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M Express Lr


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M Express Lr

  1. 1. we can streamline your HR and help you manage it effectively. will be and im deployed speedy. economical. concise. ple in just mented 5 days . Minvesta Infotech Ltd. Is part of the Randstad Group
  2. 2. The backbone of growth, evolution and ultimately the metamorphosis of an organization is undoubtedly the modules most important resource- people. The significance of a strong manpower base is It is unquestioned – however what is questioned is the effective management of the same as an organization grows from strength to strength. In fact, it is not only an organization which has reached a critical mass that has to efficiently manage Human HuRIS ESSA The Human Resource The Employee Resources, but one that is yet to climb the pinnacle needs Information System Self Service Portal to do so in order to reach there. Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) deal with the entire lifecycle of an organization’s personnel- from the time the person comes on-board to the point when the person leaves an organization. MinVesta’s end-to-end Payroll HRMS – Minerva HR – comprises of 11 detailed modules that address every process from recruitment, attendance, leave, payroll, appraisals etc right up to the exit. However, the deployment of a customized end-to-end HRMS is a complicated process, as well as significantly Module 1 time consuming. Moreover, depending upon the maturity HuRIS of an organization, its nature and its practices, not all The Human Resource Information System organizations require the entire range of offerings Captures detailed personal, professional and official information of ? within an HRMS. The license, implementation and each employee in an organization maintenance cost of a full-fledged HRMS is also ? and maintenance of employee details can be achieved at the Updates something that needs to taken into consideration. click of a button Generates Personal history reports on all employees ? Module 2 ESSA M-Express The Employee Self Service Portal ? every employee to log in and access the self service facility, Enables allowing users to view their monthly payroll details viz., Pay Slip, Speedy. Economical. Concise. Reimbursement Slip and Tax Computations ?documents in user friendly formats, enabling employees to print Prints Keeping the above in mind, MinVesta brought Pay Slip, Reimbursement Slip etc directly from the system. ? employees to raise queries and view response from Enables together the three main components of an HRMS corresponding query category owners that render it functional and effective- namely the Human Resource Information System, a Payroll Module 3 system and an Employee Service Portal. Together, they form the backbone of M-Express – a Payroll comprehensive HRMS suite that addresses all the ? Pay Group Definition Multiple basic requirements of an HRMS, comes at a very User defined Earning / Deduction Components ? economical price and most significantly – is ? Tax Calculation Income deployed and implemented in 5 days. ? / Export of Data from & to other Systems-in excel/ .csv Import formats Customised Pay slips and Reports Generation ? ? Statutory Statements MIS and Bank Statements ? ? Builder- for Salary Components Formula call us for a demo +91 92 4619 0827 or write to us at our other mexpress minerva +91 93 8285 8057 products Human Resource Information and HR Suite Payroll Management System +91 93 2259 3505
  3. 3. HuRIS ESSA The Human Resource The Employee Information System Self Service Portal Payroll Module Features Functions Details Presence New Employee Add New Employee Yes HuRIS Activate New Employee Yes Migrate joined candidate With Minerva HR* Employment On-boarding Medical Checklist Yes Details Document Checklist Yes Awards/Correctives Yes Deputation Details Yes Employee Details Personal Details Personal Details Yes Family Details Yes Passport Details Yes Statutory Details Yes Medical History Yes Professional Details Experience Yes Qualifications Yes Others Yes Official Details Official details Yes Org Details Yes feature matrix Salary Details Yes Upload Documents Yes Additional Details Yes Employee Letter Generation Generate Letter With Minerva HR* Administration Upload Templates Yes Login Access Update Login Access Yes Reset Employee P/W With Minerva HR* Bulk Upload With Minerva HR* Report Define Report With Minerva HR* View Report With Minerva HR* Payroll View Payslip Yes Employee View Taxslip Yes Forms & Policies/ Forms & Policies Yes Self Questions Upload Forms & Policies Yes Service Process Payroll Investment Decl Download Paysheet View Investment Decl Yes Yes D/L Investment Decl Yes Provident Fund PF Transfer Report With Minerva HR* View Employee PF Details With Minerva HR* Masters Payroll Details Fixed components Yes Payroll Variable Components Yes Adjustments Yes Attendance Entry Yes Leave Entry Yes Loan & Reimbursement Yes IT Entry Perquisites Yes Rent Receipts Yes Investments Yes Savings Yes Other Income Details Yes IT Manual Entry Yes Utilities/Security Payslip Yes Document Designer Yes User Access Control Yes Functional Standard Module Yes Modules Income Tax Yes Flexible Benefit Plan Yes Reimbursement Yes Loan Settlement Yes Document Designer Yes