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Features of Dubai


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The making of Dubai,Dubai and United Arab Emirates,People and so on.

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Features of Dubai

  1. 1. DU BAI one of theseven emiratesthat make upthe United ArabEmirates on thePersian Gulf
  2. 2. Demographics Dubai is unusual in that its population iscomprised mainly of expatriates A quarter of the population reportedlytrace their origins to neighbouring Iran Dubai is also home to some 100,000British and other western expatriates
  3. 3. Language and religion The official languageis Arabic butEnglish, German,Hindi are also widelyspoken Islam is the majorityreligion of theEmiratis and while avast majority of thelocals are Sunnis
  4. 4. Economy Oil reserves in Dubai are less than one-twentieth those of Abu Dhabi, and oilincome represents a small proportion ofthe emirates income. A majority of the emirates revenues arefrom tourism.
  5. 5. Real estate and property Today, Dubai is an important touristdestination and port (Jebel Ali, constructedin the 1970s, has the largest man-madeharbour in the world). The governments decision to diversifyfrom a trade-based but oil-reliant economyto one that is service- and tourism-oriented has made real estate morevaluable
  6. 6.  Construction on alarge scale has turnedDubai into one of thefastest growing citiesin the world
  7. 7. Burj hotel The Burj al-Arab(Tower of the Arabs)is a luxury hotel inDubai Was briefly marketedas "the worlds firstseven-star hotel"
  8. 8.  it is the tallest buildingused exclusively as ahotel. It stands on anartificial island 280 m The client wanted abuilding that wouldbecome an iconic orsymbolic statementfor Dubai
  9. 9.  It was built toresemble the sail of adhow The interior of thehotel is dominated bya massive atriumformed between the Vshaped structure andits fabric sail Other features includea helipad, suspendednear the top of thebuilding
  10. 10.  interior guestspace is acompilation oflavish andluxuriousarchitecturalstyles from boththe east and thewest
  11. 11.  hotel boasts of8,000 squaremeters of 22-carat gold leaf24,000 squaremeters of 30different types ofmarble
  12. 12.  The buildingbecomes not onlyan icon for Dubaibut symbolizesthe growingimportance ofcapitalism as well
  13. 13. The atrium is so large !
  14. 14. The building accomplishes some ofits goals becoming a recognizable architecturalform serving as an icon for Dubai symbolizing the on-going architecturaltransformation symbolizing the wealth of the community
  15. 15. The property boom is largelydriven by many projectsplanned for Dubai.Off-shore such as PalmIslands and The World(archipelago).
  16. 16. Palm Island palm trees will shelter nearly 500apartments, 2 000 villas, 25 hotels and200 shops of luxury. will be completed asof the end of 2005. Hundred twenty-fivekilometers of coast additional will be thuscreated.
  17. 17. The World With broad of Dubaï, nearly 300 artificialislands, seen sky will form a planisphere.If you want to acquire one of theseislands, it will cost some to you between6,2 to 36,7 million dollars. should becompleted at the end of 2005
  18. 18.  The aspirations of the ruling sheikhare reflected by the ultra-modernarchitecture of the city ,such as Burjal-Arab located on its very ownisland in the Persian Gulf andcurrently the tallest hotel in theworld.
  19. 19. Dubai Marina. new city, of a total cost of 10 billion dollarsIt will be able to lodge 120 000 people. Three principal towers will beset up and will
  20. 20.  Emaar Properties is currentlyconstructing what will become theworlds tallest structure, the Burj Dubai. The final height of the skyscraper is aclosely guarded secret , but estimatesso far point to a height upwards of810m. Burj Dubai is expected to be completedin 2008
  21. 21. Madinat Al Arab Here the representation of the one of thedistricts of the future greater sea front inthe world, Dubai Waterfront. This sightaccounts for the architectural ambition andthe spectacular development of realconstructions with Dubaï