary of the Navy for Management, Mexican Navy Admiral General Manuel Rebollo García, Admiral Chief of Naval Staff, Spanish Navy Vice Admiral Maurizio Gemignani, Commander Allied Maritime Command Naples Vice Admiral Federico Niemann, Chief of General Staff, Chilean Navy Lieutenant General Andrew Leslie, Chief of Land Staff, Canadian DND Lieutenant General Antonio Gucciardino, General Manager of the Procurement Agency for Land Systems, Italian Army Major General Gregory A. Feest, Commander, 19th Air Force, USAF Major General Japp Willemse, ACOS C4I, NATO ACT Rear Admiral Vic Guillory, Commander, US Navy Southern Command Rear Admiral Jorge Gross Albornoz, Commander of Navy Operations, Ecuadorian Navy Brigadier General Peter Talleri, Commander, Defence Distribution Centre, US Defence Logistics Agency Brigadier General Anders Carell, Head of Land Systems Procurement Command, Swedish Defence Materiel Agency (FMV) Brigadier General Hans-Joachim Fischer, Deputy Chief of Staff, Planning, Armaments and Logistics, German Army Defence IQ Is Proud To Have Featured The Following Keynote Speakers: Visit: for more information • Call: +44 (0)207 368 9300 • Email: DEFENCEIQ:2011 UK Keynote Speakers: Major General Gordon Messenger, Strategic Communications Director, Chief of Defence Staff, UK MoD Major General Chris Wilson CBE, Director (Battlespace Manoeuvre) and Master General of the Ordnance, UK MoD Air Vice Marshal Ray Lock, Head of Joint Staff College, UK MoD Major General Mike von Bertele, Commanding General, Army Medical Corps Major General Chris Deverell MBE, Director General Logistics Support and Equipment, HQ Land Forces, British Army Brigadier Alan Hill, Commander 11 Signal Brigade, British Army Brigadier Piers Hankinson, Commander, Land Warfare Development Group, Land Warfare Centre, British Army Commodore Bill Walworth, Commodore of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Brigadier General Justin Maciejewski, Commander 12 Mechanised Brigade, British Army Commodore David Marsh, ACOS Logistics, Royal Navy Brigadier Martin Boswell, Head of Through Life Support, DE&S, UK MoD
  3. 3. AIRPORTFOLIO AIR PORTFOLIO Airpowerremainsthecritical elementtomissionsuccessin theatresaroundtheworld. Rapiddeployment,CloseAir Support,SurveillanceandAir Defenceareallessentialin currentmilitaryoperations.DefenceIQ’sexpansiverangeof conferencesinourAirportfolioensurethatyourspecificarea iscoveredindetail.FromFighterstoMaintenanceto UnmannedSystems,DefenceIQhaseventsprovidingdetailed platformcasestudies,lessonslearntfromaroundtheworld anddiscussionofemerginganddevelopingtechnologiesthat willshapethesectorfordecadestocome.Yourattendance willalsogiveyouunparallelednetworkingopportunitieswith peersandcolleaguesfromacrosstheglobe,offeringyouthe insights,lessonsandbusinessopportunitiesthatsimply cannotbefoundanywhereelse. Visit: for more information • Call: +44 (0)207 368 9300 • Email: UPCOMING EVENTS JANUARY: MILITARY AVIATION TESTING AND EVALUATION London UK AIRBORNE EARLY WARNING Cologne, Germany AIR TANKERS AND AERIAL REFUELLING London, UK AGEING AIRCRAFT London, UK FEBRUARY: MILITARY FLIGHT TRAINING London, UK This 10th annual Military Flight Training event is highly regarded by participants as the most prestigious event for people involved in providing flight training to the tri-services.This year’s event provides keynote presentations from commanders’ in- charge of key national and international training initiatives including AEJPT, ENJJPT, UK MFTS,AJeTS and NFTC amongst others. Hear about upcoming live and simulated training requirements and cost-effective training strategies for aircrew of Fixed-Wing, Rotary, Multi-Engine platforms and UAV operators. AIR MISSION PLANNING London, UK MARCH: AIR SURVEILLANCE AND RECONNAISSANCE (ASARC) London, UK Air Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ASARC) provides an excellent forum for the discussion of the current programmes on-going in the surveillance and reconnaissance world. By having a conference which opens the door to all ASARC issues and not narrowing it to UAV or manned aircraft specific, we are able to deliver a programme which looks at the future for ISR and how states are looking to evolve their capabilities and how they overcome the challenges to give them the best data for given circumstances. As well as assessing the advantages, progress and challenges of different programmes, we will also be looking at how to get the most out of current equipment, and how the potential of new technologies will affect the future market AIR POWER MIDDLE EAST Muscat, Oman The Air Power Middle East conference is designed to bring together senior air force officers from the GCC region with experts from Western nations and contractors to modernise equipment programmes and force structures.The theme for the 2011 conference is an expansion 2010, with focus broadening to the following themes:The right aircraft and systems – relevant platform analysis across fast jet, airlift and helicopter, training and simulation,Airborne Early Warning and Logistic Support. SMALL PRECISION WEAPONS London, UK UPCOMING EVENTS MAY: AIR WEAPONS INTEGRATION London, UK MILITARY AVIATION REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE London UK UAV PILOT TRAINING London, UK This year the US Air Force will train more pilots for UAVs than manned platforms in line with the increased demand for persistent surveillance in Afghanistan.With UAVs