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Facebook Advertising 101


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Your guide to the basics of Facebook Ads, focussing on Marketplace units.

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Facebook Advertising 101

  1. 1. 1.Facebook Advertising 101Emily KnoxSocial Media Strategist
  2. 2. 2.DOCUMENTOUTLINE. 1. Facebook Advertising – Ad Units Explained 2. Briefing Facebook Ad Campaigns 3. Budget Recommendations 4. ROI & Measures of Success
  4. 4. FACEBOOK AD UNITS 4. Premium Ad Placements Premium & Marketplace Ads • Facebook Ads can be split into two separate types depending on budget and booking mechanism. • Premium Ads • Appear on homepage: where users spend most time. • Booked directly through Facebook, minimum spend (POA but expect upwards of $15k), 1-3 day campaigns. • Best if your objectives are impressions/awareness. • Marketplace Ads • Appear elsewhere within the site eg. Facebook Pages, Event Pages, Profile Pages etc. • Booked via an auction mechanic (eg. advertisers bid on CPC or CPM, hence the term ‘Marketplace’), no minimum spend, unlimited campaign duration. • Great for maximising budget, increasing page likes and encouraging engagement. Marketplace • Ads. This presentation will focus on Marketplace Ads. Ad Placements
  5. 5. FACEBOOK AD UNITS 5. What Are Ads & Marketplace Ad Formats Sponsored Stories? • Marketplace units belong to one of two categories, Ads & Sponsored stories. • Ads - Voice of business • The advertiser has full control of all elements of the ad, including the title of the ad, the image and the copy. • Sponsored stories - Voice of friend • Advertisers don’t create the content of the ad: they are based on organic content on Facebook, created by Facebook users and not advertisers. • Each time someone interacts (likes your page, comments on a post) with one of your Facebook entities a story is created. • You can sponsor these stories – turning them into Sponsored Stories.
  6. 6. FACEBOOK AD UNITS 6. Ad & Sponsored Story Placements • Different Ad & Sponsored Story units are eligible to appear in different areas of Facebook: • Right-Hand Column • Desktop News Feed Mobile News Right- Feed • Mobile News Feed Right-Hand Ad Column • Search Bar Search Bar Desktop News Feed
  7. 7. FACEBOOK AD UNITS 7. Marketplace Ad Formats Page Like Ad Links to a page on Facebook. Headline text must be name of Page Post Ad Facebook page. Page posts that have been Objective: increase page likes. sponsored to increase reach. Placement: desktop/mobile Objective: engagement with news feed, right-hand column. content . Placement: desktop/mobile news feed, right-hand column. App Ad Links to an app (on a Facebook page tab) rather than a page. Objective: interaction with app. Placement: desktop/mobile Domain Ad news feed, right-hand column. Links to a website. Brand can control headline text. Event Ad Objective: website referrals. Links to an native Facebook Placement: right-hand column. Event than a page. Objective: Event RSVPs. Placement: desktop/mobile news feed, right-hand column.
  8. 8. FACEBOOK AD UNITS 8. Mobile App Install Ad Marketplace Ad Formats Clicks on the ad takes the user directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play, depending on which mobile operating system the app is for. Objective: mobile app installs. Placement: mobile news feed. Sponsored result Sponsored results are sponsored search results, and appear in the type ahead at the top of the Facebook interface. The image will be pulled from the Facebook entity you are promoting (Page or App), and you can point the ad to any tab on your Facebook page. Objective: traffic to your Facebook page or app. Placement: search bar.
  9. 9. FACEBOOK AD UNITS 9. Page Like Sponsored Story Marketplace Ad Formats These sponsor the Facebook action of a page like. Objective: increase page likes. Placement: desktop/mobile news feed, right-hand column. Page Post Like Sponsored Story These sponsor the action of liking, commenting or sharing content from a Facebook page. Objective: engagement with content. Placement: desktop/mobile news feed, right-hand column.
  10. 10. FACEBOOK AD UNITS 10. Marketplace Ad Formats Open Graph Sponsored Story Facebook has a set of built-in actions and objects. Some of the most common actions are like, comment and share and some of the most common objects are posts, photos and links. With Open Graph however, you can build an app that integrates with Facebook, giving you the opportunity to define your own actions and objects. As users use your app, they will generate stories - and these can be sponsored just like any of the built-in story types. Objective: engagement with Facebook app. Placement: desktop/mobile news feed, right-hand column.
