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We are a Class A Internet Service Provider (ISP) having PAN India operations. We provide Lease Line Internet, Campus Wi-Fi, Hospitality Wi-Fi services to Corporate industries, Educational Institutions, Hotels and Retail Subscribers.
D-VoiS has positioned itself as a technology partner for its customers and has more than 100+ Corporate Customers including some of the marquee names, 100+ finest Hospitality properties , 10 + Largest Technical institutes and 100,000 + retail customers.

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D voi s introduction_ppt

  1. 1. 1 D-VoiS : Corporate Profile D-Vois Communication Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. 2 D-VoiS D-Vois Incorporated in 2006 as a Class A ISP Customer Management Central Call Centre 247 Help Desk CRM Profitable EBIDTA +Ve since Inception Growth Among few companies with 60% YOY growth for 6 Years. Segments B2B B2B2C B2C D-Vois Reach Having PAN India Presence with operations In 45 Cities Innovation Smart City Public Wifi D-Vois Communication Pvt Ltd Technology Metro Ethernet -Copper GPON - Fiber Wifi - Wireless DSL
  3. 3. 3 Market Segment End Users Product Suite Retail Apartment complexes, Communities, Malls , Public Areas Broadband Internet, Voice, Wifi Enterprise Corporate Offices, SME Lease line Internet, Managed Solutions Hospitality Hotel Properties , Service Apartments Managed Guest Wi-Fi, Internet , VAS Education Educational institutions Campus Wi-Fi, Content N/W Market & Growth Plan Growth Plans  Expansion of retail : Bangalore , Mangalore , Pune , Hyderabad. - Tie up with passive Infra Providers . - Franchisee (LCO) networks to be built.  Launch of New Cities : NCR , Chennai , Kolkatta , Ahmedabad.  Hospitality Segment : Launch Services to Budget Hotels  Education Segment : Add 20,000 + Students on Campus Wifi  Expand footprint of Public Wi-Fi , Sponsored Wifi & Smart City. D-Vois Communication Pvt Ltd
  4. 4. 4 D-Vois Communication Pvt Ltd •Deployed one of the largest campus Wi-Fi Network. • Various models to engage with the Institutes BOO , BOT , Managed Services , Student pay Model. •Providing Service to more than 30,000+ students . •Both – Indoor and Outdoor coverage, students can access internet and University LAN in hostels, canteens, playgrounds etc. •24x7 customer care. •Onsite field personal for O&M. •Integration with University’s intranet applications on the network. •Network Uptime >99.5%. •Compliance with Network Security. Education Vertical
  5. 5. 5 D-Vois Communication Pvt Ltd • Manage 10,000 + 5 Star and 4 Star Properties Across the country covering 100 + Properties. • Complete Managed Services Model to Provide Guest Wifi Network. • Integration with Hotel PMS for Seamless access to Wifi Network. • Network Capable of Delivering content and other VAS. • 24x7 customer care support from Call Center and OnSite CE Deployment based on the need of the Hotel. • Onsite field personal for O&M. • Network Uptime >99.5%. • Compliance with DOT and other Security requirements. Hospitality Vertical
  6. 6. 6 D-Vois Communication Pvt Ltd • More than 100+ Corporate Customers with customised solutions. • Marquee names in the Industry using services for more than 3 + Years. • High Availability Solutions to Corporates for providing near 100% Uptimes. • Managed Services offerings for Network Management, Wifi Services and Security Services. • 24x7 customer care support & NOC Support. • Onsite field personal for O&M. • Network Uptime >99.5%. • Compliance with DOT and other Security requirements. Corporate Vertical
  7. 7. 7 Retail Journey so far… 2008 2015 2016 Build Channels - Franchisee - JV Partners . Base : 0 Sales (pm) : Arpu : 0 Example text 2012 . Product Launch Introduction of FUP Plans SME Plans New Markets in Maharastra Google and other Peering Building Scale Consolidating Ops Maharashtra 60 Office for Sales New locations Across the country Spread & Footprint Replicate Maha Model Pan India 10 + Cities planned Across JVs Planned with MSOs Expansion of Franchisee Ops Base : 52000 Sales (pm) : 3500 Arpu : 538 Base : 76000 Sales (pm) : 5500 Arpu : 528 Pan India 200,000 Base : 125000 (Maharshtra) Sales (pm) : 7500 Arpu : 528
  8. 8. 8 The journey has only started… D-Vois Communication Pvt Ltd
  9. 9. 9 I-On Wi-Fi in India… Public Wi-Fi projects in Karnataka Bagalkot 300+ subscribers / day Since Apr 2014 Bangalore 3500+ subscribers / day 16 locations Since Jan 2014 Mysore 450+ subscribers / day KSRTC Bus Stand Since Mar 2014 Expanding to 100+ locations with Government support Karnataka High Court MG Rd & Brigade Rd * Pilot for 12+ months * Expanding to 30+ major KSRTC bus stands across Karnataka Other Public Wi-Fi projects in India * Launched on 20 May 2015 * 0 to 1000+ subs / day in < 1 month of launch Jaipur Pune * Phule Nagar for under-privileged sections of society Mumbai * Shivaji Park 16 Locations in Bangalore D-Vois Communication Pvt Ltd
  10. 10. 10 Police ONE Mobile FIR Kiosk Complaints • 3 complaints per day on an average • FIR’s filed in 60% of complaints Timelines • 20 minutes: To lodge a complaint • 45 minutes: Longest time taken to lodge a complaint Positive Feedback • It was often very difficult to file a complaint. Because the station officer would not be there, we had to go from one station to another. Now with the introduction of this system, it has become very easy Impact Analysis of Police One FIR Kiosk at Mantri Mall Hon CM of Karnataka Shri Siddaramaiah inaugurated the Kiosk on 14 Nov 2014 D-Vois Communication Pvt Ltd
  11. 11. 11 Bangalore Safe City Pilot D-VoiS has implemented Bangalore Safe City Pilot Project In February 2015 in partnership with Cisco & AGT Cameras at key locations Face Recognition System Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System Object Recognition System Command Centre at Traffic Management Centre, Bengaluru City Police • MG Road • Brigade Road • Metro Stations • 1-month pilot • Core-Infrastructure, Implementation & Hosting by D-VoiS Locations & Scope Partners D-Vois Communication Pvt Ltd