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Alzheimer awareness1


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A small presentation about Alzheimer disease.

Published in: Healthcare
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Alzheimer awareness1

  1. 1. Alzheimer’s awareness By
  2. 2. What is Alzheimer disease? Alzheimer disease is a degenerative brain disease and the most common cause of dementia It is characterized by decline in memory, language, problem solving and other cognitive skills that affects a person’s ability to perform everyday activities The decline occurs because the nerve cells in part of the brain involved in cognitive function have been damaged an no longer function normally
  3. 3. *Warning signs of Alzheimer Increasing memory loss Difficulty in performing familiar tasks Problems with language Disorientation of time and place Poor or decreased judgment Problems with abstract thinking Misplacing things Changes in mood or behavior Changes in personality Loss of initiative
  4. 4. Risk & Risk Factor  Ageing  Genetics  Medical History  Lifestyle  Environmental factors
  5. 5. Prevention Look after your heart Be physically active Follow a healthy diet Challenge your brain Enjoy social activities