2-4 FAR Fort Bliss Newsletter


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Articles from throughout the Battalion during Off Post Training Exercise at Fort Bliss

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2-4 FAR Fort Bliss Newsletter

  1. 1. D EEP A TTACK N EWSLETTER 17 March 2011 Volume 1, Is sue 1 INSIDE THIS ISSUE Attack 6 Guidance 1 Greetings from Fort Bliss From the Desk of Attack 7 1 Upcoming FRG Events 2Attack 6 Update Long Range Support 3 Small Arms Success 3 “DEEP ATTACK!” As Leaders, it is our What you might not know about Re-Up 4 obligation to ensure our Soldiers are trained for any Inside the Aid Station 5 anticipated mission in an Family Reintegration 5 era of persistent conflict Live Fire Preparations 6 and prepare accordingly. As Back at Battalion 6 the Battalion Commander of 2-4 FA, I have been amazed with the level of By: SGM Kenneth Oliver proficiency, motivation and “Attack 7” initiative exhibited by our Soldiers. Although this month we have During our time here taken your Soldier away from home it’s at Dona Ana we have had our obligation as Leaders to ensure our some of the most intensive, Soldiers are trained for our anticipated high optemp and resource mission in an era of persistent conflict driven training made and prepare accordingly. I have been available. truly amazed with the level of Your husbands and wives have executed flawlessly proficiency and motivation exhibited bywith discipline. Our Soldiers have embraced this training our Soldiers. I could not be more proudwith exceptional results and rigor. of being a member of such a great organization of professional Soldiers, NCOs and Officers. During our time here at Dona Ana we have had some of the most intensive and resource driven training made available through some of the most state of the art facilities. Our Soldiers have embraced this training opportunity in a condensed time period with exceptional results and rigor. Our accommodations here have been user friendly and Leaders and Soldiers are doing the right thing within their respective formations. We look forward to our return to home station as a Battalion that is trained on all our METL tasks as well as our Warrior tasks and drills ready and prepared! Effective training is the cornerstone of operational success. Please see Attack 6 Guidance continued on page 2
  2. 2. Deep Attack! Page 2Attack 6 Continued Upcoming FRG Events By: Bonnie Smith, BN FRSAThe battalion has executed; establishment of a FOB You might be asking yourself, "What is a FRG? Whythat included the best Dining Facility in the should I be involved?" An FRG is an organization madesouthwest, Zero Range with 226 Soldiers zeroing, up of family members, volunteers, service members,Qualification range with 255 Soldiers qualifying, and civilian employees. The FRG belongs to a unit andcertification of our launchers and FDCs in provides an avenue of mutual support and serves as apreparation of our live fire, Soldiers qualifying, network of communication among the familycertification of our launchers and FDCs in members, the chain of command, and communitypreparation of our live fire, a Best-By-Test resources. Unlike some organizations, the FRG doesCompetition for launchers and FDC’s, TOC Battle not have dues. All family members are equal andDrills, MDMP, Alpha Battery executed a 50km combat there is no military rank. The FRG leaders arepatrol to range 13 where 41 Soldiers executed volunteers – family members just like you. FRGsreflexive fire, Charlie Battery followed suit with 43 provide extensive training (which is usually free orSoldiers trained in Reflexive Fires, 696 FSC’s paid for by the military unit) and a chance toexecution of its Reflexive Fire at Range 54 pushing volunteer. The FRG offers the opportunity to bethrough HHB, H24 and 168 BSB, 696 FSC conducted involved in your spouse’s unit and to make arecovery training and joined 168 BSB FLEE for cross difference. Your level of involvement is strictly up totraining on the fuelers and LRP rehearsals, our you depending upon your personal interests, time, andmaintenance personnel continued maintenance on commitment. As with any organization you may belongconvoy vehicles and preparing for the AMEE to, it takes time to transition into a new group andinspection and lastly HHB has been running our the FRG is no different. Give it a chance. Attend a 2-4Forward Operating Base flawlessly. Battery FRG activity. FRGs enhance every Guard orThe battalion looks forward to our welcome return to Reserve unit family readiness by fostering a spirit ofFort Sill. The Deep Attack Battalion will be more cooperation and unity. They can assist in preventingproficient on Full Spectrum Operations and is ready the problems that may affect families as a result ofto deploy at a moment’s notice. See you at the end their spouse’s separation due to mobilization,of March ! deployment, or training. If you would like to keep track of events happening with 2-4 and Fort Sill please join our Facebook Page at:Deep Attack http://www.facebook.com/pages/2-4-Field- Artillery/149082691779574. We will be posting the information regarding our BN Spring Fest this year weLeaders are having a Easter Theme. Mark your calendar for 19 April, 2011 at 1630. We are looking forward to see you!Stead Fast and LoyalAttack 6 out.
