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list of stock exchange

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List of stock exchange

  1. 1. Australia Asia Pacific Exchange (APX) Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Bendigo Stock Exchange (BSX) National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) formerly Newcastle Stock Exchange Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE)[edit] Fiji South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE), formerly the Suva Stock Exchange[edit] New Zealand New Zealand Exchange Limited (NZX)[edit] Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Stock Exchange (POMSoX)[edit] Asia See also List of Mideast stock exchanges, List of East Asian stock exchanges and List of South Asian stock exchanges. [edit] Afghanistan Afghanistan Stock Exchange (AFX) [edit] ASEAN ASEAN Exchanges, ASEAN Connect Cross Border Trading, consist of most 30 major and liquid stocks of each of all ASEAN Stock Exchanges, currently 210 stocks from 7 Stock Exchanges [edit] Bahrain Bahrain Stock Exchange(BSE) [edit] Bangladesh Chittagong Stock Exchange Dhaka Stock Exchange [edit] Bhutan
  2. 2. Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan[edit] Cambodia Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX)[edit] China Shanghai Stock Exchange Shenzhen Stock Exchange[edit] Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx) Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (HKMEx)[edit] IndiaThe list maintained by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is not current as of2010.[1][2] Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) United Stock Exchange of India (USE) Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) MCX Stock Exchange (MCX-SX) Over the Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI) Inter-connected Stock Exchange of India (ISE) Madras Stock Exchange (MSE) Ahmedabad Stock Exchange (ASE) Hyderabad Stock Exchange (HSE) Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE) Bangalore Stock Exchange Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange, Indore Jaipur Stock Exchange (JSE)Commodity Exchange Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX) National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) Indian National Multi-Commodity Exchange (NMCE) Commodity Exchange Limited ICEX.[edit] Indonesia
  3. 3. Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)[edit] Iran Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) Iranian Oil Bourse (IOB) Kish Stock Exchange (KSE) Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME)[edit] Iraq Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) Erbil Stock Exchange (ESX)[3][edit] Israel Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)[edit] Japan Fukuoka Stock Exchange JASDAQ Securities Exchange Nagoya Stock Exchange Osaka Securities Exchange Sapporo Securities Exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange[edit] Jordan Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)[edit] Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE)[edit] Kuwait Kuwait Stock Exchange(KSE)[edit] Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Stock Exchange[edit] Laos
  4. 4. Lao Securities Exchange (LSX)[edit] Lebanon Beirut Stock Exchange[edit] Malaysia Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE)[edit] Maldives Maldives Stock Exchange[edit] Mongolia Mongolian Stock Exchange (MongSEx)[edit] Nepal Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE)[edit] Oman Muscat Securities Market(MSM)[edit] Pakistan Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) Sialkot Trading Floor (STF)[edit] Palestine Palestine Securities Exchange (PSE)[edit] Philippines Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Philippine Dealing Exchange (PDEx)[edit] Qatar
  5. 5. Doha Securities Market (DSM)[edit] Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Electronic Securities Information System, precursor to Tadawul Tadawul (TASI)[edit] Singapore Singapore Exchange (SGX) Singapore Commodity Exchange (SICOM) Singapore Mercantile Exchange - SMX ([edit] Sri Lanka Colombo Stock Exchange[edit] South Korea KOSPI KOSDAQ[edit] Syria Damascus Securities Exchange[edit] Taiwan Taiwan Stock Exchange[edit] Thailand Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand (AFET) Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) Market for Alternative Investment (MAI)[edit] United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Securities Market(ADX) Dubai Financial Market(DFM) NASDAQ Dubai[edit] Uzbekistan
  6. 6. Tashkent Stock Exchange[edit] Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HSX) Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX)[edit] Europe See List of European stock exchanges for more information. [edit] Pan-European Euronext OMX Exchanges CEE Stock Exchange Group [edit] Albania Tirana Stock Exchange (TSE) [edit] Armenia NASDAQ OMX Armenia [edit] Austria Wiener Börse [edit] Azerbaijan Baku Stock Exchange [edit] Belgium Euronext Brussels [edit] Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka Stock Exchange (BLSE) Sarajevo Stock Exchange (SASE) [edit] Bulgaria Bulgarian Stock Exchange
