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  1. 1. Competition’s  Terms  and  Conditions    1.  This  competition  (“Promotion”)  is  organized  by  Blogmusik  SAS  (the  “Promoter”)  and  is  open  to  all  residents   of   Great   Britain   aged   18   years   or   over.   Proof   of   age   may   be   required.   Employees   (or   family  members   of   employees)   of   any   group   company   of   the   Promoter,   companies   associated   with   the  Promotion  and  all  affiliates  of  such  companies  may  not  enter  this  Promotion.      2.  Entrant  will  be  deemed  to  have  accepted  these  Terms  and  Conditions  and  agreed  to  be  bound  by  them  when  entering  this  Promotion.      3.  The  Promoter  reserves  the  right  to  amend  these  Terms  and  Conditions  at  any  time.      4.  To  take  part  in  this  Promotion,  the  entrant  will  need  to  go  to  the  dedicated  Deezer  competition  page   (­‐tickets-­‐to-­‐see-­‐teed-­‐live-­‐231)   and   answer   the  question  correctly.  In  order  to  be  an  eligible  entry  to  the  Promotion,  the  entrant  must  also  provide  his  full  name  and  a  valid  email  address.    5.  Maximum  of  one  entry  per  person.      6.  Opening  Date:  Thursday  the  17th  May  at  11:00  am  GMT.    7.  Closing  Date:  Monday  the  21st  May  at  11:00  am  GMT.  Entries  received  after  the  Closing  Date  will  not   be   counted   and   will   not   participate   to   the   draw.   Proof   of   submission   of   an   entry   will   not  constitute   proof   of   delivery   and   no   responsibility   will   be   accepted   for   lost,   corrupted,   delayed   or  mislaid  entries.    8.  The  Promoter  does  not  accept  responsibility  for  network,  computer,  hardware  or  software  failures  of  any  kind,  which  may  restrict  or  delay  the  sending  or  receipt  of  an  entry.  Entries  must  not  be  sent  in  through   agents   or   third   parties.   Incomplete   entries,   and   entries   which   do   not   satisfy   the  requirements   of   these   Terms   and   Conditions,   will   be   disqualified,   will   not   be   counted   and   will   not  participate  to  the  draw.    9.   Twenty-­‐five   (25)   winners   will   be   designated   by   draw   among   all   complete,   correct   and   eligible  entries  received  before  the  Closing  Date.    10.  The  Promoter  will  notify  the  winners  by  email  within  12  hours  of  the  Closing  Date.  Each  winner  has  to  confirm  the  reception  of  the  email  within  24  hours  of  its  sending.      11.  Prize.       a) Each   winner   will   receive:   2x1   tickets   to   see   the   Teed   concert   in   Koko   (London)   on   the   23rd   May  2012.  (the  “Prize”)   b) Each   winner   will   collect   his/her   Prize   at   the   Koko   box   office   on   the   night   of   the   23rd   May   2012,  giving  the  full  name  under  which  he/she  entered  the  Promotion.   c) The   Prize   has   a   unit   retail   value   of   £24,   all   taxes   included.   The   Prize   does   not   include   the   transport  to  the  concert  or  any  other  personal  expenses.   d) There  is  no  cash  alternative  to  the  Prize  (or  any  part  of  it).  
  2. 2. e) The  Prize  (or  any  part  of  it)  is  non-­‐refundable  and  non-­‐transferable.   f) The   Promoter   reserves   the   right   to   substitute   the   Prize   (or   any   part   of   it)   for   a   prize   or   prizes   of  equivalent  or  greater  monetary  value  if  this  is  necessary  for  reasons  beyond  its  control.        12.   If   a   winner   is   not   able,   for   any  reason,   to   accept   the   Prize,   or   cannot   be   contacted   by   email  or  does   not   confirm   the   reception   of   the   Promoter’s   email   mentioned   in   Section   10.   of   the   present  Terms  &  Conditions  within  24  hours  of  its  sending,  the  Promoter  reserves  the  right  to  award  the  Prize  (or  any  part  of  it)  to  another  entrant.    13.  Except  in  the  case  of  death  or  personal  injury  arising  from  its  negligence,  or  in  respect  of  fraud,  and   so   far   as   is   permitted   by   law,   the   Promoter   and   its   associated   companies   and   agents   exclude  responsibility  and  all  liabilities  arising  from:       a)  Any  postponement  or  cancellation  of  the  Promotion,  and     b)   Any   changes   to,   supply   of   (including,   without   limitation,   prizes   which   do   not   reach   the   intended  recipient),  or  use  of  the  Prize,  and     c)  Any  act  or  default  of  any  third  party  supplier,  which  are  beyond  the  Promoter’s  reasonable   control.      14.   Details   of   Prize   winners’   names   and   county   will   be   available   for   one   month   after   the   draw   by  emailing   the   Promoter   at:   and   stating   the   name   and   Closing   Date   of   the  Promotion.      15.   Winners   agree   to   allow   the   Promoter   to   use   their   name   and   likeness   for   advertising   and   publicity  purposes  without  additional  remuneration.      16.   The   Promoter   will   use   each   winner’s,   and   each   entrant’s,   personal   details   for   the   purpose   of  administering  this  Promotion.    The   Promoter’s   Privacy   Policy   is   available   at:­‐datas.php  for  further  details.      17.  If  the  entrant  has  opted  in,  the  Promoter  and  its  business  partners  may  use  the  details  he  gives  in  the   inscription   form   to   contact   the   entrant   for   marketing   purposes   by   phone,   post,   email   and/or  SMS.      18.  This  Promotion,  and  any  dispute  or  claim  arising  out  of  or  in  connection  with  it,  shall  be  governed  by   and   construed   in   accordance   with   the   law   of   England.   The   entrant   irrevocably   agrees   that   the  courts  of  England  shall  have  exclusive  jurisdiction  to  settle  any  dispute  or  claim  that  arises  out  of  or  in  connection  with  this  Promotion.      The  Promoter  is:  Blogmusik  SAS,  with  registered  offices  at  108  Rue  de  Richelieu,  75002  Paris,  France.