at the centre of current operations and their usage and significance only to increase over the coming decade, Defence IQ’s UAV Training and Simulation conference brings together thought leaders and innovative case studies, offering a fantastic opportunity to identify the challenges and requirements of the UAV pilot training community to drive procurement initiatives to ensure that you are maximising training capabilities. JULY: MILITARY SPACE London, UK UCAV London, UK SEPTEMBER: CLOSE AIR SUPPORT London, UK The most informative and engaging event for the entire Close Air Support community.We’ll feature an agenda that will enable you to: • Discuss issues within the Close Air Support community with ground forces and air forces • Understand Close Air Support tactics, doctrine and operational demands with particular emphasis on air-land integration • Examine the performance of all the main CAS platforms and the capability developments and upgrades that are scheduled and in particular the role of Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles • Assess the comparative strengths and weaknesses of targeting systems – both airborne and ground based • Develop and enhance training through live, synthetic and live virtual constructive environments AIRBORNE ELECTRONIC WARFARE London, UK Airborne EarlyWarning and Battle Management is the only commercial event exclusively dedicated to theAEW community.The conference delivers top-class insights into airborne C2 and battle management – by looking at the platforms, missions, crews and on board systems that deliver effects on operations around the globe. MARITIME RECONNAISSANCE AND SURVEILLANCE Rome, Italy The premier unclassified Maritime ISR Meeting in Europe.The conference tackles the key issues that affect the military’s ability to conduct broad ranging, flexible and cost effective maritime ISR operations with tailored briefings on: • Operational Feedback: Understand how technologies and platforms and being used in Maritime ISR mission. Hear first hand the critical requirements from ISR Operators • Programme updates and national requirements from • Efforts to increase a coordinated ISR capacity • The platforms and technologies that are available to deliver low cost, flexible and wide ranging Maritime ISR OCTOBER: HELICOPTER SUSTAINABILITY London, UK JOINT PERSONNEL RECOVERY London, UK NOVEMBER: MILITARY AIRLIFT London UK AIRBORNE COIN London, UK
  4. 4. Visit: for more information • Call: +44 (0)207 368 9300 • Email: LANDPORTFOLIO LAND PORTFOLIO Ground forces play an integral role in current operations. Continuous deployment, whether on peace support missions, humanitarian assistance or on Combat Operations have pushed manpower and equipment to the limit. Modernisation, a greater emphasis on protection and survivability and the demands for greater connectivity have become the overriding drivers in this space. Now the key for land equipment is to get the right quantity, of appropriate quality, into the right places. Defence IQ’s land portfolio covers these issues, allowing you to delve into the equipment and doctrinal challenges that will face land forces for decades to come. UPCOMING EVENTS FEBRUARY: INTERNATIONAL ARMOURED VEHICLES London, UK Our flagship event and now in its tenth year,InternationalArmouredVehicles is the worlds leading mounted platform conference and exhibition.With over 2,000 participants from 46 nations we explore the full spectrum of armoured vehicle capabilities,how they are employed on current operations,how they are upgraded and maintained and how future fleets and force development can be structured to achieve maximum operational effect.With the world’s largest and most experienced armoured panel of programme managers and requirements setters,we explore how vehicles can increase their survivability,mobility,lethality,situational awareness and deployability.Detailed assessments of the threats our vehicles must withstand,key requirements for new procurements and upgrades and over 150 of the leading solution providers exhibiting their technology in a hands-on environment,this is one event you can’t afford to miss MARCH: DEFENCE LOGISTICS London, UK FUTURE ARTILLERY London, UK Now in it’s ninth year and widely regarded as the most influential in-direct fire conference of its kind, this is the world leading dedicated platform for the artillery community. Future Artillery will once again gather together the leading artillery experts in London, with speakers from both NATO countries as well as emerging markets in South America and Asia. Join us this year and discover how Heads of Artillery and Programme Managers are planning to develop their capabilities over the next few decades whilst balancing the ever present constraint of affordability APRIL: DEFENCE ESTATES London, UK MAY: CIMIC AND RECONSTRUCTION London, UK MILITARY ROBOTICS London, UK JUNE: COUNTER-IEDS London, UK In the increasing complexity and asymmetric nature of current operations, Improvised Explosive Devices remain the single biggest threat our forces face in theatre. Defence IQ’s 5th Annual Counter IEDs conference will follow the structure outlined by JIEDDO to provide a full-spectrum approach to tackling IEDs. OCTOBER: MILITARY HEALTH SUPPORT SYSTEMS London, UK INFANTRY WEAPONS London, UK GROUND BASED AIR DEFENCE London, UK Open strategic communication and cooperation between allied states and the defence industry is