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Casia 2014 preliminary round template


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Casia 2014 preliminary round template

  1. 1. Stage 1 The Preliminary Round Team Name:Timbaktu Name of first member:Deepika Kumari College Name:IMT Ghaziabad Name of second member:Anandamayee Agrawal College Name:IMT Ghaziabad
  2. 2. What is Social Media??
  3. 3. Is Social Media and Social news the same thing!!!
  4. 4. Social media sites
  5. 5. Time waster for teenagers Cheaper than traditional media services Customers can find you through new channels ,generating new leads Putting up pictures on the social media may cause defamation Mental and health problems Compelling content will grab the attention of customers
  6. 6. 18,400,000 Americans say facebook got them their current job 8,000,000 Americans say twitter got them their current job 10,200,000 Americans say linkedn got them their current job
  7. 7. Content Marketing reigns supreme Social Media will become more of a necessity in the business year Image based content will continue to drive social media Marketers will launch more contests to increase brand engegement Social Media Trends for 2014