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How To Build A Green Data Center?


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Green is the hot topic these days and it is having an impact on how businesses think about data centers. The presentation explores the basic of green data center and how you can build a data center green.

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How To Build A Green Data Center?

  1. 1. How To Build A Green Data Center?
  2. 2. Green is the hot topic these days and it is having an impact on how businesses think about data centers.
  3. 3. What does green data center mean? A green data center is an enterprise class computing facility that is entirely built, managed and operated on green computing principles (Green use, Green design, Green disposal and Green manufacturing).
  4. 4. Why green data centers? Here are top reasons why companies are investing in building data centers green.
  5. 5. #1. Green Data Center Saves Energy. Data centers are heavy consumer of energy, accounting for between 1.1% and 1.5% of the world’s total energy usage in 2010. Green data centers are energy efficient data centers that better utilize energy and increase performance.
  6. 6. #2. Green Data Center Saves Money. Green data center reduces both operating costs and capital costs since they eliminate the need of additional power and cooling demands.
  7. 7. #3. Green Data Center Helps In Environmental Sustainability. Green data center reduces the technological impact on the environment and use of natural resources, thus helps environment to be sustainable.
  8. 8. #4. Green Data Center Improves Your Corporate And Social Image. Green data center is a big hand for businesses to improve their corporate image and social image by meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.
  9. 9. #5. Green Data Center Better Utilizes Resources. Green data center better utilize resources such as office space, heat, light, electrical power etc. in an environmental friendly way.
  10. 10. Who are using green data centers?
  11. 11. How to make a data center green? Here are best practices to adopt a green data center.
  12. 12. #1. Consolidate Your Servers. Turn off the dead servers and make few basic changes to existing data centers.
  13. 13. #2. Upgrade To Energy-efficient Servers. Moving to the servers based on green IT principles can increase energy efficiency & performance.
  14. 14. #3. Switch To High-efficiency Power Supplies. Upgrading to high efficiency power supply eliminates inefficiencies with multiple AC/DC conversions.
  15. 15. #4. Redesign Cooling System. A better cooling system that incorporate outside air and energy efficient temperature can reduce the energy consumption up to a great context.
  16. 16. #5. Redesign Air Management. A better air management for data center should prevent recirculation of hot air exhausted from IT equipment and reduces bypass airflow.
  17. 17. #6. Better Environment Conditions. Better environmental conditions are crucial to the smooth running of your data center, concerning on temperature, humidity, wetness and airflow.
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