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Social Media Beyond Facebook


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Thinking beyond the obvious when planning your social media channels.

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Social Media Beyond Facebook

  1. 1. 1.Social Media Beyond F***bookExploring other channels...Emily KnoxSocial Media Strategist
  2. 2. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 2. “We need a F***book.”“We need to leverage The Network Who Shall Not Be Named is the most obviousthis guy to build brand social media marketing choice, and quite often the right choice,loyalty and „engage‟ but by no means the only choice.with consumers.” Don’t put the channel planning cart before the horse. This presentation is a crash course in some successful case studies from OTHER social networks which you can consider inTHE SOCIAL WEB any social media strategy or campaign.It‟s bigger thanFacebook.
  3. 3. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 3. After reviewing business objectives, the social media strategy process should work as follows: • Who? – Target Audience • Demographics – age, gender, location • Psychographics – tastes & interests • What? – Content • Funny videos to spark engagement and reach or blog articles to establish thought leadership?CHANNEL • Where? – PlatformPLANNING • Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, YouTube?Serious business. •
  4. 4. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 4. So what other platforms are there? WAAAY to many to mention, so let‟s look at what‟s popular here: Social Media Channels By Monthly Active Australian Visitors – December 2012 1. Facebook – 11,808,360 (up 52,720) 2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs (steady) 3. Blogspot – 3,500,000 (steady) 4. Tumblr – 3,200,000 (up 100,000) 5. – 2,500,000 (down 500,000) 6. LinkedIn – 2,100,000 (down 400,000) 7. Twitter – 2,114,000 Active Australian Users (steady) 8. Instagram - 1,175,000 Active Australian Users (steady) 9. Flickr – 820,000 (up 40,000)THE OTHER 10. Pinterest – 650,000 (up 20,000)SOCIAL WEB 11. Google Plus – approx 377,500 (steady) 12. MySpace – 340,000 (down 10,000) 13. Yelp – 220,000 (up 20,000) 14. Reddit – 150,000 (steady) 15. StumbleUpon – 100,000 (steady) 16. Foursquare – 55,000 (up 2,000) 17. Digg – 45,000 (down 5,000) 18. Delicious – 30,000 (steady) via Social Media News
  5. 5. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 5.Channel Type Australian Audience ContentYouTube Video sharing site Under 35s Video – amateur & increasingly professional (on Channels). See also Vimeo, Vine (mobile video social network).Tumblr Micro-blogging site Teenaged girls & young Mostly third-party image content. See also Posterous (more words, fewer images). women (-25)LinkedIn Professional social Men aged 40-49 Professional networking – resumes, groups etc. networkTwitter Micro-blogging site M&F in their 20s Text-based, especially links. Increasingly featuring image and video content.Instagram Photo sharing site ? Photos – amateur smartphone content.Flickr Photo sharing site Globally – 25-54 Photos – lots of professional content.Pinterest Photo sharing site Female 18-44. Mostly third-party image content. See also We Heart It.Google+ Social network 25-34 year olds, slight male Personal profiles, news feed (links, photos, videos), hangouts (video conferencing), skew (55%) events, communities.MySpace Social network 18-34 year olds, slight female Personal profiles, news feed , focus on entertainment discovery. skew (55%)Yelp Location based service Globally – women 35-54 Reviews sharing (stores, restaurants etc).Reddit Social bookmarking site Globally – men 18-24 Third-party link (eg news) and original content (eg photos, memes) sharing site. Dubbed ‘the first page of the internet.’ See also Digg.StumbleUpon Social bookmarking site Globally – women 35-44 Content bookmarking and taste graph-based content discovery hub.Foursquare Location based service Globally – women 35-44 Geosocial network with checkins & badges, moving more towards Yelp-type review platform.
  6. 6. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 6. • Why? – Objective • Awareness & product benefit demo • Who? – Target Audience • Anyone who wants to cover up a tattoo • What? – Content • Video; cult celebrityClick to watch video • Where? – Platform • YouTube YouTube For Shareable, Spreadable Reach • YouTube is an extremely shareable video format, both within andCASE STUDY without the YouTube platform. Facebook & Twitter shares help boost potential „virality‟ of content.Dermablend YouTube videos can also be embedded into blogs and news sites.Professional “Go • the blogger appeal of Go Beyond The Cover is two-fold: beauty blogs are a big online hub, plus this video had appeal outside the beautyBeyond the Cover.” • community (cult celebrity star, shock value). The virality and spectacle of the video made it a news story in ad press and mainstream news. • Currently on 16M+ views, with a 54:1 Like:Dislike ratio – people watched it AND loved it. (i.e. It wasnt a branded Rebecca Black.)
