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Deep Attack Holiday Newsletter

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Holiday Newsletter

  1. 1. DEEP ATTACK Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1 2 December 2011 DEEP ATTACK Family And Friends the opportunity to compete in a similar event (“Leader Gut Check”) in early De- cember as each Battery will field a 4 x Inside this issue: person team for the competition. In early November, the Commanding Gen- eral recognized five of our FRG volunteers Battalion Commander Greeting 1 for outstanding service. Congratulations to these individuals! Headquarters Battery 2 We planned and resourced a Holiday Run/ Walk (23 November) with the purpose of Alpha Battery Live Fire 2 raising money for charity and less fortu-Much has happened since the publication nate Soldiers within our formation. Inof our last news letter this past summer. December, we will execute a Holiday Party Bravo Battery Deployment 3-4Since then, we deployed elements of B/2- for the Battalion (9 Dec) and then enjoy a4 FA and C/2-4 FA to Afghanistan and wel- well deserved ½ day and block leave pe- Charlie Battery Deployment 5-6comed home several B/2-4 FA elements riod. Coming out of the Holidays, we willredeploying from both Iraq and Afghani- have a short period in Garrison and thenstan. I can tell you that CSM Poindexter roll to the field in mid January to execute a 696 Forward Support Company 7and I are in close with the B/2-4 FA and two week Battalion FTX. In early February,C/2-4 FA command teams and both units we will celebrate Saint Barbara’s Day and then in late February, the majority of the Greetings from the new FRSA 7continue to excel in theater. We shouldall be extremely proud of what our de- Battalion will deploy to the National Train-ployed units are doing in support of their ing Center located at Fort Irwin, California.FRSA Updates 8nation. I am also happy to announce that we haveOn the home front here at Fort Sill, we a new Family Readiness Support Assistant National Training Center 8conducted two Battalion FTXs and a Bat- (Ms Danika Florence) who is now on boardtalion Range Week in the fall as we at- and doing great work for the Battalion.tempt to hone our MLRS skills in order to In closing, I just want to wish all of you a Battalion Command Sergeant 9remain ready to deploy if called to do so. Happy Holidays and I cannot emphasize Major GreetingAll officers got to go through the Brigade enough how proud we are to be servingCommander’s “Leader Gauntlet” in Sep- with such an outstanding group of mentember which was a test of individual and women who make up the Deep Attacktoughness and perseverance. I’m happy Battalion. They are a very special group ofto announce that Outlaw 6 (CPT Frank individuals who are committed to the lar-Messina) took the Top Performer award ger Team.(Go Outlaws!). Enlisted Soldiers will have
  2. 2. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 2Headquarter BatteryBy: Cpt. ApplebaumThe past few months were an exciting eral Soldiers found all their points in both voyed out to Quanah range and trainedand trying time for HHB. In September the day and night, while others realized on High Intensity Conflict tactics inthe Battery participated in Operation why their spouses make fun of them preparation for the NTC rotation in FEB/Arracourt, a BN FTX designed to test out when they have a map! October also saw March. December promises one last Bat-systems, procedures, and the abilities of the Hard Chargers qualify on both indi- tery FTX before the Holiday Block Leaveyour Soldiers. The Battery was very suc- vidual and crew served weapons. Addi- period begins. Following the new yearcessful fulfilling the mission of ensuring tionally the Battery ran the M16 qualifi- the Hard Chargers can look forward to anthat the BN was able to C2 and certify cation range for the rest of the BN, facili- increased OP Tempo with another BNthe Alpha Battery live fire. October saw tating the rest of the Deep Attack BN’s FTX in January followed by the NTC rota-the Hard Chargers exercise their land qualification. In November HHB rolled tion in late February early March.navigation skills on a very challenging out as part of the BN’s in support of op-course for the monthly Battery FTX. Sev- eration Daring Warrior. The Battery con-Alpha Battery Live FireBy: 1LT James Jenning morning of the event personnel from Battery’s Launcher, Fire Direction Cen- 168 BSB saturated the firing point with ter and their respective crews during water to reduce the risk of a brush fire. the event. TCU will display this media The two launchers each shot an At My on the big screen during the halftime