  3. 3. Deep Attack! Page 3 Long Range SupportBy: 1LT Preston Parker As we set off to deploy over 600 milesaway from home station on the first of March tohead southwest to FOB Dona Ana. Soldiers andleaders arrived at the barracks on the first ofMarch, 4:30 Tuesday morning to secure doors andensure the safety of Soldier’s personnelequipment for the next 30 days. Theyimmediately turned around and headed to theMotor Pool to begin loading up bags andperforming last minute follow up checks in orderto ensure the readiness of the vehicles. Aftercompleting all checks of the vehicles andrehearsing multiple potential scenarios for Small Arms Success!recovery, 696 FSC headed off as fourth in theorder of convoy march. Soldiers drove 12 hoursthrough long stretches of flat terrain to arrive at By 1LT Graham PurcellCannon Air Force by 11:00 that evening. The 696Forward Support Company was integral in We have taken advantage of theensuring success the following day, they awoke availability of small arms ranges here at Fortfirst and departed ahead of the other convoy Bliss, conducting zero, qualification, night andelements to ensure Refuel on the move reflexive fire ranges. The Soldiers of the Deepcapabilities throughout the rest of the movement. Attack Battalion conducted training andThe fueling teams were recognized for their broadened their knowledge of their individualoutstanding performance and expedited refueling weapons making Soldiers more combat capableprocess, one convoy serial of 17 vehicles was and more comfortable with their weapons. Alpharefueled in under twenty minutes. Once again Battery conducted a 25 meter marksmanshipshowing the logistical prowess of the Forward range allowing Soldiers in the Battalion to zeroSupport Company. their weapons using iron sights and close combat optics. Completion of the range was crucial to ensure over 250 Soldiers were fully capable of completing future ranges. After the Soldiers zeroed, they moved over to Charlie Battery’s qualification and night fire range. The Deep “Logistics…as vital to Attack Battalion fired over 80,000 rounds of ammunition qualifying over 250 personnel. The military success as daily next step after qualification came reflexive fire, where Soldiers trained to fire while standing, food is to daily work.” moving, and pivoting from up to 25 meters away Captain Alfred Thayer from their targets. Mahan Please see Small Arms Success on Page 4
  4. 4. Deep Attack! Page 4Small Arms Success continued…Overall, over 200 Soldiers participated inreflexive fire training, firing over 27,000 What you might not know about “Re-Up”rounds of ammunition. Such training is abuilding block to more intensive live fireranges, to include convoy live fires and urbancombat scenarios, both of which will beconducted in the following days. As Soldiersprogress through the increasing firing tables,they will begin to gain a level offamiliarization with their personal weapons,allowing them to react rather than hesitate,saving lives and completing the mission. All inpart to ensure Deep Attack Soldiers are multimission capable warfighters. Article by: SSG Ashibuogwu "RE-UP" is the abbreviation for reenlistment. Reenlistment NCO is at the battery level and they focus mainly on reenlistments and accomplishing the FY reenlistment goals. I am a Career Counselor, my job consists of more than "just reenlisting Soldiers"; My job is to counsel Soldiers and family members regarding the benefits and opportunities within the Army Retention Program. Career Counselors ensure eligible Soldiers not desiring to reenlist in the active component are referred to and counseled by the reserve component. It is my job to advise commanders on bars to reenlistment preparation, imposition and removal procedures, and requirements on reviews and separation. It is my job to ensure Soldiers are fully eligible to reenlist by screening their files; I must also ensure that preparation, timely submission and processing of RETAIN transactions are completed, RETAIN confirmation transmits assignment instructions and SRB payments. Career counselors ensure Soldiers are aware of changes to bonuses, in/out calls, BEAR program changes and new MILPER messages when they come out. Ensuring the Army Retention “Re-enlistment is not Program is publicized and making sure information is available is a major part of the success of the program. utilizing Soldiers as a Reenlistment is not utilizing Soldiers as a number, it is to reenlist quality Soldiers on a long term basis. The number, it is to reenlist army is cutting down the number of forces, quality Soldiers on a reenlistment is not who can reenlist the most Soldiers. We want highly qualified Soldiers who WANT to be here. long term basis.”
