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Approximate Query Processing


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Approximate Query Processing

  1. 1. Approximate Query Processing using Verdict Deepak Goyal @WalmartLabs
  2. 2. About me Interests • Distributed Processing and Database platforms Present • Customer Backbone, Walmart Labs, Bengaluru Past • Knowledge Graph, Bing, Microsoft, Hyderabad • B. Tech. in CSE, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
  3. 3. Data Analytics • Processing and exploitation of cleansed data generates information. • Data analysis converts information to intelligence. • Exploring various forms of data. • Searching for new data insights. • Hence, making better business decisions.
  4. 4. Email marketing @Walmart • Email marketing Dedicated email campaigns for specific customers based on intelligence gathered from data analytics. • Customer Segmentation Dividing a broad business market into smaller targeted audience segments for email advertising. • Segmentation base as a combination the following facets for example Demographics age, gender, income, etc. Geographic country, state, city, postal code, etc. Psychographics lifestyle, social, personality, etc.
  5. 5. The Problem: Slow and Costly Data Analytics Contributing Factors • Limited cluster resources • Long running analytic jobs • Large number of short/medium length analytic jobs • Large volumes of data • Slow response times implies Slow data analytics
  6. 6. The solution: Verdict • A next generation approximate query processor • Built upon the theories of approximate query processing (AQP) • Based on the novel architecture of AQP-as-a-middleware • Can reliably estimate many important statistics from a small fraction of the entire data • Exploits the state-of-the-art techniques from statistics • Paves the way from slow exact results to fast resource-efficient good approximates
  7. 7. AQP-as-a-middleware
  8. 8. Runs all on SQL-based engines
  9. 9. Approximate Query Processing using Verdict • Reduces the query processing cost • Fewer resources • No changes to the application • Compatible with all SQL engines • Highly accurate • Faster results • Enable continuous data exploration
  10. 10. Notes and References • Verdict is developed primarily by the database group at the University of Michigan • Links • • • Discuss further • Mailing List: • Walmart folks • Deepak Goyal • Giridhar Addepalli • Chirag Singla
  11. 11. Thank you. Q&A