Command, When Ready and Time on show when they face Colorado State on Target mission. This Live Fire Shoot was November 19, 2011. unique in that Alpha Battery’s Platoon Operation Center was able to command and control every aspect of the live fire. On November 02, 2011 Alpha Battery participated in another MLRS Live Fire Shoot during Operation Daring Warrior. Daring Warrior was a 214th Fires BrigadeAfter re-task organization and months of Operation that involved Members of thereintegration reset, Alpha Battery trained, Singapore Armed Forces. This was thecertified and qualified two MLRS Launcher third year in a row that Fort Sill hascrews and one Fire Direction Center crew hosted Singapore to train on their HI-which resulted in a successful completion MARS launchers. Alpha Battery alsoof MLRS firing tables. This occurred during trained and certified a new launcherthe Battalion Live Fire Exercise in Septem- crew during this exercise led by SSGber. The Exercise occurred during the burn Dewitt who just redeployed from Af-ban so special precautions took place. The ghanistan in Operation Enduring Free-firing point was covered with gravel and dom on August 6, 2011. Members ofthe Texas Christian University were with Al- pha on the Firing Point videotaping the
  3. 3. Page 3 DEEP ATTACK NewsletterBravo Battery DeploymentCPT Barnett Your Soldiers here in Afghanistan continue to do great things. We have just redeployed the last section from Iraq, whomade it just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving in Lawton. The HQ element is hitting the half way point and the radar sections aregetting close to their half way points. I visited with SSG Deaton’s section for Thanksgiving. His crew is doing great things. The Bat-talion Commander at that camp told me they were amongst the most professional Soldiers on his camp. 1SG took care of the Sol-diers on KAF for Thanksgiving, eating with a group in the dining facility, and attending SSG Soper’s section group dinner at theirradar site. We are entering the Holiday Season. We will have a Holiday Party here for all the Soldiers. Myself and 1SG will get outto see the Soldiers on the other camps to share some holiday cheer. I would like to extend a congratulations to SGT Sachs, SGTTowner and SGT Hill, SPC Garcia and their families. These four great leaders will be promoted on the 1 st of December. 1SG Ball andmyself continue to be here for all the battery’s families. CPT Frank Messina and SFC Alan Muilenburg continue to do an out-standing job of taking care of Bravo in the rear and are also available if you have any concerns.1SG Ball The Bulldogs are at it again. The month of November was a huge success for our Charity runs. Between SFC Collazo’sBreast Cancer Awareness and SGT Paul’s Run for the Fallen on Veteran’s Day, we raised just over $10,000. Numerous hours of vol-unteering are involved in making these events successful and the Bulldog Soldiers are raking in the hours every month.SGT Black’s hard work and dedication to excellence will pay off on 9 December as he will be inducted into the prestigious SergeantAudie Murphy Club. When he started studying with other candidates, there were over twenty-five NCOs competing with him. Oneby one they either dropped because of the mental strain or eliminated at one of the three board appearances. He did not falterand he did not fail. We are all proud to call him a Bulldog!The push for education and knowledge are finally starting to show the positive outcomes. SPC Whalen was promoted to Sergeanteffective 1 November and now we hear that SGT Hill, SGT Towner, and SGT Sachs just made the points cut off and selected for therank of Staff Sergeant effective 1 December. To add to that, SPC Garcia made the Bulldog presence known at the promotion boardearlier this month and received huge props from the 82 nd Airborne CSM for crushing every other attendee. SPC Garcia also madethe points cut off and will be promoted to Sergeant effective 1 December.
  4. 4. Page 4 Newsletter TitleBravo DeploymentContinue Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 This month is has been another busy one. We are have lost a valuable mem- ber of the team SSG Soto, and welcome another one SGT Carney. Everyone passed their APFT and met the challenge of the leadership with flying colors. SPC Johnson and SPC Bullock will be attending the DEC promotion board, SGT Pineau and SGT Carney are working hard to ensure they do well. CW2 (P) Car- gill celebrated his 33rd birthday. SFC Escoffery “Esco”, SGT Pineau and SPC Bullock were recognized by Research Development Engineer Command (RDECOM) OIC and NCOIC with Certificates of Achievement for outstanding support of their mission.