  7. 7. [edit] Channel Islands Channel Islands Stock Exchange[edit] Croatia Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE)[edit] Cyprus Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE)[edit] Czech Republic Prague Stock Exchange (PSE) RM-SYSTÉM[edit] Denmark Copenhagen Stock Exchange (KFX), one of the OMX Exchanges GXG Markets, Denmark[edit] Estonia Tallinn Stock Exchange, one of the OMX Exchanges[edit] Faroe Islands Faroese Securities Market, in cooperation with Iceland Stock Exchange (VMF)[edit] Finland Helsinki Stock Exchange, one of the OMX Exchanges (HEX, Helsingin Pörssi / Helsingfors Börs)[edit] France Euronext Paris (CAC 40)[edit] Georgia Georgian Stock Exchange (GSX)[edit] Germany
  8. 8. Berliner Börse Börse Hamburg Börse Hannover Börse München Börse Stuttgart Börse Düsseldorf Eurex, Frankfurt-based; (owned by Deutsche Börse and SWX) Frankfurt Stock Exchange (owned by Deutsche Börse; Index: DAX)[edit] Gibraltar Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GibEX)[edit] Greece Athens Stock Exchange (General)[edit] Hungary Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) In association with Wiener Börse[edit] Iceland Iceland Stock Exchange (Kauphöll Íslands)[edit] Ireland Irish Stock Exchange (ISE)[edit] Italy Borsa Italiana[edit] Latvia Riga Stock Exchange, one of the OMX Exchanges[edit] Lithuania Vilnius Stock Exchange, one of the OMX Exchanges[edit] Luxembourg Luxembourg Stock Exchange (BdL)
  9. 9. [edit] Macedonia Macedonian Stock Exchange[edit] Malta Malta Stock Exchange[edit] Moldova Moldova Stock Exchange[edit] Montenegro Montenegro Stock Exchange NEX Stock Exchange (Former Stock Exchange, merger with MSE took place on January 10, 2011)[edit] Netherlands Euronext Amsterdam (AEX Index)[edit] Norway Oslo Stock Exchange[edit] Poland Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE, GPW - Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie) NewConnect[edit] Portugal Euronext Lisbon (PSI-20) OPEX[edit] Romania Bucharest Stock Exchange (Bursa de Valori Bucureşti or BVB) (indices BET, BET- C, BET-FI and ROTX) SIBEX (formerly known as Sibiu Monetary Financial and Commodities Exchange) RASDAQ, merged with Bucharest Stock Exchange in December 2005, becoming one of its market sections.
  10. 10. [edit] Russia Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) RTS Stock Exchange Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange (SPBEX)[edit] Serbia Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX)[edit] Slovakia Bratislava Stock Exchange (BSSE)[edit] Slovenia Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE)[edit] Spain Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (IBEX 35) IBEX 35 o Bolsa de Madrid o Borsa de Barcelona o Bolsa de Valencia o Bolsa de Bilbao[edit] Sweden Nordic Growth Market – specializes in exotic options like turbo warrants Stockholm Stock Exchange, one of the OMX Exchanges[edit] Switzerland SWX Swiss Exchange Bern eXchange (BX)[edit] Turkey Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE)[edit] Ukraine PFTS Ukraine Stock Exchange Ukrainian Exchange
  11. 11. [edit] United Kingdom London Stock Exchange (FTSE 100 Index) Plus Markets London International Markit BOAT Project Turquoise[edit] North Americasee List of stock exchanges in the Americas for more information. [edit] Bahamas Bahamas Securities Exchange [edit] Barbados Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE) [edit] Bermuda Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) [edit] Canada Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX) Nasdaq Canada Montreal Exchange Toronto Stock Exchange TSX Venture Exchange [edit] Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (CSX) [edit] Costa Rica Bolsa Nacional de Valores de Costa Rica [edit] Cuba Havana Stock Exchange closed in September 1960 [edit] Dominican Republic
  12. 12. Bolsa de Valores de la República Dominicana[edit] Eastern Caribbean Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE)[edit] El Salvador Bolsa de Valores de El Salvador[edit] Guatemala Bolsa de Valores Nacional, S.A.[edit] Honduras Bolsa Centroamericana de Valores Bolsa de Valores de Honduras[edit] Jamaica Jamaica Stock Exchange[edit] Mexico Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV)[edit] Nicaragua Bolsa de Valores de Nicaragua[edit] Panama Bolsa de Valores de Panama[edit] Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange[edit] United States of AmericaThe list maintained by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is notcurrent as of 2001.[4] Arizona Stock Exchange (AZX)
