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DefCamp 2012 @Bucharest

  1. 1. DefCamp 2012 @Bucharest Andrei Avădănei CEO & Founder DEFCAMP @AndreiAvadanei +AndreiAvadanei
  2. 2. DefCamp 2012 @Bucharest Welcome!
  3. 3. “DefCamp” from a vision to … to a vision++ IT Security & Hacking Conference Informal talks Connect smart guys from Romania and World Wide Experience exchange, connect with people, innovate Building a platform for launching and promoting local industry enthusiasts to the world And many others
  4. 4. So, what's new @DC 2012?
  5. 5. On the fly More than 250 attendees from Romania More than 20 speakers from 6 countries Wall of Sheep DCTF (DefCamp Capture The Flag) Professional Security Audit Raffle from KPMG Raffle with several prizes from uCoz Romania Black Hats for everyone (surpriseeee!!) Live Streaming! :-) … aand many others!
  6. 6. We are not done yet! - We founded CCSIR - We are making efforts to create some romanian regional DefCamp chapters - More updates to come on DefCamp website - We have some secrets, but it's not the time! - is ready for being spammed with Q&A for your curiosity!
  7. 7. CCSIR - Cyber Security Research Center from Romania (Centrul de Cercetare in Securitate Informatica din Romania) - Projects - Security research - Tracking - Experience exchange - International partnerships - Do we have something like this in Romania!?!? We don't. - Stay tuned, follow us on for more infos.
  8. 8. Great, now back to our con - 45 minutes talks + 15 minutes max Q&A - 15 minutes coffee break - lunch break sponsored by DC - today will announce more details about DC party (Happy Nameday to me!!) - DCTF starts tomorrow morning - if you need help, search for Staff badges
  9. 9. A deeper thought - there are many types of security guys, talk about them wisely - we aren't agree with recent events from Romania - we are far behind other countries, but we may catch them up faster with DC, CCSIR and other initiatives like these - listen, learn, talk and create “the next step” - I'm sad that these great schedule did not allowed me to make my own technical presentation - these guys are AWESOME! - Next STOP → our speakers! Enjoy!
  10. 10. Questions?