  5. 5. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 5Charlie Battery deployment Since our touchdown in-country try. Improving detention and prison at the end of the summer, we hit the facilities, implementing dialogue ground running to complete our RSOI and courses furthering women’s (Reception, Staging, Onward movement, rights through local universities, and and Integration) requirements so we providing local police forces with could push out to our respected locations better forensic technology were just and begin our mission with ROLFF-A (Rule a few of the projects we were in- of Law Field Force-Afghanistan). ROLFF- volved with. We also worked with A’s primary mission is to help provide the chief of police at both the dis- essential field capabilities and security to trict and provincial levels teaching partnered Afghan and coalition and mili- them how to track criminals and tary rule of law project teams in order to keep proper records, and alongside build Afghan criminal justice capacity, chief prosecutors and appellate increase access to dispute resolution ser- court judges assessing their infra- vices, fight corruption, and promote le- structure needs and following im- gitimacy of the Afghan government. It portant trials and cases that could Charlie Battery, 2-4 FAR (214 FiB) was our job to provide that invaluable set precedence for the future judi-has represented Fort Sill/Team Sill, Okla- security piece so that together we could cial system in Afghanistan. Thoughhoma with great pride. Though proud Red establish a legitimate government in we were having an impact and hadLegs, and trained to be proficient in our some of the more remote parts of Af- begun to develop a battle rhythm,METL task of shooting, moving, and com- ghanistan. With our RSOI training com- our flexibility was about to be put tomunicating within the realms of MLRS, plete and our flights scheduled to sepa- the test once again.“The Rock” as we call ourselves, relished rate our Battery of 141 men into seven The Green Machine calledthe opportunity to prove that we are the separate locations, we were poised for us back to our starting point at Ba-most versatile MOS in the entire army. In a success. gram Airfield for re-assignment.remarkable amount of time we re-classed In a short period of time the pla-Arriving in stages and warn out fromand trained up as a mechanized infantry toons began to do what they were our journey, we maintained highunit to deploy in support of OEF trained to do, accomplishing the mission morale, recognizing that it was our(Operation Enduring Freedom- Afghani- across the country—as far as Kandahar in duty to accomplish the needs of thestan). Becoming the first Battery at Fort the south, Herat and Badghis in the west, Army. We were tasked to replaceSill to train on MRAPS and MATVS; Charlie Khowst in the east, and Mazar-I-Sharif in our Navy and Army MP counter-Battery proved that an artillery man can the North; while small in numbers we parts with the assignment of Forcebecome as fine an infantry man as any in were having a big impact. Each platoon Protection and Base Defense for athe United States Army— executing Battle operated autonomously under the lead- LSA (Life Support Area) with overDrill 1A (Infantry Squad Battle Lane) and ership of their platoon leader and pla- 7000 personnel. More specificallyBattle Drill 6A (Entering and Clearing a toon sergeant always maintaining “The safe-guarding the perimeter withbuilding) flawlessly. Rock” standard. We reported daily to our QRF (Quick Reaction Force) ele- It was a rigorous train up, with Commander to give him a full-spectrum ments, controlling the ECP (Entrymany hours spent in the field building con- operational view and to provide essential Control Point) that provides accessfidence in our junior enlisted soldiers, intelligence to further the success of the to thousands of Local Nationals andNCO’s, and officers-- becoming a cohesive mission. ANA (Afghan National Army) per-team of leaders that could accomplish any sonnel on a daily basis, and main-mission. With the mindset that “hard is Although our mission was pri- taining security within the perime-the road and pain is the way” we surged marily the security piece, our undertak- ter at all times.forward to be the hardest most physically ings were none the less rewarding.and mentally tough fighting force on the Working alongside Department of Statebattlefield, one that the enemy would con- personnel and Afghan national leaders--sider to be an ardent foe. both military and civilian, we toiled to better the justice system across the coun-
  6. 6. Page 6 DEEP ATTACK NewsletterCharlie Battery deployment Continue: Afghan National Army) per- Though we are far from home andsonnel on a daily basis, and main- are fulfilling a very dynamic mission;taining security within the perime- we want it to be known that Charlieter at all times. Battery, as Artillerymen or not, canWorking alongside our new counter- accomplish any mission. “Rockparts we continue to set the stan- Steady”.dard, quickly winning over the trustof our higher elements. Vigilantlywe look for ways to maximize ourcapabilities and add to the fight.Most recently we were given con-trol of “Operation Pencil” whosepurpose is to provide local schoolswith supplies. We are also in theprocess of becoming the securityelement that escorts key playersand VIPs throughout Parwan prov-ince. Though we are far from homeand are fulfilling a very dynamic mis-sion; we want it to be known thatCharlie Battery, as Artillerymen ornot, can accomplish any mission.
  7. 7. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 7696 Forward Support CompanyBy: Cpt. Reasoner The 696 FSC FRG of 2-4 Field Artillery Battalion has been very busy lately trying to make the holiday season extra special. We recently participated in the post wide Haunted Trail event held on OCT 28 in order to raise money and let others in the community know who we were and what the FRG program is about. The FRG did a bake sale in conjunction with free activities for children 10 and under. 696 FSC FRG will also be participating in the upcoming Battalion Christmas Party on Dec. 9 and we are also doing gift wrapping at the PX on post during the holiday season in order to raise money for our program on 8 Dec. The last event for the year will be an FRG meeting held on Dec. 13 at 1630 in order to introduce the incoming commander CPT Jeremy Wulf and his family to the company.Greeting From the New FRSA Hi, I am Ms. Florence, the new 2-4 BN FRSA. I am excited about being here and be- coming a part of such a wonderful staff. I have been in the military for 11 years and recently decided that although the army has been good to me, it was time for me to move onto my next destination. I’ve accomplished so much during that time and ultimately have proven to myself that I could in fact succeed as a Soldier and serve my country. Since then, I have moved on to accomplish many other goals and dreams, to include being able to continue my service by assisting and supporting the soldiers and their families. I truly care about what families endure when their loved ones are deployed. The fact that I am a soldier at heart and have traveled those roads myself helps me to do this job with passion. You can be confident in the fact that our soldiers and their families are guided and provided with the tools and re- sources they will need in order to manage these very difficult times. I look forward to meet- ing all of you in the near future. In closing, I often hear that some people view the FRG Pro- gram as unnecessary and try to steer clear of any involvement. However, I plan to be a criti- cal piece as to why your opinion will change over time into a more positive outlook on the program. The need for FRSA’s and the FRG Leadership is great in demand. It is critical that your families have this support system in place. Therefore, I am here for you and together as a team we can improve on how we can best communicate with each other and most impor- tantly, how we can best serve our soldiers and their families.
