Briquetting Plant Through Protect The Environment


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Briquetting plant is the best measure to save the environment and a simple way to reuse wastage material. Now, Environment protection is a big issue for everyone and briquette plant project is a widely used technology due to it helps to save the environment.

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Briquetting Plant Through Protect The Environment

  1. 1. Briquetting Plant Through Protect The Environment
  2. 2. IntroductIon • India produces nearly 350 million tones of agricultural waste per year (Naidu, 1999). It has been estimated that 110-150 million tones crop residues is surplus to its present utilization as a cattle feed, constructional and industrial raw material and as industrial fuel. • Day by day use of biomass briquettes is increasing in industries to meet the satisfactory of people.
  3. 3. • Biomass briquettes are Eco friendly fuel and prepared from wasted material so it is cost effective. • The cost factor and environment factor is mostly affect on industries that’s why use of briquettes is increased.
  4. 4. Biomass Briquetting Plant • Biomass briquetting plant investment is the best project to earn money from agro forestry waste and to produce green energy to save the environment. • The awareness of using non conventional and Eco friendly Bio fuel is increasing day by day due to the increasing the fossil fuel cost.
  5. 5. Manufacturing Process of Biomass Briquetting Machine • All types of wasted material and industrial waste are gathered and compressed under high pressure in the biomass briquette machine and then convert into biomass briquettes. • Raw materials which having size above 25mm it must be crushed in the crusher machine. It is used for crushing raw material into small size.
  6. 6. Continue… • Raw materials which having size less than 25mm it required to put it into hammer mill for making powder form of these type of material. • Some material contains moisture than it is necessary to put it into dryer for drying the materials. • After than it fed into briquette press under large pressure to make briquettes.
  7. 7. Biomass Briquettes • In India, Gujarat is the leading state in biomass briquettes production. Biomass briquettes are made from agriculture or industrial waste and completely Eco friendly, non polluting bio fuel. It is also known as ‘White coal’
  8. 8. RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Gondal Road, B/H Perfect auto service Survey No. 43, Plot No. 122-123, Vavdi, Rajkot, Gujarat, India Toll Free No: 1800-300-21222 Visit: