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Green Computing – The Environmental Benefits of Going Green


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Let's explore the basic concept of Green computing and what are the environmental benefits of going green, with the help of this presentation by Ace Cloud Hosting.

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Green Computing – The Environmental Benefits of Going Green

  1. 1. Green Computing is the hot topic these days.
  2. 2. But what does it actually mean to you and your business? How could you implement it in your business processes to get the most out of it?
  3. 3. Well, discussion will go on! Let’s see its basics - importance, benefits, impact and how you can make the best of it.
  4. 4. What does Green Computing mean?
  5. 5. In layman’s terms, Green Computing or Green IT is the practice and study of environmentally sustainable computing.
  6. 6. Why Green Computing? Increase in E-Waste Increase in CAPEX and OPEX Better branding Requirements Environment and climate change Increasing demand and cost of energy Industry and Government Regulations
  7. 7. Benefits of Green Computing? Cost savings Better Branding Risk management Resource utilization Environment sustainability Improved corporate image
  8. 8. How to Implement Green Computing?
  9. 9. You can save energy, reduce e-wastes and costs by using following green practices: Cloud Computing Green data center Software optimization Power management Product Longevity and lifecycle Extension… To continue reading, please download the FREE “Green Computing” whitepaper and get the whole story in your inbox.
  10. 10. About Us Ace Cloud Hosting powered by Real Time Cloud Services (RTCS), is an Authorized commercial hosting provider for QuickBooks software and Application Hosting Service provider to CPAs, SMBs, Bookkeepers. At Ace, we are committed to provide services that could make a positive impact on the environment, without much requirement of resources.
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  12. 12. References: “Green Computing – The Environmental Benefits of Going Green” Whitepaper by AceCloudHosting and Image Credit: Shutterstock