Biomass Briquettes- Pollution Free Briquettes


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Biomass Briquettes are bio fuel substitute to bio coal, lignite and other fossil fuels. They are used to heat industrial boilers in order to produce electricity form steam.

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Biomass Briquettes- Pollution Free Briquettes

  1. 1. Biomass Briquettes Chemical Free Bio Fuel
  2. 2. Biomass Briquettes  Biomass Briquettes are bio fuel substitute to bio coal, lignite and other fossil fuels.  They are used to heat industrial boilers in order to produce electricity form steam.  The most common use of briquettes is in developing world, where energy sources are not available.  This can reduce co2 emissions by replacing coal and charcoal. • Biomass briquettes are made from various methods, but here we are described biomass briquetting plant technology.
  3. 3. Continue….  Biomass briquettes are mostly made of green waste and other organic materials are commonly used for electricity generation, heat and cooking fuel.  This is widely used technology because it does not contain any chemical or binder. So it is known as pollution free or binder less technology.  Biomass briquettes are used in various industries such as textile industry, food processing unit, rubber industry, leather industry, brick making industry, spinning mills, tea factories and so on.
  4. 4. Briquette Press Machine • This technology contains various organic materials, including rice husk, saw dust, tea husk, municipal solid waste, bagasse, jute waste, cotton stalks, agriculture waste or anything which contains high nitrogen content. • This project is viable where raw materials are available in abundant quantity.
  5. 5. Briquette Press • The raw materials are gathered and compressed into briquette press machine to make efficient bio fuels. • This process does not require any chemical or binding agent so it is totally eco friendly technology. • Biomass briquette presses are widely available in the industrial market and you can find all information on internet.
  6. 6. Advantages: • Briquettes are cheaper than coal. • Oil, coal or lignite, once used, cannot be replaced. • High sulfur content of oil and coal, when burnt, pollutes the environment. There is no sulfur in Briquettes • Biomass briquettes have a higher practical thermal value and much lower ash content (210% as compared to 20-40% in coal). • There is no fly ash when burning briquettes.
  7. 7. Continue…. • Briquettes have consistent quality, have high burning efficiency, and are ideally sized for complete combustion. • Combustion is more uniform compared to coal and boiler response to changes in steam requirements is faster due to higher quantity of volatile matter in briquettes. • Briquetting machines are new invention in the industry and achieve a lot of success in the industrial market. • Briquetting
  8. 8. Briquetting Machine Manufacturers • Briquetting press machines are specially made by expert and well known briquetting machine manufacturers who have capability to make this type of extra ordinary machinery which can make bio fuel from devastate materials. “Use Chemical Free Briquettes To Solve Environmental Problems”
  9. 9. Toll Free number 1800-300-21222 RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Gondal Road, B/H Perfect auto service, Survey No. 43; Plot No. 122-123, Vavdi, Rajkot (Gujarat) India