Consumers preference for ready to eat meals


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Consumers preference for ready to eat meals

  1. 1. Consumers preference for ready to eat Meals.
  2. 2. Introduction India is a very complex country culturally, geographically and from culinary point of view too. Foods of India are better known for its spiciness. Throughout India, be it North India or South India, spices are used generously in food. Every single spice used in Indian dishes carries some or the other nutritional as well as medicinal properties. Like any country’s regional cuisines, India’s developed their unique qualities for different reasons. Dishes in India are named either for the combination of spices used ( Rogan Josh) for the cooking method ( Korma, biryani, do piazza) or for the main ingredient (saag, alloo, ghobi). Indian food is not universally hot, some dishes contains lot of chilies others none at all.
  3. 3. Primary ResearchThe primary Research was conducted in Navi Mumbai.The sample being the: House makers Kirana stores Department stores Road side vendors House makers Working couples Working singles College students School students
  4. 4. Marital educationMarket Determinants status sex Price Agesensitivity Usage rate income Brand loyalty Demographics occupation Behavior Determinants for market segmentation Psychographics Benefit occasions soughts interest Preferences Get to attitude gather festivals
  5. 5. GraviesEvery dish in India is made in a base known as gravies. It is themixture of herbs , spices and other thickening agents. Dishes aremade on the basis of the different types of gravies, which givesdifferent taste to the dishes.
  6. 6. Gravies House makers Chefs Punjabi Punjabi Restaurants “ make the puree of the “ Three types of gravies tomato when it is cheap to are made once and stored use at the time it become for 5 days, Red, white and costly and also it gives Masala gravy is made.” color to the gravy.” House maker Jain “ I believe in making the spices and the gravies fresh. I don’t like storing.” House maker Telugu “I don’t like gravy to be red in color, we like gravy to have its natural color .” Working couple “ we make gravies and spices on Saturdays and store it.” Chefs “ college students prefers Chefs Chefs more of North Indian South Indian Restaurant “ we make dishes only dishes.” “we prepare fresh gravy in tomato gravy for and consume it that day Jains, people asking for itself.” swwet we add more of white gravy.”
  7. 7. ChutneysChutney, pickles and relishes are never left on the side of theIndian palate. A spoonful of chutney is a way of pepping up theappetite on the hottest days, and a tiny bite lends to refreshingtaste to a savory dish.
  8. 8. Chutneys Shanu Aggarwal Age:50 House maker Ruchi Rawat Ethnic group: Madwadi Shreya Gulati Age:25 “I make Age: 38 Working Guava,turnip,tamarind,khaju Punjabi Ethnic group: Gadhwali r,peanuts chutney. Chutney “I use chutneys to add “ I prefer having we prefer than pickle taste, use it in chaas, chutney when the because it is healthy.” sandwiches with rice and meal is bland” with chapatti sometimes.” Kamal Gupta Age: 55 Ethnic group: UP “ I prepare singhdana, mango and nariyal chutney.” Shishir Kumar Age:25 Working single “chutney adds spice to Sri Bala Shrinivas my meal.It breaks the Age: 3543 monotony of House maker Anusha Arun gives a tangy taste” Telugu(AP) Age: 23 “I take chutney for tatse, College student and it goes well with Ethnic group: Keralite other dishes.” “If green chutney would have been available, would have kept one in my hostel”
  9. 9. Kirana Department chefs Road side vendors stores storeThe middle class Customers for Family has more footfall compared to students when it comes toand above middle ready to eat meals Gravies and chutneys Chow miens and momo.class purchaser were mostly House are made once and They provide 2 chutneys with momoseady to eat makers and then stored tomeals. one restaurant people. consume within 5 1. Green chutney- very spicy so not preferred much.customer come Working couples days . Ingredients are peanuts, green chilies, ginger, garlic, salttwice or thrice in were lessa month 2. Red chutney - little spicy has more demand, red and green chilies, ginger, garlic, salt, cabbage.The brands Parampara, They dontavailable are kitchens of India experiment with the coconut chutney is provided with dosa and idlis, which has twoParampara and and Suhanna are garvies and provide variety red and simple.Mother, providing authentic punjabiveg and nonveg. food. Mint chutney iscustomers prefer provided with all themore of tandoori dishes andvegetarian curries also as a side dishcompared to non with the meals.veg. Parampara isthe preferredbrand comparedto mother’sRecipe.