  5. 5. Family Re-Integration Article By: Chaplain Kim It is almost time; Soldiers, spouses, and children are excited about the homecoming day. Preparation can prevent a frustrating and upsetting reunion. Returning Soldiers will want to reassert their role in the Family, which can lead to tension. This is an essential task, which requires patience to accomplish successfully. Soldiers may feel pressure to make up for lost time and missed milestones, but things have changed: spouses are more autonomous, children have grown, and individual priorities may be different. It is unrealistic to return home and expect everything to be the same as before the deployment. Spouses have to adapt to changes. They may report a loss of independence, as theyInside the Aid Station had to watch the house, children, and payBy: 1LT Thomas Ostruske bills. Basic household chores and routines need to be renegotiated. The role playedIt is everyone’s wish to never have a need by the spouse must be reestablished.for the Battalion Aid Station, yet as Medics Reunion with children can also be aand Care providers we must be ready from challenge depending on their age and levelthe moment boots land on ground to provide of understanding. The Soldier may notmedical aid and attention to any that may approve of privileges granted to childrenneed it. With combat medics on sight at by the non-deployed parent. It is importantevery major training event and still for the Soldier not to try to make changesmaintaining a presence at FOB Dona Ana; right away. If they do, the Soldier riskscoordination is the key to ensure medical invalidating the efforts of his/her mate andcare is denied to no one. Upon arrival, the alienating the children.Deep Attack medical staff wasted no time Patient communication, loweringconducting recons of the fastest routes to expectations and taking time to get toarea hospitals, helicopter landing zones, and know each other again is critical tomedical supply warehouses. All to ensure successful reintegration of the Soldier backyour family members receive the best care into the Family. Sometimes the separationavailable, should the need arise. With our of deployment provides Soldier and spouseskilled team of Combat Medics and care a chance to evaluate changes withinproviders roving the battle space to ensure themselves and what direction they wanteven the most remote locations have the their marriage to take.opportunity to top notch care, familymembers can rest assured, knowing theDeep Attack family is well taken care ofwith 24/7 availability. Army Medicine, ArmyStrong! “…family members can rest assured, knowing the Deep Attack family is well taken care of.”
  6. 6. Deep Attack! Page 6 Live Fire Prep Meanwhile… Back at BattalionBy: 1LT Bradley Pemberton By: 1LT Sam Cantrell As Alpha and Charlie Batteries prepare to While the battalion is deployed to White Sands,fire their rockets there is much to be done before Bravo Battery continues to train at Fort Sill forheading to the firing point and sending rounds upcoming Radar deployments to Afghanistan in supportdownrange. The entire process is executed with of Operation Enduring Freedom. This month Bravoexacting precision. The three man launcher crews Battery will certify two crews on the AN/TPQ-36 Firemust develop a cohesive unit which can only be Finder Radar System. This Radar is a weapon-locatingdeveloped through countless hours of practice. radar system, designed to detect and track incomingStandardized drills ensure even the smallest of artillery and mortar fire to determine the point ofdetails is rehearsed and predicted. Platoon origin for counter battery fire. This system can also beOperations Centers begin by establishing voice and tied into loud speakers to warn fellow soldiers ofdata communications with the Battalion allowing incoming rounds, which saves lives. Bravo Battery alsofor redundancy. Once a mission is received from has 12 personnel currently attending the Radarthe operations center, crew members spring in to Operators Course provided at I-SEE-O hall here on Fortaction. With safety always the number 1 priority, Sill. Soldiers have also been completing Theatercrews work to perfect their movements. Slow is Specific Individual Readiness Training, includingsmooth, smooth is fast. Crews practice daily the Improvised Explosive Defeat, HMMWV Roll Overthree types of fire missions they can potentially Procedures, Traffic Control Points, and Entry Controlreceive: Time on Target, At My Command, and Points.When Ready. After every fire mission, crews and The Bravo Command team has also been incommanders sit down to discuss ways to improve charge of the Rear Detachment for the month. Staytheir effectiveness and to identify successful back personnel have worked diligently making patrolstactics. All in part to ensure the Deep Attack and physical security checks of the barracks andBattalion remains at the tip of the spear, ready to privately owned vehicles ensuring that all personalexecute fire missions with lethal precision and effects are secured while the rest of the battalion isaccuracy. deployed to White Sands. Rear Detachment personnel have done a great job of fixing up the barrack’s CQ area and the Battalion’s rocket display behind building 3417. Edited by 2LT Justin Nash