June Newsletter


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2nd Edition of the 2-4 Quarterly Newsletter

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June Newsletter

  1. 1. D EEP A TTACK N EWSLETTER 17 June 2011 Volume 2, Issue 1“The Times….They are a changing” INSIDE THIS ISSUE “DEEP ATTACK!” Attack 6 Farewell 1 Greetings from the Incoming Attack 6 2 Award Winning Maintenance 3This quarter brings a multitude of changes within the Bravo BTRY Deployment 3Deep Attack Battalion. Not only are changes happeningwith leadership, a transformation is happening within the Pre-Deployment Prep 4Battalion as well. As the final pieces of Bravo Battery “Rock” Transformation 5deploy in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Charlie Bonnie’s Goodbye 6Battery has begun is transformation into an infantry CSM’s Corner 6fighting force to deploy to the same region. With allthese moving pieces, 2-4 shows once again, it is one ofthe most agile and capable fighting forces in the world Final Farewell: From Attack 6today. Soldiers, Family, and Friends of 2nd Battalion 4th Field Artillery, As Bridget and I depart, I want to say thank you for the last two years. We continue to be one of the most dynamic Multiple Launch Rockets System (MLRS) battalions in the United States Army. You have taken great pride in being on the cutting edge of the Army‟s most precise and devastating weapon system and the logistics that keep us operational. You have shown your agility by training on: surface to surface tasks during OIF; numerous battalion field exercises and NTC; protect the force tasks; training and deploying as 13 radar sections; and soon, deploying as an Infantry Company. We have worked hard to fully implement the Family Readiness Groups. We have excellent FRG programs in each battery. Bonnie will be PCS‟ing to Fort Bliss. The battalion will fill the void and will soon hire a new FRSA. We also have a skilled group of volunteers in the battery FRG‟s. Continue to take the time to learn about the battalion and to make the battalion and battery FRG‟s the best on Fort Sill. Continue to meet others and remain involved in your FRG‟s fun events. It is what you make of it. Thank you! Please see Attack 6 continued on page 2
  2. 2. Deep Attack! Page 2Attack 6 Continued…Bonnie, thanks for making our FRG‟s the best on Fort Silland thank you for the great work you have done inside the Incoming Commander’s Welcomebattalion. We could not have done it without you. You all LTC Mark Schmitthave made 2nd Battalion 4th Field Artillery better every day.You did this through improving every system in thebattalion, as shown in the last Brigade Command inspection. Soldiers, Families, and Friends of the Deep AttackI personally thank every one of you. Battalion, my wife, Gaylelee and I want to thank all of youI want to thank all the staff officers who have entered the for having helped our family smoothly transition into theengagement area. You all have been great. I think we built Battalion. It‟s a direct reflection of the strength of thisthe best staff in the Brigade and 4th ID. Each of you has organization‟s Family Readiness Groups and yourcontributed to the batteries‟ success by setting the willingness to assist. We areconditions. Sometimes, your work goes unnoticed and extremely excited to be backunappreciated. I thank you. at Fort Sill particularly because we were luckyI want to thank all the Battery Commanders: Hawkins, enough to be assigned to aMessina, Reasoner, Applebaum, and Barnett. unit with such an outstanding reputation. Asmany of youI want to thank all the 1SG‟s: Lenning, Files, Muilenburg, know, a busyIrwin, Schofield and Ball. summer lies ahead as the Battalion‟s main effort willI would also like to thank all the Field Grades. You have be to prepare Charlie Batteryimplemented many changes in the battalion over the past for its upcoming deployment.two years: Major Doug Thomas, Lieutenant Colonel Gary Charlie Battery is led by theLeroux, and Major Brain Adams. outstanding Command Team of CPT John Hawkins and SFC Timothy Files. To resource the required number ofAs a result of everyone‟s hard work and dedication, 2nd personnel for the mission, we transferred several membersBattalion 4th Field Artillery continues to build a solid of the Team from other Batteries into Charlie Battery. Byreputation for unmatched professionalism and mission the time we will have published this newsletter, the familiesaccomplishment. As you can see, our great battalion and Soldiers reassigned to Charlie Battery will have had thecontinues to move in many directions. Bravo battery is opportunity to attend a Charlie Battery FRG meeting (16deployed with 13 Radar sections and its head quarters to Jun) and should now be fully integrated into their new FRG.OEF and OND. Charlie battery is preparing for its Throughout June, Charlie Battery will train on theupcoming Infantry company mission. Alpha, HHB, and our individual Soldier level skills needed for the deploymentFSC will support Charlie battery this summer and then, will and then in July, the unit will transition to the collectivecontinue training this fall. The train keeps moving despite a training phase that will culminate with a two week exercisechange in leadership. Change is good. It‟s healthy. The in mid July. Throughout both months, the remainder of thebattalion that we built over the past two years will not be the Battalion will be supporting the training events.same battalion in the coming months. For those of you In August, there will be a leave period prior to theremaining at Fort Sill, please give LTC Schmitt and his wife, deployment (as well as a pre-deployment briefing forGaylelee, the same dedication that you gave Bridget and me. families) and then we expect to send Charlie Battery offPlease give CSM Poindexter that same dedication, as the toward the end of August or early part of September. As abattalion sustains and rebuild programs and takes a different significant portion of the Battalion will be deployed in thedirection. The battalion will have different priorities, coming months, the strength of our FRGs is more importantaccording to the needs of the Army. You can do it. than ever. I would encourage all of you to participate,With that, I will close by saying it‟s been the greatest honor (regardless of whether your Spouse is deployed, deploying,and privilege of my career, and, frankly, of my life, to have or not deploying)led the men and women of the Deep Attack Battalion overthe last two years.I am going to miss it. I am going to miss all of you.Thank you very much for your service.“DEEP ATTACK” Please see LTC Schmitt continued on page 3LTC Jim, Bridget, Kathleen and Maria McGovernAnd Roger.