  10. 10. Kirana stores Department store Chefs Road side vendorsMaggie’s Bhuna masala is Restaurant people take The customers take the chutneys at least 2 Green chutney is preferredalso in good demand brands like Suhanna. to 3 times again with starters and also with more by the customers,among the customers. main course specially non vegetarians.Specially bhuna masala for Add taste according to the customersgravy dishes is sold more demand sometimes, they specially ask for spicy, sweet.If it comes to which is Packaging played an In weekdays the foot fall of the customers The foot fall is maximumpreferred more imli important role in choosing are around 100 and in weekends it becomes from 8:30 to 10:00. Two tochutneys, ketchups or the brand, for the first time 150. Dinner time , mostly families come and three time the chutneys aremayonnaise, It is the customers. in the afternoon it has more of couples and asked for.mayonnaise that is sold college students. Consumers prefer spicy.moreSchezwan chutney is In order to prepare veg and non veg dishes., High profile, collegepreferred a lot by college Three gravies are made separately: students and middle class Customers look for nutrientstudents white gravy (kaju,watermelon seeds, elaichi family comes to have the information first. powder) food. All prefer to have tomato gravy ( tomato, onion, ginger, garlic, spicy. green chilies) Masala gravy ( coriander, mixed masala, cumin seeds powder)Imli chutney of Maggie has Green chutney is preferred by both men and Kids waste more ofdemand and ketchups. women. When it comes to tangy chutney it chutneys because of beingMayonnaise , veg &eggless is preferred by women more. spicyare preferred . The mostsold among them isMayonnaise
  11. 11. Home Makers Working couples Working singles College students School students (25-40) (40-60) (2540) (25- 30) ( 18-25) (12 -18)House makers day starts The day starts Wake up late, rush to Students from Ketchup is the all timeusually at 5 or 6 am. around 7 office, no time to conservative family has favorite. Prefers ketchup cook, prefer giving a taste for home food compared to chutneys home orders. more.In joint family they don’t store Store chutneys and Has porridges, corn Love having chutneys In Tiffin demands forthe gravies, as get many gravies in flex in morning, pick with snacks, it is Maggie, fries, nuggets,helping hands. Storing of refrigerator, some sandwiches or Mc D preferred by both girls parathas, to complimentgravies is seen in nuclear family prefers to buy ready burger. ( male, 26) and boys. it sauce is used.too. made chutneys from departmental store.Tomato puree is preferred as it Men takes part in Love to have normal At home uses cheese Don’t have Tiffin mostlygives more red color to the cooking, when it food, neither too spicy spread, mayonnaise, when Chapatti andgravy than the fresh tomato. comes to Non nor to bland. nutella and ketchup with Sabjie is given. vegetarian chapatti and breadPunjabi’s prefer their curry to Ready to eat is Used to cook earlier In emergency Maggie ishave a reddish look. purchased but finding it very preferred, otherwise occasionally when time consuming left it. avoid it as it has many guests comes. As it Cook in festivals and preservatives . Prefer adds Variety occasions. having fruits and biscuits.Green, tamarind, peanut and Weekly masala is Prefers chutneys only Chole masala of MTR Tamarind chutney andcoriander are common in every made and stored. with snacks otherwise was liked the most. Green chutney is thehousehold. Coconut chutney is schezwan sauce is favorite.made in north Indian home preferred with rollsonly with south Indian dishes. and wraps
  12. 12. Home Makers Working couples Working singles College students School students (25-40) (40-60) (25-40) (25-30) (18-25)They use ready to eat Reason for leaving Reason for leaving Never used it but hassometimes when Ready to eat is Ready to eat is a perception about itguest comes and expensive for the expensive for the that it has manybhuna masala too. limited quantity. Could limited quantity. Could added preservatives. order from restaurant order from restaurant and make fresh too. and make fresh too.Madwadis makeJimikand chutney(turnip) at the time ofshradh.Jains make Chuvaraand kishmish chutneyin Ashtami andChaturdashi, as greenis not consumed thatday