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  1. 1. Gruha a We have a solution to India’s HOUSING PROBLEM
  2. 2. Gruha a We at ‘Gruhaa’ provide permanent and safe housing for poor families Our interlocking bricks can be used by families to self-construct houses within a span of few days /GruhaaProjects
  3. 3. This is us We are a social enterprise which aim to provide one of the three basic necessities of a persons life, A House. Vision Mission To improve the living standards of underprivileged families by providing them with safe, permanent low-cost housing solutions. Provide housing solutions to 10,000 families by 2020.
  4. 4. 7.9 Crore 1.2 Crore 35.7 Lakh Urban SlumsRural Villages Cities 35.7 lakh dilapidated houses in urban slums 7.9 crore dilapidated houses in rural villages 1.2 crore dilapidated houses in urban cities Our Market Source: Census 2011 Slum tables Click for Gruhaa’s Market Report
  5. 5. Challenge High cost of Labour Longer construction time Requirement of skilled Labour Low margin in building individual houses High cost and dependency on non-renewable resources. Ex- Sand/Cement Housing shortage is effect of few causes which needs to be addressed
  6. 6. EQ wall LBS House EQ Toilet Gruhaa Innovated housing solutions to solve all the challenges…. Our products Low cost Easy and Quick Construction Modular No skill required Eco- friendly Self- construction
  7. 7. Marketing plan Promotion Pricing Place Target Customer • Annual Income less than 3 lakhs • Living in tin shed, temporary structure • Illiterate and employed in informal sector • 10% more than that of tin shed house • 50% less than traditional brick and mortar house • Only INR 500* per of Wall • Print Media Advertising (local newspapers, banners) • Door-to-door pamphleting • Channels partners (microfinance Institutions and Rural NGOs) • Third party marketing (Microfinance institution, Rural NGOs) • Distributor Model • Franchisee model *terms and conditions
  8. 8. Co-creating supply chain Purchasing of Raw material Manual movable Brick making machine of Gruhaa Production of Special interlocking Bricks Bricks are made to Stock Bricks are transported to construction site Families are trained to use interlocking technology safely Families build their own house with the supervision of Gruhaa Roofing is attached to the EQ wall Ready house within 7 days
  9. 9. Financial plan Annexure1: Details of Financial Budgeting
  10. 10. BE A PART OF CHANG Contact Us Gruhaa Projects LLP Address: Vadner Road, Nashik-422009 Email: Deepak: 9766645668 Digviay: 9146999090