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Pay Genie Lr


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Pay Genie Lr

  1. 1. smart payroll software for smarter managers. Runni succes ng s in mor fully e 100 fa than ctories across India paygenie Minvesta Infotech Ltd. is part of the Randstad Group Payroll Management Software
  2. 2. complete "People", the most valuable asset is also the most dynamic entity of an organization. In today's demanding environment, the Payroll Department payroll needs to process error free payroll with its complicated requirements to live up to the expectations of their internal clients - Employees. solution Understanding the complexity of such a process, MinVesta with its domain expertise has developed a Payroll Software named PayGenie aiming to make the Payroll Department's job easier. This product can be called complete in the sense that it is designed to house any kind of critical requirements for any type of industry starting from the standard Payroll module to Reimbursement and Loan Modules. It can handle entire Employee Remunerations Services, in any Organization. It is easy to use and is configurable according to an organization's specific Payroll structure. MinVesta's Payroll Software has been built in a modular structure to offer maximum flexibility and options to our customer. The various features of MinVesta's Payroll Software are: Complete Payroll Solution ? ?Customizable Highly User friendly ? Integration with other systems – HRIS, ? HRMS etc ? Backup and Restoration of Data In-built ? Interface Windows ? Report writer Flexible ? Security levels Powerful ? & Export of Data from Other Import Systems
  3. 3. Standard Features Multi Company Payroll ? Multi Pay group Processing ? ? Divisions/ Branches/ Depts./ Grades etc Multiple Standard Statutory Reports ? Advanced Features Unlimited Conditions with formula for individual salary component ? Provision to view all information through „Information at a Glance? ? ? to furnish Previous Employer IT details Option Pay group wise Processing ? Processing New joinee Arrears, Arrears, Salary and Income Tax together ? Processing Salary and Non-Salary individually ? ? to provide Salary Adjustments Option Reimbursement Management System ? Loan Management System ? ? Functions in Formulas and Conditions Builder Special ? to send Pay slips through email (To be modified for New Database Option Structure) Settlement process with taxable and non-taxable gratuity ? Salary Components User definable Deductions like PT, PF, ESI with/without formulas and ? highly conditions User definable Reimbursements ? customizable User definable Supporting components like BASIC RATE, DA RATE ? with/without formulas and conditions ? and Condition builder for Earnings, Deductions and Others Formula and User definable Investments/Savings (LIC, UTI, ICICI) and set the Qualifying ? and Deductible amounts/percentages for the same user-friendly User definable leaves like CL, SL and Encashable Leaves like PL ? ? Loan definitions like Flat/ Diminishing/ EMI Loans Multiple Formulas for Encashable Leaves with Leave Carry Forward Option ? Income Tax ? Income Tax section percentages: Defining ? 80G, 80GG, 80L, 80CCC, 80D, 80DD, 80DDB (For Chapter VI-A) and Section 88, 88A, 89 (For Chapter VIII) Changing percentages of "LESS/DEDUCTIONS" part in Form16 ? User definable settings for "Standard Deduction Slab" and "Income Tax ? Slab" ? to define “Special IT exemption for women” Option Reports User Designable Pay Slips with Employee & Employer Side Contributions ? option User Designable Reports and Statements through Document Designer ? ? wise / Division wise / Department wise / Employee wise total cost Branch summary Generation of Common Government Statutory Reports like: ? ? - A, Form 5 – PF, Form 10, Form 12 – A, Form 5 – PT, Form 5 – A, Form 6 Form 6, Form 16, Form 12-BA Generation of PF, PT, ESI and TDS Reports ? Generation of General Reports like Bank Statements, Attendance, Leaves ? Details, Leaves encashment details and other income details ? can be printed in Graphic and Text mode Reports
  4. 4. our other products mexpress minerva Human Resource information and Payroll Management System HR Suite call us for a demo +91 92 4619 0827 +91 93 8285 8057 +91 93 2259 3505 or write to us at Minvesta Infotech Ltd. is part of the Randstad Group