  12. 12. BRIEFING FACEBOOK ADS 12. The Facebook Ad Process • A mix of Marketplace Ads & Sponsored Stories is the most effective, efficient and targeted way to grow & engage your Facebook fan-base. • The Facebook Advertising Process 1. Targeting your audience based on demographic, interests, location, and social connections. 2. Multivariate testing of multiple artwork and copy to determine which messaging combinations resonate best with your target. 3. Daily bid management, culling underperforming ads and re-investing into more successful creative iterations. 4. Reporting on: • Effectiveness eg. fans acquired vs target • ROI eg. cost per fan • Page Activity eg. contribution to engagement levels • Fan-base demographic shifts and swings • Insights into tastes and interests of fans of your brand.
  13. 13. BRIEFING FACEBOOK ADS 13. Facebook Ad Briefing Considerations• Background eg: • Timeframe eg.: • Details of the NPD, promotion, activation the media spend • The promotional period for a Facebook competition. is supporting. • The in-store activation period. • Key message, single-minded proposition or benefit. • Target demographic eg:• Objectives eg.: • Mums of kids 5-12. • Grow the fan-base. • Women 25-34 in Australia who love snacking. • Increase engagement on the page. • Busy/stressed working mums. • Increase reach of an NPD product message. • Encourage Facebook competition entries. • KPIs eg.: • 10k new page likes.• Budget eg.: • An Engagement Rate 50% above the Facebook average. • The total amount allocated towards the Facebook Ad • Reach of 1M AU F18-34. campaign. (Budget will needed to be allocated to creative • 5k competition entries. and management (20% media spend) from this amount.) • The amount of pure media spend required. (Additional budget will be added on for creative/management.)
  15. 15. FACEBOOK AD BUDGET RECOMMENDATIONS 15. Facebook Ad Budget Recommendations • Campaign spend is dependent on objectives and previous Facebook Advertising results. • Objective: Boost Edgerank (Reach & Engagement) • Facebook pages should run at least 4 Facebook Ad campaigns annually to optimise their Edgerank* (their likelihood of appearing in fans’ news feeds/reach). • A good guide to a base budget (before any campaigns are allocated for) for Facebook Advertising is 25% of your total fan cost to date: Formula (Total Fans x Average CPA) x 0.25 = Base Annual Media Spend Example (66.7k x $1 = $66,700.00) x 0.25 = $16,675.00 *Read more about Edgerank:
  16. 16. FACEBOOK AD BUDGET RECOMMENDATIONS 16. Facebook Ad Budget Recommendations • Objective: Increase Page Likes • Many Facebook Ad campaigns are designed to increase page likes, thereby increasing your Facebook database for all future messaging. • Set the right budget by nominating how many fans you require eg. +10k and your average CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): Formula Goal New Page Likes x Av. CPA = Pure Media Spend Example 10,000 New Page Likes x $1.00 = $10,000.00
  17. 17. FACEBOOK AD BUDGET RECOMMENDATIONS 17. Facebook Ad Budget Recommendations • Objective: Competition Entries • If you’re running a Facebook promotion your Facebook Ad objective may be competition entries. • Allocate the right budget by nominating the number of desired entries eg. 5k and use the following formula:: Formula Desired Entries ------------------- x Av. CPC = Pure Media Spend Av. Conv. Rate Example 5,000 -------- x $0.49 = $4,016.39 61%
  19. 19. FACEBOOK ADS: ROI & MEASURES OF SUCCESS 19. ROI & Measures Of Success • Effectiveness • % of target fans acquired. • % of target competition entries. • CTR above 0.15% = Good. • Conversion Rate above 50% = Excellent. • ROI • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): • Based on past campaigns: (eg. average $1.00); • Facebook average: $2.00. • Page Activity • ER (Socialbakers Engagement Rate) based on Page Size eg. 50k-100k fans = 0.19%. • Demographic Shifts • Fan-base demographic shifts and swings eg. AU F18-34 60% -> 75%. • Fan Insights • Insights into tastes and interests of fans of your brand eg. ‘Competitive’ & Friends of Fans more likely to Like page than Mums & ‘Positive Outlook.’
  20. 20. 20.THANKYOU. For further information, please contact us at the following details: Emily Knox Social Media Strategist +61 2 8917 7900