  3. 3. Deep Attack! Page 3 LTC Schmitt continued…. Award Winning Maintenance …so that you may gain key information regarding ongoing unitBy: 1LT Tyler Moody operations as well as information regarding the many opportunities As many of you may have heard, the Deep for assistance that this great Post has to offer (it is also anAttack Battalion was recently awarded the Army Award opportunity for us to gain information regarding you and anyfor Maintenance Excellence. challenges you might have that we can assist with). The primary The AAME was established in 1982 by the methods by which the Battalion has disseminated information toDepartment of the Army to recognize exceptional families prior to the Battalion Change of Command will not changeaccomplishment in maintenance, and provide added (e.g. email and Facebook).incentive to the competitive programs of Major ArmyCommands. Each unit competing for the award is In closing, I just want to say that CSM Poindexter and I areevaluated on their effectiveness in ensuring Soldier committed to both your Soldier and YOU, the family member. Wecompetency is maintained. Competing units are from understand how important families are and understand the challengesActive Army, National Guard, Reserve, DOL‟s and they sometimes face…as we both have families of our own. I cannotTDA units which compete separately and are broken emphasize enough how extremely proud and humbled I am to be ininto three categories of small, medium, and large command of a unit with such an outstanding reputation andaccording to personnel MTOE. While in preparation, incredible group of NCOs, Soldiers, and officers.several “in house” inspections were performed by 2-4 Deep Attack!maintenance leadership teams to ensure all systems andpersonnel were prepared and where they needed to be tobe successful. Bravo BTRY Deployment After thorough preparation, hard work, and longhours 2-4 FAR received confirmation that they had By CPT Rob Barnettmade the finalist list, “Final Four” if you will, which Bravo Battery, 2nd Battalion, 4th Field Artillery Regimentwould lead to an inspection/evaluation of their (MLRS) received a warning order in the beginning of 2010 for anMaintenance Programs by the Department of the Army “in lieu of”(ILO) mission to deploy AN/TPQ-36, and AN/TPQ-37(DA) in March 2011 during our off post training Fire Finder Radars to Iraq and Afghanistan. To prepare an MLRSexercise at Fort Bliss. After a month of anticipation, 2-4 battery to conduct radar mission requires a complete transformationFAR received an email from DA informing us they had of the battery. Most of it comes fairly easily for an artilleryman, butwon the AAME for FORSCOM in the large category. some aspects require months of training to conduct the mission. The This is an outstanding accomplishment and 2-4 schools required to cross train are lengthy and in short supply, yetFAR is very proud of their mechanics and maintenance our Soldiers performed exceptionally well and prepared for missionsections for their stellar proficiency and excellence success. Since we deployed in multiple segments, our sections hadwhich represent the best maintenance program not only several different timelines for deployments. This has caused us toat Fort Sill, Oklahoma, but the Army worldwide. run four separate training timelines requiring the Soldiers and families of Bravo Battery to remain flexible and adapt to multiple scenarios and taskings. As the remainder of Bravo Battery joins the rest of the unit in Afghanistan, we will continue to represent the Deep Attack Battalion, the Leader Brigade and the United States Army as some of the highest trained and finest Soldiers in the world. Bulldog 6 out.
