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The WordPress Project; It's all about YOU!

Slides from the keynote address at WordCamp Sydney 2014 in which I asked the audience to "ask not just what WordPress can do for you, ask also what you can do for WordPress"

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The WordPress Project; It's all about YOU!

  1. 1. ordPressit’s all about YOUPROJECT THE Photo: A Hortin
  2. 2. ordPressit’s all about YOUPROJECT THE Photo: A Hortin
  8. 8. #wcsydDocumentation
  9. 9. #wcsydDocumentation
  10. 10. #wcsyd “ …there are literally thousands of resources out their for you to use. Everything from forums, blog posts, tutorials and podcasts through to awesome themes & plugins.” Anthony Hortin Designer, Developer, Author, Community Org Melbourne Your Community
  11. 11. #wcsydSupport
  12. 12. #wcsyd “I was experimenting with WordPress and [in training them] clients "just got it". The editor and interface seemed very intuitive and my training times were slashed substantially.” Wil Brown Developer, Forum Contributor, Community Org Sydney Your Community
  13. 13. #wcsyd “I like the way WordPress is supported via the hundreds of community forums and thousands of blogs which publish useful tutorials, idea's and other useful stuff related to WordPress.” Brad Dalton Developer, Trainer and Community Organiser Thailand Your Community
  14. 14. #wcsydTraining
  15. 15. #wcsyd “I love how WordPress is always getting better and almost every decision they make when they improve the software is a good one. They have a mission that they are actually working towards!” Kristen Symonds Developer, Trainer and Community Organiser Sydney Your Community
  16. 16. #wcsyd “Open Source - Easy to use - Easy to extend and customise - Empowering for new users - Helpful and friendly community” Chris Burgess Trainer and Community Organiser Melbourne Your Community
  17. 17. #wcsydCommunity - meetups Melbourne Meetup
  18. 18. #wcsyd “This philosophical framework [open source], is what drives the exceptional work of the WP community. Being able to align my business to this value feels great because I can work knowing that I'm maintaining my personal integrity at work as well.” Sofia Woods Designer and Community Organiser Brisbane Your Community
  19. 19. #wcsyd “WordPress is SO EASY to write code for and extremely well documented. Beyond that, the community is super helpful which makes contributing such a pleasure.” Luke Carbis Plugin Developer Sunshine Coast Your Community
  20. 20. #wcsyd “... it ticked all 3 boxes that I needed it to as an off-the-shelf solution for building client sites: easy to build for, easy for clients to use, and a strong community.” Japh Thomson Developer and Community Organiser Hobart Your Community
  21. 21. #wcsyd “I think the fact that there is the opportunity for people from all walks of life (different nationalities, countries etc) to mingle (and contribute and work together) around WordPress is what keeps me coming back.” Jason Conroy Developer Canberra Your Community
  22. 22. #wcsydCommunity - WordCamps Photo: A Hortin
  23. 23. #wcsyd “The WP community is full of friendly, talented, inspirational, helpful, lovely people and because of that, the separation between my work and personal lives has become very blurred!” Tracey Kemp Developer, Designer and Community Organiser Gold Coast Your Community
  24. 24. #wcsyd “Discovering the strength & generosity of the WP community in Australia after Sydney WordCamp was a real eye opener. I continue to be amazed at the willingness of people to give advice, support & help one another.” Jordan Gillman Developer and Community Organiser Wollongong Your Community
  25. 25. #wcsydAccessibility
  26. 26. #wcsydPolyglots Hello Sunshine!
  27. 27. #wcsyd “14 patches submitted or contributed to in WordPress Core in the past 4 releases in knowing that literately there are millions of web sites around the world using code you wrote or helped with is pure awesomeness.” Stephen Edgar bbPress Core Committer Melbourne Your Community
  28. 28. #wcsydUI
  29. 29. #wcsydMeta
  30. 30. #wcsydTheming
  31. 31. #wcsyd “On the side, I enjoy creating themes which I'm happy to release to the WordPress community for free in the hopes that people find them useful. “ Michael Burrows Theme Developer Victoria Your Community
  32. 32. #wcsydPlugins
  33. 33. #wcsyd “Flexible, scalable, extendible, with an awesome dev community. It pushes me to be a better developer, and has opened the door for some fantastic business opportunities.” Maeve Lander Developer, Plugin Contributor Perth Your Community
  34. 34. #wcsyd “'s the people I've met that keep me going to meet-ups & WordCamps as much as the product itself.” Peter Wilson Developer and Community Organiser Melbourne Your Community
  35. 35. #wcsydMobile
  36. 36. #wcsydCore
  37. 37. #wcsyd “The community around contributing is always very welcoming, since the whole project is driven by volunteer contributions (whether that be individual or corporate ones).” Ryan McCue Developer, Core Contributor, Wunderkind Brisbane Your Community
  38. 38. #wcsydProject Recap community Organising meet-ups or WordCamps. training Creating WordPress curriculum and modules for instructors to use in a live training environment. Ƅ accessibility Making sure that WordPress core and all of WordPress’ resources are accessible Ɣ documentationCreating documentation and always on the look-out for writers support Answering questions in the support forums or IRC is one of the easiest ways to start contributing. ? polyglots Translating WordPress into your own language. w
  39. 39. #wcsydThe project themes Reviewing and approving every Theme submitted to the WordPress Theme repository. Ʃ mobile Building the iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry apps. O ui Designing and developing the WordPress user interface. core Writing code, fixing bugs, debating decisions, and helping with development meta Making, providing support, and building tools for use by all the contributor groups. plugins Reviewing and approving every Plugin submitted to the WordPress Plugin repository.
  40. 40. Photo: A Hortin
  41. 41. #wcsyd “The best, most incredible part of all of contributing is the amazing people I’ve met. ! I’m so glad that maybe I’ll get to meet YOU this weekend.” Dee Teal Developer, Trainer, Community Organiser, Web Princess Melbourne Your Community