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10 rules to make salesforce adoption easy-


Published on achieved the impossible feat of 99.9% adoption of (or any technology for that matter). Their CEO - Xavier Augustin shares with saleschakra his learnings and recommendations for other project managers facing user adoption challenges.

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10 rules to make salesforce adoption easy-

  1. 1. These rules are based on learnings and findings of Xavier Augustin, CEO He made a 100% switch over to as core system for his 600 employees.
  2. 2. Go for 100% Makeover Everyone, Every time, Everything Rule #1
  3. 3. Maintain Continuity, from Start to Finish Avoid parallel systems when Salesforce can consolidate most of their functionalities. Rule #2
  4. 4. All eggs in One basket Decide early & firmly on central database. Hence one source of truth Rule #3
  5. 5. Be Present on Salesforce Get users to log-in pro-actively to Salesforce, and track it. Rule #4
  6. 6. Track pugmarks of customer oriented service Define activities and tasks that make a difference for your customers on Rule #5
  7. 7. @Saleschakra Wait a sec. Want details? Its here.
  8. 8. Carrot & Stick “What a fine system”? Design incentives and fines around Salesforce usage. Rule #6
  9. 9. The buzz in keeping Scores Salesforce game cannot be played without a great scoreboard. Build user adoption dashboards. Rule #7
  10. 10. Proof is in the pudding Let it sell itself with easiness, effectiveness and early adopters Rule #8
  11. 11. Democratize Salesforce- plan, build & adoption By the users, for the users, from the users. Rule #9
  12. 12. My world in an oyster Let the performance truth be reflected publicly on Salesforce management dashboards. Drive insightful decisions. Rule #10
  13. 13. @Saleschakra Company/saleschakra Find the full article here.