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  1. 1. Deena AbdullaCol 270-003
  2. 2. •Introduction: What is Slideshare,and What it can be used for?•Who uses Slideshare?•Creating an account in Slideshare•Uploading files into Slideshare•Searching in Slideshare
  3. 3. What is Slideshare?•Slideshare is the world’s largest community forsharing presentations•With Slideshare you could upload PowerPoint,Open office, and Keynote files•Moreover, with Slideshare it is also possible toupload PDF’s, iWorks files, and share manyeducational videos•you could also embed YouTube videos.•Slideshare is not only used fro educationpurposes, but it also includes entrainment; youcould keep up with everything happening ontwiter or facebook.
  4. 4. Keep track of all your files inSlideshare.
  5. 5. Who Uses Slideshare•Slideshare can be used byeveryone, from business people tostudents•Slideshare is a place for everyoneto share multi-media in one place toeveryone
  6. 6. Creating an Account in Slideshare• This is a Screenr video that willdemonstrate to you how to create anaccount on Slideshare.• You could sign up with slideshareusing your Facebook or twitter account
  7. 7. Uploading Files into Slideshare • This is a YouTube video that demonstrates how to upload files into Slideshare.
  8. 8. Searching in Slideshare • This YouTube video is tutorial of Slideshare that also contains how to search on Slideshare •There are two ways to search on Slideshare: One is through the different categories that involves everything from educational purposes to entertainment. The second way is to simply search from the search bar. •With Slideshare you could also directly search for any videos that are available on YouTube (The search can come up with different formats; from document to videos.
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