  4. 4. Deep Attack! Page 4Pre-Deployment Preparations2-4 FRG FOCUS Pre-Deployment Prep Continued….Pre-deployment can be a stressful time for servicemembers and their families. Whether you are a What financial decisions might need to be madeparent, a spouse or are single, making a plan prior while I’m away?to deployment is a great way to prepare for the * Do I need to share/write down any important accountroad ahead. These preparations will ensure you numbers, usernames, or passwords?are ready “to part” instead of simply ready “to go." * Have I made arrangements to handle my taxes while I<www.realwarriors.net/active/deployment/prepared am away? If not, how can I prepare or how can I help myeployment.php#_end1> partner be prepared in the future?Identifying resources and educating yourself about What legal issues might arise while I am deployed?tips to successfully prepare will help you manage * Have I filed appropriate legal documentation, such asthis transition. All of the military services provide power of attorneys, advance directive and will andservice members with pre-deployment guidelines testaments?and checklists upon learning of their deployment. * Do I have appropriate life insurance to cover my family? * Have I provided appropriate contact numbers?When preparing for deployment* Be Patient: Expect Conflict* Be Prepared: Discuss Before You Deploy How might my relationship be affected because of this deployment?How might deployment affect my family? * Have my partner and I discussed how we will stay in* Will deployment require a change in how I care contact during our separation? Have we agreed onfor my children? realistic goals and expectations?* Do we need to establish new roles for disciplining * Have we discussed how we will handle conflicts andour children? disagreements?* Have we discussed how important decisions will * How will my partner and I handle intimacy disinterest orbe made while I am away? Am I ok with decisions anxiousness?being made without my input?* Does my family understand why I am leaving fora long time? Have we openly discussed concerns Adequately preparing yourself before leaving forand fears about my deployment? deployment will allow you to focus on your mission as a service member. Your preparation prior to deploymentIs my home prepared for a long deployment? will open the door for a smoother return home once your* Are there any outstanding home repair projects? deployment tour is finished* If there were an issue, does my partner knowwho to contact and what to do?* Is my house prepared for seasonal changes?* Can my spouse take over the household tasks Iusually perform, or do we need to arrange andbudget for someone else to do them? Do I need toteach my spouse how to start a lawn mower?Check the oil or transmission fluid in the car?Change a tire or check tire pressure? Do a load oflaundry?
  5. 5. Deep Attack! Page 5Bonnie Says Goodbye The “Rock” Transforms By: 1LT Graham Purcell As most of you know this will be my last month Charlie Battery 2/4 FAR has been training with extra with 2-4 FAR I enthusiasm and focus over the course of the last 3 weeks. We would personally were recently notified there was need for a company size like to thank my element in Afghanistan for an Infantry mission. With great Battery Liaisons: haste the 141 man unit was task- organized within the LT „s Ostruske, Battalion to support the assignment, pulling our best trained Pemberton, and most enthusiastic soldiers to answer their Nation‟s call. Myrick, Gumbs Formulating under Charlie “Rock” the deploying battery‟s SPC Gorski, leadership has pushed forward with extra emphasis added to SSG Gallegoes, every part of our training to prepare the men to “deploy, and SGT Moton, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States in close we had somepainful months with meetings and inspections but you combat.” 2/4 FAR as an MLRS BN‟s primary mission is tostuck by me and never let provide accurate and timely fires on the enemy with precisionme down. munitions, but beyond our core METL task with propheticMy FRG Leaders: Shannon Messina, Melissa Villarreal, clarity our BN leadership has prepared the men deploying inMarsha Ball, Krysta Pemberton, Anne Campbell, the “Rock” to be proficient in Infantry tactics and techniquesMargorette Reasoner – You all are the back bone to FRG including training in convoy mounted patrols, close combatyou have truly made my job easier , thank you for always MOUT training, and in counterinsurgency operations.being a phone call or email away. Through a rotation at NTC and within the same year a 30 dayCPT Furniss, LT Nash, CPT Mayer and SFC Vodry and deployment to Ft. Bliss we have continued to perfect ourSSG Hooten, SPC Boone thank you for helping every skills as warriors and have maximized our capabilities totime I asked. Battery Commanders and Major Sadovy, deploy (on short notice) in defense of a nation we proudlyCPT Hawkins, Applebaum, Barnett, Reasoner, 1SGT‟s:Ball, Files, Irwin, Schofield and Muilenburg thank you serve with multiple capabilities.for putting up with me through all our FRG Meetings From ruck marches, continued focus on all small armsand Command Inspection and Good luck in the Future. I ranges, electronic warfare orientation, virtual reality combatwill miss working with each and every one of you. training, MRAP certification, JFO qualifications, and CulturalCommand Team: My Advisor, Bridget McGovern you Awareness training (just to name a few), the “Rock” missionhave been my friend and mentor since the day I walked is becoming a dawning reality for the men preparing tointo 2-4. I have enjoyed our MANY talks you are a great deploy. With perseverance and enduring vision, the CharlieCommander‟s Wife but most of all a great person and I NCOs and Officers hope to be establishing ourselves uponam so happy to say you are my friend. CSM Poindexter the “Rock” hard fundamentals that will make us the mostin the short time we have worked together it‟s been at highly skilled and precise fighting force deployed, presentingtrue experience and thanks for the PB and J. SGM each individual and the unit to be a daunting force to beOliver you are a true and great SGM I was sorry our timeworking together was so short, good luck in TX and just reckoned with by our enemies. Further that we represent theknow I plan to email when OU whips TX “AGAIN”. 