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Deepak Raj Resume


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Deepak Raj Resume

  1. 1. Deepak Raj R Mobile: +91 9742993504 #4/8 RBI staff quarters Email: Nandini Layout Bangalore: 560096 Career Objective: To work diligentlyunderpressurebothasteamleader& a teammemberin orderto prove to be an assetfor the companythat givesme scope to update knowledge andskillsinaccordance withthe latesttechnologies and gainsatisfactionthereof. Professional Summary: 20th June 2015 - Present Company: Designation: Marketplace - Manager Responsibilities: Sr Brand Management: - Online  Brand Managementof Fossil,Puma, FlyingMachine,FCUK,Ray-Ban& Avirate forthe Market Placesof,,,,,,,  Pointof contact for all the Market place activitiesforthe company.Activitiesincludespromotions, Planning,Creatives,discountsuploads&Bannerupdates.  promote the productsand identityof acompanyon today'shighlycompetitive marketplace.  PromotingBrandsViaDigital Marketing,Email Marketing&SMS Campaign.  Launchinga newproductsuite of SEO, SEM andSMM.  Coordinatedthe marketingteamoncreative campaignsand promotionefforts,includingEmail campaigns, Facebookpromotions, SMSCampaigns outreachandmarketinginitiativesforanimprovedend-user experience  Marketingplansand initiativestoincrease sales,brandawareness,andtoexecute all marketingfunctions.  Ensuringall the Sales/discounts/promotiongoeslive bymyteamwithinthe givenSLA.  Insuringthatthe inventoryiswellallocatedtoall the Market Placessothat the salesare well achieved.  Responsibleforprovidingthe brandauthorizationlettertothe MarketPlacesrespectively.  Have beenresponsible forgettingMarketPlace of the company’saccount.  Marketing& PromotionsforrespectiveBrands&Market Places. Responsible forDigital Marketing,Advertisement& Promotionsin orderto increase brand awareness& salesfor respective Brands handledby me.
  2. 2. Logistic Responsibilities Related to Marketplaces: -  Ensuringthat the correct inventory&price isupdatedbythe teamfor the respective MarketPlaces.  Allocatingthe brandvise inventoryacrossall Marketplaces.  Checkingthe inventoryuploadedwiththe inventoryupdatedbythe warehouse.  Responsibleforgettingthe catalogue createdbythe teamandthe same is uploadedwit inthe givenSLA.  Ensuringthe ordersis processedbythe logisticteamwithinthe providedSLA.  In case of Marketplace orderreturns/ Cancellationinvestigating the rootcause of the orderreturn bythe customersandensuringthe same isrectifiedanddoesn'thappenagain.  Coordinatingwiththe logisticteamandwarehouse teamtoprocessthe orderswiththe SLA. Financial Responsibilities:  Ensuring the payment are made on time to Brands.  Responsible for coordination with the respective finance teams to ensure on time payments. January 13th 2014 to July 17th 2015 Company: ZOVI.COM Designation:Key Account Manager & Businessdevelopment Responsibilities:  Understand the Catalog Quality development and operations process across differentbusinesslines.  Creating a Catalog using Excel for,,,,  Creatinga catalogof Apparels&Footwearandsegregatingasperit belongs.  Uploadingthe catalogsin sellerpanel forrequiredmarketingplaces.  Resolvingthe errors of uploadedcatalogfile.  Blockingthe inventory quantityasperthe stocksavailable.  Preparingdailybasedsalesreportsforall the Marketplaces.  Creatinginventoryanduploadingstocks.  UploadinginventoryforJunglee &Flipkart. Since from February 4th 2013 to January 10th 2014. Company: Designation:SEO Executive
  3. 3. KeywordsResearch: Researchingthe bestkeywordsusingtool asGoogle Adwords,withlesscompetitionandhighsearch volume for highRankingof website. OnpageOptimization: BrokenLinkcheck,Keywordsselection,MetaTagging,ContentOptimization,creatingkeywordsandMetatags. OffPageOptimization: Responsibilities:  SearchingEnginesOptimization  Article submissiontoall the websites  UpdatingContentUsingHTML.  LinkBuilding  Creatinga Blogsand Blogsubmission(,, livejournal .com etc...)  Social mediamanagement  Social mediacampaigns  Contentmanagement  CreatingSEOtextand landingpage contentandaddinglinkusingHTML  Producttracker (Compete)  ProductAnalysis  BookingMarking  Custompage creation Since from January 10th 2011 to June 30th 2012. Company: CeltycsOutsourcing Pvt. Ltd. Post: SeniorQuality Analyst Process: Vodafone Quality Monitoring  Monitored prerecorded calls which included rating calls and providing quality scoresfor improvement.  Gave feedback on how to improve scores and provided assistance to strengthen the weakareas.
