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Efficient AF: Automating SEO Reporting With Google Data Studio - Sam Marsden, Technical SEO, DeepCrawl


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How much time do you waste pulling reports and stats from individual tools and platforms? If the answer is too much then you need to get automating your SEO reporting to get yourself out of manual and inefficient workflows that waste your precious time. Everybody’s heard of Google Data Studio now, but are you using to join up and automate reporting as much as you could? Sam will show you how so you can set up Google Data Studio dashboards so you can become a more efficient marketer.

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Efficient AF: Automating SEO Reporting With Google Data Studio - Sam Marsden, Technical SEO, DeepCrawl

  1. 1. Sam Marsden @sam_marsden DeepCrawl Efficient AF: Automating SEO Reporting With Google Data Studio
  2. 2. About me... 2 SEO & Content Manager at DeepCrawl
  3. 3. What’s on the agenda? @sam_marsden BrightonSEO 1. What’s the need for automation? 2. Why Data Studio? 3. Time-saving dashboard goodness
  4. 4. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO What’s the need for automation?
  5. 5. It’s 2018!!! @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  6. 6. Competition for SERPs and clients is fierce @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  7. 7. Speed up or lose out @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  8. 8. Or sit tight and wait for the AI apocalypse @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  9. 9. Focus on streamlining workflows @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  10. 10. It’s easier than you think… @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  11. 11. What do you spend your time on? @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  12. 12. What are your regular to-do’s? @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  13. 13. Identify the unnecessary manual parts of those tasks @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  14. 14. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Little tasks soon add up @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  15. 15. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Automation tools are here to help...
  16. 16. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Let’s talk about Google Data Studio
  17. 17. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Launched in 2016.
  18. 18. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Lots of possibilities to connect reporting
  19. 19. Interest in GDS is on the up… @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  20. 20. Lots of interest but low adoption… @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Big response to poll but majority have never tried out Data Studio despite being freely accessible
  21. 21. Adopters are singing GDS’ praises @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  22. 22. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Change is difficult, even when it directly benefits our future selves
  23. 23. Lessons from our feature development @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Remove barriers and minimise the how’s @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  24. 24. GDS has very few barriers @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Free for the most part Simple to set up Many possibilities to connect data sets
  25. 25. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO For example…
  26. 26. “How is traffic looking for the month?” @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  27. 27. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Me: “Let me check…”
  28. 28. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Before: Analytics > Audience > Overview > Sessions > Select date > (Total sessions/no. days)*days in month > compare to previous months > send projected sessions and comparison.
  29. 29. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  30. 30. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Exact same run time as Juno. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  31. 31. Content Performance dashboard Tools @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Top level KPIs Data controls
  32. 32. Content Performance dashboard @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Trends over time Page level insights All in one place!
  33. 33. Content Performance dashboard @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  34. 34. Now: “Check my dashboard!”
  35. 35. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO The finer points of GDS…
  36. 36. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Combine and visualise data sources What makes up GDS? Google, partner & custom connectors For quick insights and experimentation
  37. 37. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Supermetrics is your saviour
  38. 38. Data blending @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Data source #1 Data source #2 Join keys
  39. 39. Calculated metrics – transform data in GDS @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  40. 40. Automated SEO reporting @sam_marsden BrightonSEO 1. Indexing issues & crawl errors 2. Multi-domain keyword cannibalisation 3. Brand visibility 4. Automated monthly reporting
  41. 41. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Crawl insights in Data Studio
  42. 42. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Launched in 2016. Zapier is God! Automating workflows with triggers and actions @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  43. 43. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Open source approach makes it easy to integrate with other platforms.
  44. 44. Data warehouses @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Need data warehouses that combine & showcase best-in-class data
  45. 45. DeepCrawl data in Data Studio @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  46. 46. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Let’s put DeepCrawl into dashboards
  47. 47. What’s in the dashboard? @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Bringing together DeepCrawl & GSC
  48. 48. Indexability reporting @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  49. 49. What are the benefits? @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Conveniently monitor GSC & DC insights
  50. 50. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Track indexability over time Easily flag indexing issues
  51. 51. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Track indexed pages over time
  52. 52. And ultimately, save time @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  53. 53. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Brand Visibility Dashboard
  54. 54. What’s in the dashboard? @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Holistic view of brand performance
  55. 55. Brand Visibility - GSC @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  56. 56. Brand Visibility – Google My Business @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  57. 57. Brand Visibility – Google Ads @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  58. 58. Brand visibility – Social @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Brand Visibility - GSC
  59. 59. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Multi-domain keyword cannibalisation
  60. 60. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Multi-domain businesses struggle to keep on top of cannibalisation
  61. 61. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO The uses Identify duplication of effort across domains Filter down by device, country & query sets Track cannibalisation issues over time
  62. 62. The setup @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  63. 63. Keyword Cannibalisation dashboard @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  64. 64. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO The controls 1. Pick your queries 2. Pick your countries 3. Pick your dates
  65. 65. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Cross domain keyword data!!!
  66. 66. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Streamline monthly reporting
  67. 67. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Speed up regular reporting with automated workflows. For example…
  68. 68. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Calendar triggers a crawl in DC
  69. 69. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Crawl sends Slack and Sheets update Sends slack notification Updates Sheets with crawl metrics
  70. 70. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Sheets updates Data Studio
  71. 71. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Export PDF & send to clients Send to client
  72. 72. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Report automation workflow
  73. 73. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Tips for success in GDS
  74. 74. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Set up all sources and start experimenting @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  75. 75. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO But don’t lose your shit!
  76. 76. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Keep organised with labelling and clear naming conventions
  77. 77. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Give yourself the platform to more easily solve the issues you face…
  78. 78. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO And free yourself up to move faster.
  79. 79. Key steps @sam_marsden BrightonSEO 1. Get access to the data & tools you need (including Zapier & Supermetrics) 2. Spend time bringing in data sources in GDS or other data viz platforms. 3. Build out the dashboards that are the most useful (templates can help). 4. Share and collaborate!
  80. 80. Useful resources: @sam_marsden BrightonSEO • Calculated Metrics WBF – Dana Di Tomaso • Sheets as a Data Source – Benjamin Estes • GDS Beginners Tutorial - Benjamin Estes • Actionable GSC Dashboard – Aleyda Solis • Data Studio Template Gallery – Google • How to Blend Data – Jon Meck • DeepCrawl Zapier Guides – DeepCrawl
  81. 81. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Guide to setting up these dashboards:
  82. 82. THANK YOU Sam Marsden SEO & Content Manager @sam_marsden BrightonSEO
  83. 83. @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Five things you can automate now
  84. 84. 1. Sync posts straight to Pocket @sam_marsden BrightonSEO SEO post sent to internal slack channel Only continue if message includes a URL Auto-sync to Pocket on mobile & desktop
  85. 85. 2. Auto notify about new posts @sam_marsden BrightonSEO New post published on WordPress Automatically notify internal slack channel
  86. 86. 3. Trigger crawls from wherever @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Trigger a crawl from Google Calendar Crawl kicks off in DeepCrawl
  87. 87. 4. Completed crawl notifications @sam_marsden BrightonSEO Crawl completed in DeepCrawl Automated slack notification with top level stats
  88. 88. 5. Run tracking with Strava & Sheets @sam_marsden BrightonSEO New activity recorded in Strava Add as record in Sheets Automatically update dashboard