  7. 7. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 7. • Why? – Objective • Promote association with UEFA European Championship • Who? – Target Audience • Soccer fans • What? – ContentClick to watch video • Rich content soccer content • Where? – Platform • Tumblr Click to visit Tumblr Tumblr As Real-Time Rich Content Hub • Adidas launched its month-long campaign with a soccer Tumblr blogCASE STUDY in time for the 2012 UEFA European ChampionshipAdidas Tumblr. • The Tumblr will be promoted through paid placements in Tumblr‟s “Radar” slot on the user dashboard. (Rotating selection of Tumblr blogs hand-selected by the editorial team & available for purchase.) • Adidas will also promote the site on Tumblr‟s “spotlight” page for sports blogs. • Soccer is a major passion point for fans around the world, and Tumblr is a platform geared around re-blogging rich third-party content in ways which express your personality, making Tumblr the logical choice for this kind of content campaign.
  8. 8. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 8. • Why? – Objective • Brand affinity • Who? – Target Audience • Adults who cook at home • What? – Content • Rich content recipes • Where? – Platform • TumblrClick to visit Tumblr Cooking With Tumblr • Insight: “...people dont use their recipe books anymore; these daysCASE STUDY its all about balancing your iPhone on the edge of the counter, and trying not to smear it with foodstuffs while you follow a recipe online.”Electrolux - Now Now Youre Cooking offers a series of films to cook along to, whichYou‟re Cooking • include the options to pause and review directions along the way. „Films‟ are beautifully shot and lightly branded, but all use ElectroluxTumblr. • appliances along the way. • Quirky food facts accompanying each video such as the link between shiitake mushrooms and Star Wars fit beautifully with the post- modern mish-mash which typifies Tumblr (think Kim Jong Il Looking At Things). • Cutesy, food-related typographical posts add to the shareability in the mix of content on the blog.
  9. 9. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 9. • Why? – Objective • Real-time news reporting • Who? – Target Audience • Anyone interested in the US presidential elections • What? – Content • Real-time news content including GIFs • Where? – PlatformClick for Guardian live-blog • Tumblr Tumblr As Real-Time News Outlet & The ‘Live-GIF’ As Reportage • The Guardian (election editor) partnered with Tumblr (GIF-makingCASE STUDY all-stars) for live debate night coverage in GIFs.Guardian Election • Could Tumblr encroach on Twitter‟s turf as the „newsy‟ network? The humble GIF – a primitive, pre-web 2.0 technology which enjoysTumblr. • huge popularity on Tumblr but is generally associated with reality TV fandom, cats and drunk Russians – has been raised to serious news medium! • "Though commentary, analysis, fact-checking and news reporting all have their place in debate coverage, were very excited about capturing all the dignity and solemnity of the event through the medium of real-time animated GIFs," ~Guardian US open editor Amanda Michel • "Our research indicates that most Americans now consume their hard news in the form of animated GIFs...”~ Chris Mohney, Tumblr Editor-In-Chief
  10. 10. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 10. • Why? – Objective • Barack Obama‟s re-election • Who? – Target Audience • American voters • What? – Content • Behind-the-scenes campaign trail content • Where? – Platform • TumblrClick to visit Tumblr Tumblr Building Obama Affinity • In 2008 Obama used social media to help him to the White House inCASE STUDY what was dubbed „The Facebook Election.‟Barack Obama • In 2012 Obama‟s campaign added Tumblr to its repertoire. His official Tumblr blog has more than 1,240 posts, out-blogging hisTumblr. • opponent Mitt Romney almost every step of the way. More importantly, Obama‟s campaign used Tumblr to interact directly with users in a way that was relatable, posting GIFs of the president listening to music and giving speeches. • “It gets him in front of a much larger audience, especially more and more young people who spend time on the Internet...” ~Tyler Pearson, New Media Campaigns • On election night 2012, Obama collected more than 75,000 Tumblr mentions compared to Romney‟s 35,000.
  11. 11. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 11. • Why? – Objective • Awareness of new model • Who? – Target Audience • Driving adults (Netherlands) • What? – Content • Real-life car „race‟Click to watch video • Where? – Platform • Twitter (primary) Twitter Builds Buzz • The extensive PR and buzz campaign generated an earned PRCASE STUDY value of around 2.8 million Euros.Citroen DS5 Twitter • During the one day race, Tweets poured in with an average of 524 an hour, making #DS5race Trending Topic no.1 in the Netherlands.Race. • Twitter is an open network i.e. trends can be self-perpetuating (the more people who see a topic trending, the more who are aware and begin talking), and is the go-to social platform for real-time news. • Twitter can be the best network for creating buzz which spills outside of personal social networks and harnesses and spreads hype about a brand.