  13. 13. BATS Exchange Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) - Owned and operated by CME Group Inc. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) - Owned and operated by CME Group Inc. Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) Direct Edge International Securities Exchange (ISE) o ISE Options Exchange o ISE Stock Exchange Miami Stock Exchange (MS4X)[5] NASDAQ Stock Market, The - Owned and operated by NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. (formerly The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.) o NASDAQ Market Tiers  NASDAQ Global Select Market  NASDAQ Global Market (formerly NASDAQ National Market)  NASDAQ Capital Market (formerly NASDAQ Small Cap Market) o NASDAQ Subsidiaries  NASDAQ OMX PHLX - Formerly Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX)  NASDAQ OMX BX - Formerly Boston Stock Exchange (BSE) National Stock Exchange (NSX) New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) - Owned and operated by NYSE Euronext o NYSE Alternext US - Organized as NYSE Alternext US LLC (formerly American Stock Exchange (AMEX)) o NYSE Arca (formerly Pacific Exchange) [edit] South AmericaSee List of American stock exchanges for more information. [edit] Argentina Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (MERVAL) Rosario Stock Exchange Córdoba Stock Exchange Santa Fe Stock Exchange [edit] Bolivia Bolsa Boliviana de Valores (BBV) [edit] Brazil Bahia Sergipe Alagoas Stock Exchange (BOVESBA) Minas, Brasília and Espírito Santo Stock Exchange (BOVMESB) Maringá Mercantile and Futures Exchange
  14. 14. Pernambuco and Paraíba Stock Exchange Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange (BVRJ) São Paulo Stock Exchange (BM&F Bovespa)[edit] Chile Santiago Stock Exchange Santiago Electronic Stock Exchange Valparaíso Stock Exchange (BOVALPO)[edit] Colombia Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC) Bolsa de occidende (Cali) Bolsa de Medellin[edit] Ecuador Bolsa de Valores de Guayaquil (BVG) Bolsa de Valores de Quito (BVQ)[edit] Guyana Guyana Stock Exchange[edit] Paraguay Bolsa de Valores y Productos de Asunción (BVPASA)[edit] Peru Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL)[edit] Uruguay Bolsa de Valores de Montevideo Bolsa Electronica de Valores de Uruguay BEVSA[edit] Venezuela Bolsa de Valores de Caracas (Caracas Stock Exchange) (BVC
  15. 15. List of market opening timesFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchThis article contains a list of opening and closing times for stock exchanges worldwide. Opening Opening Closing Closed for Exchange Name Time Zone Time (local) Time (UTC) Time (local) Lunch AEST Australian Securities (UTC+10, 10:00 00:00 16:10 NoExchange (ASX) DST) Vienna Stock CET (UTC+1, 8:55 07:55 17:35 NoExchange DST) Euronext Amsterdam CET (UTC+1, 9:00 08:00 17:40 No(AMS) DST) CET (UTC+1, Euronext Paris (EPA) 9:00 08:00 17:30 No DST) 22:00 Frankfurt Stock 8:00 (Eurex) (Eurex) CET (UTC+1,Exchange (FSX) / Xetra / 9:00 (floor) 07:00 20:00 (floor) No DST)Eurex 9:00 (Xetra) 17:30 (Xetra) Spanish Stock CET (UTC+1, 9:00 08:00 17:30 NoExchange (BME) DST) Helsinki Stock EET (UTC+2, 10:00 08:00 18:30 NoExchange (OMX) DST) Hong Kong Stock 12:00 to HKT (UTC+8) 09:20 01:20 16:00Exchange (HKEX) 13:30 Bombay Stock IST 9:15 03:45 15:30 NoExchange (BSE) (UTC+5.5) National Stock IST 9:15 03:45 15:30 NoExchange of India (NSE) (UTC+5.5) JohannesburgSecurities Exchange CAT (UTC+2) 9:00 07:00 17:00 No(JSE) GMT London Stock (UTC+0, 8:00 08:00 16:30 NoExchange (LSE) DST) Irish Stock Exchange GMT 8:00 08:00 16:30 No(ISE) (UTC+0,
  16. 16. DST) ET (UTC-5, NASDAQ 9:30 14:30 16:00 No DST) New York Stock ET (UTC-5, 9:30 14:30 16:00 NoExchange (NYSE) DST) Mexican Stock ET (UTC-7, 8:30 15:30 14:30 NoExchange (BMV) DST) NZST New Zealand Stock (UTC+12, 10:00 22:00 17:00 NoMarket (NZSX) DST) GMT Nigerian Stock (UTC+0, 10:00 10:00 16:00 NoExchange (NSE) DST) Oslo Stock Exchange CET (UTC+1, 9:00 08:00 17:30 No(OSE) DST) Shanghai Stock 11:30 to CSE (UTC+8) 9:30 01:30 15:00Exchange (SSE) 13:00 Shenzhen Stock 11:30 to CSE (UTC+8) 9:30 01:30 15:00Exchange (SZSE) 13:00 Bursa Malaysia MYT 12:30 to 9:00 01:00 17:00(MYX) (UTC+8) 14:00 Philippine Stock PST (UTC+8) 9:30 01:30 12:10 NoExchange (PSE) Singapore Exchange SGT (UTC+8) 9:00 01:00 17:00 No(SGX) Stock Exchange of 12:30 to ICT (UTC+7) 10:00 03:00 16:30Thailand (SET) 14:30 Stockholm Stock (CET+1, 9:00 08:00 17:30 NoExchange (OMX) UTC+1) CET (UTC+1, Swiss Exchange (SIX) DST) 9:00 08:00 17:30 No CET (UTC+1, Berne eXchange (BX) DST) 9:00 08:00 16:30 No Amman Stock (CET+1, 10:00 08:00 12:00 NoExchange (ASE) UTC+2) Bolsa de Valores de BRST (UTC- 10:00 13:00 17:00 NoSão Paulo (Bovespa) 3, GMT) Taiwan Stock CST (UTC+8) 9:00 02:00 13:30 NoExchange (TSE) Toronto Stock ET (UTC-5, 9:30 14:30 16:00 NoExchange (TSX) DST) Tokyo Stock JST (UTC+9) 9:00 00:00 15:00 11:00 to
  17. 17. Exchange (TSE) 12:30 Copenhagen Stock CST (UTC+1, 9:00 08:00 17:00 NoExchange (CSE) DST) Milan Stock CET (UTC+1, 9:00 08:01 17:25Exchange (MTA) DST)