  8. 8. Page 8 DEEP ATTACK NewsletterFRSA UpdateBy: Danika Florence2-4 Family Readiness Meeting HHB:Alpha/Bravo BTRY:  14 Dec 11 (Gift wrapping) at the PX (9am- 12 Dec 11 Barbecue Fundraiser @ Motorpool 1pm) 14 Dec 11 (Gift Wrapping )at the PX (9am-1pm) 14 Dec 11 FRG meeting/Family Fun Night Bowling (Alpha/Bravo) 1800-2000 Birthdays: DecemberCharlie BTRY: SFC Martinez No FRG meeting in Dec 26 Nov 11 (Gift Wrapping) at the PX (5pm-9pm) 24 Dec 23 Dec 11 (Gift Wrapping) at the PX (1pm-5pm)696 FSC: 8 Dec 11 (Gift Wrapping) at the PX (9am-1pm) 13 Dec FRG meeting at 1600 (BDE FRG Rm)National Training Center DeploymentBy: 1LT Tyler WallsThe “Deep Attack” Battalion the challenges of the Battalion systems and test the endur-will conduct operations in the a NTC rota- ance of each individual Soldier in a mockMojave Desert at the National tion.Since the fall NTC scenario.” Immediately followingTraining Center (NTC) at Fort of 2011, the Bat- the January field exercise the BattalionIrwin, CA between the 26th of talion has pre- will shift focus from training the unit toFebruary to the 27th of March pared for the up- preparing for operations and the move-2012. During the NTC Rotation coming rotation ment of approximately 150 Soldiers to12-05, the Battalion will rein- by conducting Fort Irwin. The Battalion is looking for-force the 1st Battalion, 10th multiple field and ward to proving the competence andField Artillery Regiment of 3rd live fire exercises. commitment of our Soldiers with 3-3 IDBrigade Combat Team, 3rd In- In January, the against the nation’s premier training cen-fantry Division out of Fort Ben- Battalion will go ter.ning, GA. Out of all the Battal- through a 10 dayions in the 214th Fires Brigade, culminating train-the “Deep Attack” Battalion was specifi- ing exercise at Fort Sill. According to thecally chosen due to the Battalion’s high Battalion Assistant S3; Captain Stires, thelevel of readiness and ability to handle goal of the field exercise is to “stress all of
  9. 9. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 9 DEEP ATTACK Family And Friends As the year closes out, I would like to wish all the “Deep Attack” Family a Happy Holiday. This year has been a busy year for the battalion through training and preparing our Soldiers to deploy in support of Operation New Dawn and Operation Endur- ing Freedom. Early this year the battalion executed a robust training plan which culminated in an off-post exercise at White Sands, New Mexico which honed our skills as Artillerymen and prepared our Soldiers for any non-standard mission the Army may ask of us. Upon receiving our missions of supporting Radar operations and a Motorized Rifle Company, the tempo of the training accelerated to make sure that we certified and qualified in all tasks necessary for our Soldiers to be successful during their de- ployment. It took the entire efforts of this battalion to make that happen. Shortly after the Soldiers from Bravo and Charlie de- ployed, HHB, Alpha and FSC got after certifying and qualifying in their core competencies so that we could create combat power with the Soldiers we had remaining in the battalion. It wasn’t easy, but your Soldiers did a phenomenal job of pulling it together, assessing their units, employing their capabilities and accomplishing the mission. In just the last few months, we have had over 60 Soldiers return from deployments. We were very happy that they all returned home safe and are looking forward to getting them reintegrated so we can put them back to work. It is always good for us to have newly deployed Soldiers return from combat so that we can use their knowledge and skills as we prepare our Soldiers for future missions. The reintegration process assist in developing consistency and normal routines which really help Soldiers get accustom to life back to normal. Most of these Soldiers have returned home to a new unit, so the reintegration process will be good for them and the change will give them new challenges to look forward to. The key to their successful integration is devel- oping relationships that have been placed on hold for a year as they move back into the normal functionality of their families. As we close in on the end of the year, let’s all keep all of our deployed Soldiers and their Families in our thoughts and prayers. Being away from family and friends during this time of the year is always difficult, but luckily enough for our Soldiers deployed, they have each other to rely on. God bless you all, and may you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Attack 7