necessary to maximise accuracy in threat and future requirement assessments.These assessments are critical to ensure the protection of airspace and maintenance of national security. Defence IQ’s Ground Based Air & Missile Defence conference will address the key challenges and solutions in this critical Air and Missile defence industry.The speed of technology developments and the continued proliferation of weapons to rogue nations and asymmetric factions has resulted in an agenda focus that will deliver detailed insight into; threat analysis, global viewpoints, modernisation of weapon systems and dealing with operational asymmetric threats. UPCOMING EVENTS NOVEMBER: FUTURE MORTARS London, UK FUTURE ARTILLERY MIDDLE EAST UAE Increases in defence spending across the Middle East continue to hit the headlines, so it is no surprise that thanks to carefully planned acquisition strategies and ongoing procurement programmes, the Middle East is home to some of the world’s most sophisticated artillery technology. However, with ambitious and wise leadership, it is clear that the region’s military forces will not stop their quest for advancement and it is understood that key strategic gains can be made by upgrading your systems and platforms even further by investing in C4I technologies, precision munitions and sophisticated surveillance and target acquisition systems.This event is specifically tailored for the Middle Eastern market, with full Arabic-English translation throughout the conference. DECEMBER: SOLDIER SURVIVABILITY London, UK BATTLEFIELD HEALTHCARE PRESENTS COMBAT CASUALTY CARE MIDDLE EAST UAE As the Middle East’s military forces continue to support humanitarian missions, whilst also investing in the continuous development and of their medical personnel, this conference will be a unique opportunity to explore and share regional and international best practices, understand the technological advancements that are impacting casualty care and trauma medicine and take- away knowledge of new cutting-edge life-saving techniques to positively impact your organisation Some of the key topics to be addressed will include: • Triage care • Emergency life support • Infection Control • Field medicine • Logistical support • Emergency medicine in the hospital setting • Preparedness and training for responding to mass disasters
  5. 5. Visit: for more information • Call: +44 (0)207 368 9300 • Email: NAVALPORTFOLIO UPCOMING EVENTS JANUARY: UNDERWATER BATTLESPACE London, UK FEBRUARY: PAN AMERICAN NAVAL POWER SUMMIT Cancun, Mexico MARCH: SURFACE WAR SHIPS London, UK AMPHIBIOUS OPERATIONS London, UK LITTORAL SHIP DEFENCE Amsterdam, Netherlands APRIL: OFFSHORE PATROL VESSELS ASIA April, Singapore Nearly half of the world’s OPVs are operated by Asian countries. OPVs Asia will bring you detailed analysis of immediate priorities, future plans and requirements from across Asia, as well as operational feedback and the latest technological developments.This is your opportunity to gain invaluable insight into how Asian Navies and Coast Guards are developing their procurement strategies and planned upgrades for their current OPV capabilities MAY: ANTI SUBMARINE WARFARE London, UK FUTURE NAVAL PLANS London, UK SEPTEMBER: OFFSHORE PATROL VESSELS Spain As a critical asset in the protection of a nation’s waters in an era of rapidly proliferating maritime security threats, it’s no surprise that many nations continue to prioritise OPVs as an area of substantial investment.That’s why Defence IQ is proud to host the world’s leading OPV conference, unrivalled in its scope, content and prestige and with a truly global audience of actively procuring nations. Each year, in partnership with the most innovative and capable shipbuilders, we explore the challenges of OPV programme managers, how they set their requirements, integrate new technologies into their platforms in response to current and future maritime security challenges SUBMARINE OPERATIONS London, UK Briefings will review key platform and technology developments in order to gain a better understanding of the evolving Submarine mission profiles and to understand the current threats being faced.The prime focus will be on the issues essential to maintaining subs at the forefront of naval capabilities.Aside from being dedicated solely to this group, the agenda features innovative new content, including: • Achieving sustainable submarine programmes without compromising on capability, • Insight into the future of submarine requirements and capabilities Examine the impact of advances in underwater communication, networking and surveillance on the role of the submarine DECEMBER: NAVAL CONSTRUCTION, REPAIR AND REFIT London, UK AFLOAT SUPPORT AND NAVAL LOGISTICS London, UK NAVAL PORTFOLIO Naval Forces continue to play a critical role in operations around the world, whether supporting land forces with power projection and logistical efforts or conducting anti- piracy and anti- smuggling missions, maritime forces remain at the forefront. Navies around the world are either beginning or in the midst of major replacements of core assets, finally moving from Cold War era equipment towards platforms ad capabilities designed for the 21st century. The opportunities to learn from peers, incorporate new technologies and techniques has simply never been greater. Defence IQ’s Maritime portfolio is your key to staying at the cutting edge of the marketplace.
