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Impact of big data on data center infrastructure


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Impact of big data on data center infrastructure

  1. 1. Mrinal Banerji
  2. 2. 21%Only 21% of data centers are efficient 80% of the data at present has grown in last 2 years 71% data centers are technically obsolete 6.5+ times data growth YoY 82mn no. of servers by end of 2014 690bn KwH energy data centers consumed in 2012 Source – IBM Research Study and Forbes (Dec 2011 issue) $7.5bn projected growth of DCIM systems by 2020 $ 34bn Projected Big Data spending (Gartner) in 2013
  3. 3. Drivers Scaling up of applications and services Virtualization and cloud computing Conversion from cost centers to value creation entities Increased reliance on critical IT systems Energy efficiency or conservation initiatives The need for more powerful management tools offering a rich, visual view of the infrastructure
  4. 4. Big Data can perform the following functions Identify discrepancies between planned and actual energy usage Generate inventory reports by device type, age, manufacturers and properties of the device Provide energy use details that enable the linking of operating costs to each business unit user group Provides Actionable insight into how the equipment is being utilized what capacity is available where it’s residing how much power it’s using the ability to test scenarios prior to change need for future infrastructure, investments and rollouts
  5. 5. Ability to forecast the performance of a data center into the future, be it its energy use, energy efficiency, performance of the myriad pieces of equipment, even cost The Evolution Source – Data Center Journal
  6. 6. Some of the notable cases where Big Data has benefitted the companies immensely A Chinese bank went from 38 data centers to 2, saving $180 million a year in operational costs An auto major that was spending $28 million to manage its CRM system and data center systems reduced that to $8 million Airtel successfully cut down its energy utilization and green house emission (from data center) by 30% Companies like eBay have already announced successful efforts to optimize their data centers using Big Data analysis