2/4 FAR, 214th Fires BDE, and the United States Army withMajor Adams, my sounding block thanks for being there dignity and honor; fighting for our nations continued freedomfor me each and every day I will miss our TV talks. and our family‟s enduring security.Major Thomas, you have made me shed many tears but Ican say honestly say you taught me how to swim, insteadof sink; you‟re a great person.LTC McGovern, I don‟t even know where to begin, youare the best LTC I have ever met. I am going to missyour Leadership and Guidance;Please see Bonnie continued on page 6
  6. 6. Deep Attack! Page 6 CSM’s Corner CSM Continued…By: CSM Taylor Poindexter Last, I would like to say good-bye to the Commander, LTC James McGovern and his family.Hello “Deep Attack” Soldiers and He has been steadfast and loyal to the “Deep Attack”Families. I am CSM Taylor Battalion and led them from hard times to a wellPoindexter and I am the Command functioning machine capable of training for, Sergeant Major for the 2-4 FA deploying to and completing every mission the ArmyBattalion. I have spent 23 years has given them. Well Done Sir, good-luck and in the Army and I am on my Godspeed to you and your family with your newsecond tenure as a field artillery endeavors in the Army! CSM. I have deployed to combat four times and have spent the Bonnie Continued… majority of my career in war fighting units in Fort Bragg, Germany ….I have learned so much under your command and trustand Fort Riley. My wife Becky and I are excited to join the Battalion me when I say: you have set the standards so high.and look forward to working with all of you. I also have four Thank you for being my boss but most of all for yourchildren, Kellen at University of South Carolina, Nathan at Cameron friendship. It is greatly appreciated.University, and Andrew and Emily who both attend Elgin School. You all are hands down the best battalion on Fort Sill andWe are all happy to be back where we call home. it was my pleasure to work with such wonderful people. IA lot of you probably don‟t understand what I do, so I will explain it have said many times 1/79 brought us to Fort Sill but 2-4quickly so when you see me, you will understand what I can do for has my heart!!you and the Battalion. I am the senior enlisted advisor to the v/rCommander, advising him of Soldier issues, training, standards, and Bonnie Smithuniformity and provide mentorship to all NCO‟s on all aspects ofleadership. I am also responsible for the health, welfare and morale FRSA Position:of all Soldiers and quality of life for family members. So basically…I 2-4 Family and Friends, please know with our Soldiershelp develop the unit, the NCO Corps and take care of Soldiers and deployed and more soon to follow the FRSA Position willtheir Families. be covered by SGT Lenise Moton. All emails, facebook,What a bunch of great Americans the “Deep Attack” Battalion and information that will need to be provided will beconsists of! Since arriving to 2-4 FAR, I have been nothing short of distributed the same. She has been my one of my Batteryimpressed by the way the Soldiers of this organization get after it. Liaisons for about 9 months and knows what needs to beThat says a lot about units, especially since we are a Nation at war. done to take care of family and Soldiers. Her phoneAs Bravo Battery continues to deploy in support of Radar operations number will be 580-442-5701 and she will located in mythroughout both theaters, I would like to tell their Families how office. Her email will be lenise.m.moton.mil@mail.mil.proud I am of your Soldiers. Your Soldiers have deployed welltrained and with their chest held high knowing that they representAmerica, their loved ones and each other. I also want all of youspouses and children to know that we are here for you if you need us.Sometimes when things seem complicated for you, the fix is just ashort phone call away for us.The Battalion continues to move forward with training our Soldiersfor combat. What an awesome opportunity it has been for CharlieBattery to get out there and develop teams, sections and platoonsprepared to do any mission our Country asks of them. They are goingto spend a lot of time developing drills and tactics, but when the timecomes, they will be successful wherever they go.Charlie has only gotten to where they are with the help of every unitin the Battalion. We see the necessity of our unit lies with theSoldiers who are deploying and every unit has put forth their bestefforts, Soldiers, Officers and NCO‟s to make Charlie Batterysuccessful. We as the Battalion will continue to train hard and assistwith all efforts until we have deployed all Soldiers or receive achange of mission. Edited by 2LT Justin Nash