  6. 6. UPCOMING EVENTS JANUARY: CYBER WARFARE London, UK Reducing the reliance on networked information for your operations, communications and data storage is not an option. However, this heightened dependence does lead to increased levels of risk and potential consequences from malicious attacks and hackers. Cyber space resilience is integral to national security strategies, and ensuring you build impenetrable network defence capabilities is essential to maintain security. Defence IQ’s international Cyber Warfare conference is Europe’s most established symposium dedicated to military and governmental Computer Network Operations. Combining insights on policy, legislation and technology advances alongside threat identification, we establish the operational challenges and requirements that military organisations and governments face.Whether developing internal measures or integrating new protective technologies, the demand for protective solutions is growing.With the changing face of cyber operations, ensure you hear first hand the tailored solutions to secure Computer Network Operations. FEBRUARY: DELIVERING VALUE FOR MONEY IN DEFENCE London, UK TACTICAL DATA LINKS Prague, Czech Republic DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS London, UK MARCH: BATTLEFIELD HEALTHCARE Munich, Germany Battlefield Healthcare will offer a forum for military, government, industry & academia to discuss goals/objectives, implementation strategies, enablers/barriers and existing program initiatives for improved Battlefield Healthcare.The important clinical information needed to make life-saving decisions in theatre, as well as the latest policies and procedures will be discussed. Case studies in continuity of casualty care from front line through rehabilitation are included.The conference is CME accredited for serving medical personnel. TRI SERVICE PORTFOLIO Many of our events feature a specific focus on tri-service missions or technologies which have an impact upon all branches of the armed forces. Being “joint” is no longer an option, it is essential and Defence IQ s able to offer you a range of conferences which help to shed light on the challenges of achieving this and the solutions available. From Joint Medical Support to Joint Fire Support to Joint Networking and Communications, we can provide you with the focus required. Visit: for more information • Call: +44 (0)207 368 9300 • Email: TRISERVICEPORTFOLIO UPCOMING EVENTS APRIL: TACTICAL COMMUNICATIONS London, UK NIGHT VISION SYSTEMS London, UK MAY: AIR/LAND INTEGRATION AND JOINT FIRE SUPPORT London, UK JUNE: STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS AND MISO London, UK Now in its 9th year, is the best attended and most influential meeting of its kind in the world. It is here that the world’s leading figures from the Influence, Psychological Operations, Strategic Communications and Public Diplomacy communities gather to share new conceptual thinking, policy updates and key Lessons Learned from ongoing Information campaigns. Discussions will shed new light on the following crucial issues: • Target Audience engagement and message delivery technique • The employment of New and Social Media for influence activity and harnessing all available assets • The coordination of messages between different “information actors” in the global media environment • The Measurement of Effect of information campaigns • The relationship between PsyOps, IO and Strategic Communication POWER SOURCES London, UK NCW Brussels, Belgium The practicalities of operational issues affecting the development and deployment of networked enabled capabilities will be analysed both in terms of operational benefits identified and lessons learned in theatre, along with the effect today’s military realities have on progress in the next five years: • Operational Information Management: Enabling interactive C2, responsive logistic, target acquisition, FFT, intelligence, and other computer applications and databases to be used by in real time by Operators and Commanders on the ground • Building impenetrable network security:National protection strategies and operational security for Computer Network Operations (CNO) for the expanded network • Transformation:As the battle space has dictated how the networks have developed rather than the networks dictating future operations, how is interoperability being increased with coalition forces operating in the same congested battlespace through effective networking • Ensuring mission success on the expanded network, including user driven applications from the tactical and operational level • Human factors and training: Enabling officers on the ground to manage and disseminate the abundance of information received during operations JULY: THROUGH LIFE SUPPORT AND COSTING London, UK SEPTEMBER: JOINT SIMULATION AND TRAINING London, UK OCTOBER: NON TRADITIONAL ISR London UK NOVEMBER: DEFENCE PARTNERING London UK RADAR London UK
