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Report and Analytical Exposition


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contoh ppt Report and Analytical Exposition

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Report and Analytical Exposition

  1. 1. English By : Dewani Prita Sumbadra 14 / XI IPA 2
  2. 2. Report Analytical Exposition
  3. 3. report Significant Social function Generic structure lexicogrammatical featuresTo describe the way • General classification : •Focus on genericthings are, with Tells what the phenomenon participants.reference to a range of under discussion is. •Use of relationalnatural, man-made and • Description : processes to state what issocial phenomena in Tells what the phenomenon and that whichit is.our envronment. under discussion is like in •Use of Simple Present terms of ( 1 ) parts, ( 2 ) Tense ( unless extinct). qualities, ( 3 ) habits or •No temporal sequence. behaviors, if living : uses, if non-natural.
  4. 4. Example report text The St Lawrence The St Lawrence river has always been used as a great routeway. For its first European explorers. It was the entrance to the vast, and then unknown, land of Canada. Along its banks settlers built their farmstead, founded Canada’s greatest cities, and fought the Indians. Making their way far inland along the river, they set up the fur trade-exporting the furs back along the ST Lawrence and across the Atlantic to Europe. The modern St Lawrence has been alterd and controlled to make an even greater trade route. Its rapids have been by passed, its changing levels overcome by the use of locks, and its force has been harnessed to produce electricity. Since the completion of the St Lawrence Seaway, the river forms part of huge waterway stretching from the Atlantic to the head of the Great Lakes. Appropriately, the French explorer Jacques Cartier, who discovered the St Lawrence, Called it ‘ The River Of Canada’.
  5. 5. Significant Social function Generic structure lexicogrammatical featuresTo persude the reader •Thesis : •Focus on generic humanor litener that Position : introduce topic and and non-humansomething is the case. indicates writer’s position. participants. Preview : outlines the main •Use of simple past tense. arguments to be presented. •Use of relational •Argument : processes. Point : restates main arguments •Use of internal outlines in preview. conjunction to state Elaboration : develops and argument. supports each point/argument. •Reasoning through casual •Reiteration : conjunction or Restates writer’s positon. nominalization.
  6. 6. Discrimination in Job RecruitmentMany times, you hear job-seekers complaining that they were denied a job because they “come from the wrong region of thecountry”. Or that they are not from this or that religious belief, they are disabled, or have bad looks. Some of these people maybe right in their claims of discrimination.However, before we rush into giving our verdict, what exactly is discrimination according to the laws of Uganda?According to Section 6(3) of the Employment Act of 2006, “discrimination includes any distinction, exclusion or preferencemade on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin, HIV status or disability...thatmay prevent an employee from obtaining any benefit under a contract of service”.Therefore, it is unlawful for anybody to be discriminated on any of the above terms.However, like any law, there must be room for which certain situations can be accommodated. For example, if ByamukamaEvangelistic Ministries, a Christian NGO involved in evangelistic work and community development, advertises a job of anexecutive director and indicates that the potential candidate must be a mature and committed Christian, or even compellingevery potential candidate to bring a letter from their local pastor, yhis would not be categorized as discrimination. Why?The act provides for this kind of preference or exclusion. It states thus : “ any distinction, exclusion or preference in respect of aparticular job based on the inherent requirements of that particular job shall not be deemed to be discrimination.”In other words, because of the nature of the work required by the job holder, they’re not professing Christianity may impairtheir ability to effectively perform their duties.Everyone is changed with the responsibility of eliminating discrimination. It is for this reason that organizations worth their saltensure that they promote equal opportunity for all. Some of these steps include the statements like ; “Kachumbali Enterprises isan equal opportunity employer” in their job adverts.Otherwise, if you feel you have been discriminated against in light of the above and have sufficient evidence, please go to theMinistry of Labor or to a district labor office and seek redress.