  12. 12. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 12. • Why? – Objective • Awareness of tenfour‟s mobile capabilities • Who? – Target Audience • Geeks visiting Austin for SXSW • What? – Content • T-commerce mobile applicationClick to watch video • Where? – Platform • Twitter, Chirpify (t-commerce), PayPal, Foursquare Using the Tech Your Audience Uses • Unlike the rest of the population, the tech-savvy “digital natives”CASE STUDY milling around at SXSW love their Twitter and Foursquare, and are likely to have eBay (& PayPal) accounts.Tweet-A-Beer. • This demographic provides a great opportunity to utilise the benefits of these slightly more marginal social networks to provide easy and novel payment solutions and location-based drinking hole pointers. • 10.6k Twitter mentions; 12.5M social reach; 500M+ news reach. • Website traffic doubled ; invited to speak at conferences, dozens business & sponsorship leads, meetings with large brands re their mobile initiatives.
  13. 13. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 13. • Why? – Objective • Awareness of new SKUs • Who? – Target Audience • Diet-conscious young women • What? – Content • Pop-up storeClick to watch video • Where? – Platform • Twitter & activation Social Media Sharing As Currency • The real-life Tweet Shop featured a „tweet wall‟ of shared tweets andCASE STUDY required you to „pay‟ for a sample with a tweet.Special K Tweet • Activation + Twitter = products into people‟s hands + something to talk about, generating word-of-mouth buzz.Shop. • Although not everyone is on Twitter, many influencers (celebrities, journalists, experts) are & this filters through to the rest of the web. • Word-of-mouth can accelerate sales during launch periods, and adds credibility into the communications mix. • “The value of positive endorsements on social media sites is beyond compare so we‟re excited to be the first company to literally use social currency instead of financial currency to launch this new product in our bespoke Special K shop…” ~Sarah Case, Kellogg‟s
  14. 14. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 14. • Why? – Objective • Fan reward • Who? – Target Audience • Vaccines fans • What? – ContentClick to watch video • Video • Where? – Platform • Instagram Using the Platform of the Music Festival - Instagram • The Vaccines wanted to give something back to their fans, so theyCASE STUDY created the world‟s first crowdsourced Instagram music video using UGC tagged with #vaccinesvideo taken over a summer of musicThe Vaccines festivals.Wetsuit Instagram • 30 countries; 3000 pictures; 600,000 views in 2 weeks, 10m impressions, 60,000 Facebook shares & 4000+ tweets.Music Video. • Instagram is both mobile and visual – it‟s the natural choice of music festival attendees who want to record and share their experience. • Being mobile and social, Instagram is an extremely intimate platform, and perfect for collecting UGC and re-purposing and heroing this content as a fan reward. • Plus, the filters afforded by Instagram mean that the finished product is more attractive than a regular photograph by an amateur photographer.
  15. 15. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 15. • Why? – Objective • Awareness, recommendation • Who? – Target Audience • NYC diners • What? – Content • ImagesClick to watch video • Where? – Platform • Instagram Capitalising On Instagram User Behaviours • Insight: people love Instagramming their food.CASE STUDY • “Formalising this tactical idea for restaurants in leveraging hashtagsComodo: The on Instagram is brilliantly simple, low cost and provides an earned media platform almost instantly…Instagram Menu. • “So, just make the food look brilliant and don‟t leave any hairs in there! If you were to see an Instagram #hashtag on a restaurant menu, would you check it out? Chances are I‟d probably give it a crack!“ ~DigitalBuzzBlog
  16. 16. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 16. • Why? – Objective • Awareness, Pinterest Followers, UGC • Who? – Target Audience • Potential British Midland Airways customers • What? – Content • Images • Where? – Platform • Pinterest Using Pinterest As A Destination Wishlist • BMI created destination boards containing nine numbered pins. EachCASE STUDY week, a number would be chosen at random. Everyone who had re- pinned the image that corresponded to that number was entered intoBMI Pinterest the drawing. A winner was chosen at random, and the prize was a round-trip ticket from any BMI destination.Lottery. • BMI used Pinterest exactly the way it is meant to be used -- to encourage the sharing of images. • BMI capitalised on the natural action taken by Pinterest users (re- pinning) and created an incentive to re-pin. • Travel and destination photos are highly popular on Pinterest, meaning the campaign reached the target demographic of not only BMI but also of Pinterest.
