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Presentation of tma

  1. 1. Effectiveness of Tutor MarkedAssignments for NIOS Learners DEEPAK KUMAR Research Executive
  2. 2. Outline of the PresentationI. IntroductionII. Need and ImportanceIII. Objective of the ProjectIV. MethodologyV. Graphic PresentationVI. ChallengesVII. Recommendations/ Suggestions
  3. 3. Introduction Need and Importance of TMA  It helps the learners to develop regular study habits.  It has features of formative evaluation known as CCE.  The comments of tutors on the assignments help in initiating dialogue with the learners.  It is helpful for the guidance, support or clarification from the tutor on the concept/topic.
  4. 4. Objectives To seek the opinion of experts, tutors/coordinators of Accredited Institutions (AIs) on the TMAs. To get the feedback on the quality and usefulness of TMAs from the learners of NIOS. To find ways and means to improve the system of TMAs in order to make learning more effective.
  5. 5. Scope of the study The present study is delimited to: Selected learners of classes X and XII of NIOS under the jurisdiction of the two Regional Centres of NIOS (Delhi and Pune) covering Northern and Western Regions of the country. Academic Officers, Academic Facilitators and Coordinators of Accredited Institutions of NIOS.
  6. 6. Methodology and ProcedurePreparation of Questionnaires  Questionnaire I : For NIOS Learners of classes X and XII.  Questionnaire II : For the Academic Coordinators of the Study Centres (AIs) of NIOS.  Questionnaire III : For the Academic Officers and the Academic Facilitators of NIOS.
  7. 7. Dimensions of Challenges related toLearners Tutors Coordinators NIOS
  8. 8. Learners Non receipt of Assignment No proper suggestions and comments on Assignments. Difficulty in solving TMA. Non usefulness of study material of NIOS in completing the Assignments. Coordinators Non availability of Learners. Non submission of TMA. Lack of Participation in PCP.
  9. 9. Tutors Non seriousness of Learners. No proper evaluation. NIOS  No weightage of TMA in final certification.  Lack of training of the tutors for conducting effective of the PCP.  Non submission of grading by the coordinators on time.
  10. 10. Percentage of Receipt of Assignment Booklets Month-Wise Learners received the Assignments Booklet in September, October, November, Decemb er and January = 26.68% Learners receivedLearners did not Assignments respond to the Booklet in other question = months = 6.53% 66.79%
  11. 11. Usefulness of Study Material of NIOS to Complete the AssignmentsLearners who No responses have given about the negative usefulness of response Study Material = 19.19% of NIOS to solve assignments = 27.07% Learners who have givenpositive response = 53.74%
  12. 12. Evaluation of Assignments-Responses by Tutors Learners whohave not givenresponse to this question = 33.97% Assignments checked by tutors seriously = 60.85% Assignments not checked by tutors seriously = 5.18%
  13. 13. Usefulness of Tutors Comments/Suggestions on Assignments-Responses No responses about comments of Tutors on Assignments = 30.30% Tutors comments on Assignments are helpful = 37.81% Tutors comments on Assignments are not helpful = 31.86%
  14. 14. Language of Assignments Learners who have stated that the language of assignments is helpful in understanding the questions = 31.29%Learners who areundecided about the language of Learners who assignments = have mentioned 63.34% that the language of assignments is difficult = 5.37%
  15. 15. Quality of Assignments Learners who have notresponded about quality of Assignments = 41.84% Learners who Learners who have stated that have not the quality of appreciated the Assignments is quality of good = 52.78% Assignments = 5.37%
  16. 16. Weightage of Assignments Learners who suggested that weightage may be given to Solved Assignments = 25.14% Those who didnot give opinion Those who about Solved suggested that Assignments = weightage may 63.72% not be given to Solved Assignments = 11.13%
  17. 17. Credit of TMAs in Final Examination Credit may notgiven to TMA inFinal examination = 10% Credit may be given to TMA in final examination = 90%
  18. 18. Timely Dispatch of Assignments Booklet by NIOS to Students No responses to this question =11.20% Assignments Booklet is not made availablebefore due date of Assignments submission of Booklet is madeFirst Assignment available before = 29.60% the date of submission of First Assignment = 59.20%
  19. 19. Submission of Assignments Response Sheets during the period of Five Years of Validity of Admission No response = 22.30% Not favoring submission of AssignmentsResponse Sheetsduring the period Favoring of Five Years submission of = 7.40% Assignments Response Sheets during the period of Five Years =70.30%
  20. 20. Suggestions Essential for Evaluation:  TMA may consider as an integral part of the examination and awarding marks/grades. Choice of Submitting TMA:  Learners may be permitted to solve assignments of concerned subjects in the relevant years as per their choice. Submission of TMA in the PCP:  The learners may be asked to solve Assignments in PCP Classes and submit them, then and there.
  21. 21.  Counseling for Learners:  The Study Centres may organize counseling sessions of TMA for learners. Compulsion:  One Assignment per subject may be made compulsory for all students. Attendance:  50% attendance in PCP (Personal Contact Programme) Classes made compulsory. Evaluation of Answer Sheets:  The maximum utilization of the TMA can be possible only when the Tutors will evaluate the assignments minutely and also give their suggestions/comments in details.
  22. 22.  Weightage of Assignments:  20% weightage may be given for Assignments-Responses and the Project Work. Language:  Language of Assignments should be simple, precise and comprehendable. Comments/ Suggestions:  The comments/suggestions should be discussed by tutors with students during PCP Classes. Capacity Building:  There is a need for organizing training programmes for the tutors of Study Centres on TMA.
  23. 23.  Linkage of TMA with Exam Fee:  Learners may be allowed to deposit the examination fees who have submitted the Assignments-Response Sheets as per schedule. Construction of TMA:  25% knowledge based, 50% understanding and 25% application. Orientation:  Orientation of Academic Officers of NIOS and Tutors in preparation, transaction and evaluation of TMAs is needed.
  24. 24. Thank You