  4. 4.  Helped to provide better satisfaction to the customers by pointing out Customer painareas Time & Motion Analysis  Analyzed time taken by Agents in answering Customer queries by fragmenting the callsintodifferentcategories.  Grouped differently tenured agents while analyzing and reporting concern area to the call center.  Helped improve the performance of the Agents and the Call center by improve the AHT Responsibilities:  Team size: 14  Handlingteam& preparingreports&assigningcallsfordailybase targets  Participatedininternal calibrationswithQualityandOperationsandensuredconsistentscoring.  Responsible forbeingobjective liaisonwithClientsforanyescalations.  Trackedcall resultsandconductedtrend analysisbasedonresultsof monitorsandimprovedquality and trainingneeds.  Ensuringconsistentimprovementinthe overallQualityandTrainingof the processbydrivingInternal and External QualityInitiative.  Increasingoverall effectivenessof the Qualityfunction.  Ensuringtimelyandconsistentreportingof Qualitytrends.  Conductingtrainingforbottomquartile performersalongwithprocesstests.  Attendcall calibrationsessionswithinthe teamaswell aswithclient.  PreparingPPTand reportsformonthlytargetpresentations Company: CeltycsOutsourcing Pvt. Ltd. Post: SeniorQuality Analyst Process: TTSL Quality Monitoring& Email units  Monitored prerecorded calls & Email Unites for technical leased line of networking whichincludedratingcallsandprovidingqualityscoresforimprovement.  Checking the quality of Emails giving feedback thru ratings on how to improve scoresand providedassistance tostrengthenthe weakareas.
  5. 5.  Helped to provide better satisfaction to the customers by pointing out Customer painareas Time & Motion Analysis  Analyzed time taken by Agents in answering calls & Emailing to the customer queriesbyfragmentingthe neithercallsnormailsintodifferentcategories.  Grouped differently tenured agents while analyzing and reporting concern area to the call center. Academics: BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) : Institution : DR. C. V.Raman Institute of Technology Affiliatedto : DR.C. V. RamanUniversity Diploma in Computer Technique: Year: 2005 – 2007 Institution : VivekanandaP.U.College Affiliatedto : MangaloreUniversity. Secondary School Education: Year: 1995 – 2004 School : IndianEnglishHighSchool Affiliated to : Board of Examination,Karnataka Project Experience: 3rd semester : PHARMASOFT (healthcare) Platform : Windows Members : 4 Language : Visual Basic6.0 Tools : VB & Access
  6. 6. Duration : Feb15 to Mar30, 2007. Description : It isautomatedsoftware usedtostore MedicalstoRetailerdetails Personal Qualities Gained:  Enthusiasticandself-confident.  Good managementandleadershipskills.  Quicklyadaptingtothe newenvironmentandabilitytolearn.  To work withpositiveattitude,analyzingall kindsof situationwithhonestefforts. Personal Profile: Name : Deepak R Father’s Name : Raju M Date of Birth : 20-05-1987 Sex : Male Marital Status : Single Nationality : Indian Languages Known : Kannada, Hindi and English Hobbies : Playing Pc games & listening to music Having Excellent Communication Skills, Problem Solving Capacity, Leadership Quality, Team Spirit and always willing to learn new things in every field. Commitment towards completing tasks and assignment in time and to the satisfaction of the Management. Declaration: I Deepak Raj, hereby declare that, the above given details are true according to my knowledge. Deepak PLACE: Bangalore (signature)