  17. 17. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 17. Jonathan Lo 770k followers 4.5k pins • Why? – Objective Typical pins: style, • Awareness of new model design, art, & fashion. • Who? – Target Audience • Influencer outreach: The Pinterati • What? – Content • Images • Where? – Platform • Pinterest Pinterest As A Taste & Interest Reference • Honda‟s new CR-V is the way to explore the world, so Honda invitedCASE STUDY several prominent Pinners to take a #Pintermission – a 24-hour break from Pinterest so they could go and explore the real world.Honda • Honda created personalised invites based on the user‟s interests andPintermission. what they typically pin. By accepting the (tagged) offer, the user would receive $500 to go on an adventure of their choice. • Honda suggested things the cash could be spent on based on the user‟s pins. • This was an interested use of Pinterest for the data it collects, rather than how it operates as a social platform. Honda used Pinterest to reach out to influencers over their passions and interests which were displayed on their boards, creating huge PR value. • It‟s also been a running joke on Pinterest since it launched that the manic pinning of recipes and outfits precludes the opportunity to make or wear any of them in real life!
  18. 18. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 18. • Why? – Objective • Encourage use of Hangouts feature • Who? – Target Audience • People away from their families at Christmas • What? – ContentClick to watch video • Video • Where? – Platform • Google+ Using Geosocial Networking To Catch Users On The Move • Wallace and Gromit creators Aardman Animations and Google+CASE STUDY have kicked off a video campaign to promote the social network‟s Hangouts feature during the festive season.Google+ Hangouts • The video is aimed at encouraging people separated from family andHoliday Campaign. friends over Christmas to connect via Google+.
  19. 19. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 19. • Why? – Objective • Awareness • Who? – Target Audience • Dog owners • What? – Content • Sampling, billboardsClick to watch video • Where? – Platform • Foursquare Using Geosocial Networking To Catch Dogwalkers On The Move • Using Foursquare to target out-and-about dog walkers makes sense,CASE STUDY but something is needed to prompt and incentivise interaction.GranataPet Snack • The use of real-world billboards is genius – it brings the campaign to the user, and users a kind of „puppy pester power‟ and immediateCheck. • reward to stimulate interaction. 100 check-ins at the billboard sites during the first day alone • The check-in system was so successful that the campaign expanded from 10 billboards in Germany to over 100 billboards throughout Europe • Product sales increased by 28% following the campaign, and by 14% that year •
  20. 20. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 20. • Why? – Objective • Brand affinity • Who? – Target Audience • Exercisers • What? – Content • Playlist appClick to watch video • Where? – Platform • Spotify Spotify Apps As Services – Reebok-Branded Workout Playlists • Reebok released a Spotify app to help fitness enthusiasts createCASE STUDY personalised playlists for their workouts, incorporating workout activity, time frame, intensity level and favourite artists.Reebok FitList • The app also features playlists created by Reebok-sponsoredSpotify Playlist. athletes and artists and users can view the most popular tracks for various fitness activities - from running to yoga. • To support the app launch Reebok created specially designed musical shoeboxes. The FitList Boxes are interactive speaker systems, which feature LED lights that glow in rhythm with the music and ambient sound. • Like Nike has done so well before it, Reebok is making a push towards services, rather than just products and creating experiences for its customers to foster positive associations with the brand. •
  21. 21. SOCIAL BEYOND F***BOOK 21. Using Geosocial Networking To Catch Users On The Move • Users prone to Instagramming and Tweeting and GIFing can see how much story they can pack into 6 seconds of video with Vine. • Twitter caused a mini sensation last week with the unveiling of its (iOS only, ugh) video-sharing app, Vine. The app allows users to create and share 6-second, looping videos. • Its easy to see why Vine grabbed the Internets attention--its not an earth-shattering advance, but the app represents something accessible, new, and engaging for social sharers of all stripes. • There is no doubt well see a lot of gratuitous, and dumb, usage of Vine, (and porn, of course--as Dailydot notes mere hours after the app was launched Vine was awash in NSFW material) in the early days.Click for link • But its also easy to see how individuals and brands will make greatBONUS CASE use of the apps short-storytelling capacity. As Hemingways 6-word tale and other short formats attest, its possible to do dramatic thingsSTUDY • within extreme creative constraints. While brands have been historically tied to 30- and 60-secondShort Story Shorter: timelines, many have been experimenting over the years with shorter (and longer) forms. 15 second spots are typical, but several brandsThe Most Creative have produced even more abbreviated stories--Montblanc demonstrated with its "Beauty of a Second" film festival how powerfulUses Of Vine (So even a well-wrought one second of film can be.Far). • + Sunny Queen Farms‟ first Vine post.