  7. 7. Visit: for more information • Call: +44 (0)207 368 9300 • Email: SECURITYPORTFOLIO UPCOMING EVENTS FEBRUARY: AVIATION SECURITY London, UK Aviation Security 2011 will build on the success of IQPC’s other Aviation / Airport Security conferences in the US, Singapore, Dubai and India and bring the event to a European audience. In order for airport authorities and airline operators to be compliant with the expanding and increasingly stringent compliance requirements placed upon them by national and European legislation, they are forced to spend increasing amounts of money on new security equipment, personnel and training. However, besides higher costs, these stringent measures also result in decreased rates of passenger through-put which means reduced profits for the airports and airlines. Meeting compliance standards is made more difficult by a lack of clarity as to what requirements the aviation security should meet, when to meet them, how they can meet them and the technologies available to them. Present at the conference will be leading security representatives from the world’s busiest airports, international airline operators, associations and law-making bodies as well as from technology providers, to discuss the modern security threats and challenges facing the industry, the strategies to overcome these and the technology solutions available to help them do this. APRIL: BIOMETRICS FOR DEFENCE AND SECURITY Brussels, Belgium Biometrics for Defence and Security is designed to offer a practical approach as to how biometrics can be used for security and defence needs. It will look at Government and MoD policy, screening, privacy issues, technology options and standards. Most importantly it will look at how to ‘connect the dots’ in screening and identifying possible threats with a higher level of accuracy and efficiency by using biometric technology. CRISIS MANAGEMENT AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE London, UK JUNE: INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY London, UK SEPTEMBER: CYBER SECURITY Brussels, Belgium OCTOBER: BORDER MANAGEMENT London, UK SECURITY PORTFOLIO The world is closer and better connected than ever. But the benefits of Globalisation, mass transport and revolutionised communications also bring new threats from international terrorism and crime. National security is now at the top of every nation’s agenda. People and infrastructure are no longer far removed from conflict zones thousands of miles away as terrorist violence in the US, Spain, UK and India has made painfully clear. Our enemies are only to happy to target our “soft spots”. Recent attacks on civilians at border points and the crucial transport links we depend upon reveal our vulnerability. Yet the constant development of strategy and technology allows us to counter these threats. Defence IQ is committed to facilitating the exploration of how we increase our national security. From border control to Aviation Security to Biometric technologies, we’ll bring together the Government and security stakeholders who matter, leveraging their expertise to make our world safer.
  8. 8. Here are just some of the companies that have benefitted from sponsoring and exhibiting at Defence IQ events Visit: for more information • Call: +44 (0)207 368 9300 • Email: SPONSORSHIP ABOUT DEFENCE IQ Defence IQ is host to a series of global events and runs an online community of military and private sector professionals.We provide the platform on which leading defence experts share their experience, knowledge and strategic thoughts.We are dedicated to providing military personnel and the private sector with strategic defence resources covering current defence issues. Join the community: Why Invest In Conferencing as a Marketing & PR Vehicle? It’s a strange phenomenon, but our conferences actually become even more effective for our sponsors in a tighter market. Budget cuts mean that certain military attendees at our events (the uniforms that look like active buyers, but aren’t) disappear.They disappear because their attendance is a marginal need for their organisation.They don’t have a specific & explicit requirement to address, so the budget for their attendance gets stopped. Consequently, the percentage of military attendees who have a genuine and pressing requirement that they do need to address – and have funding available to address it – goes up. Defence IQ events provide you with extensive range of sponsorship platforms, enabling you to build relationships and promote your organisation in three key areas:Thought Leadership, Branding and Featured Networking Events. For further details, or to discuss which option is best for your organisation, please call Simon Benns on +44 (0)207 368 9300 or Email: