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Legal aspects of business communication


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A Presentation by Student of Central University Of Haryana in the B.Voc- Retail & Logistics Management ,Student Named as Jitender.

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Legal aspects of business communication

  1. 1. Legal Aspects Of Business Communication Presented By:- Jitender
  2. 2. What is Legal Aspects Of Business Communication? Legal aspect refers to the selection of words used in Business Communication so as to ensure their conformity with the rules and regulations laid by the country’s business law failure to which may cause a person to be up against legal actions.
  3. 3. Various Legal Aspects in Business Communication  Defamation  Invasion of Privacy  Fraud  Misc. Areas
  4. 4. 1.Defamation  Unconsented  Showbiz  Sports  Politics  Unprivileged  Absolute privilege • Judicial Proceedings • Assembly Proceedings • Official Proceedings  Conditional / Qualified Privilege • Tenure • Salary • Responsibilities
  5. 5.  Publication:-  Slander  Libel  False Idea  Person  Injury  Society  Unconsented
  6. 6. 2.INVASION OF PRIVACY  Intrusion into a Person’s Physical solitude  Disclosure of private facts about an individual  Using a person’s name or identity for a commercial purpose without his permission  Throwing false public light to a person unintentionally
  7. 7. 3. FRAUD Essential Elements of a Fraud:-  It must be intentional  It must relate to a material fact  It must be given before the conclusion of the contract  It must induce the other party  It must be a statement of fact not a statement of opinion  It must result in a loss to the aggrieved party
  8. 8. 4.MISC. AREAS  Currency notes and Government papers etc.  Copyright  Pornographic material