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16 Things Designers wish Developers 'got' (in no particular order)


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This is by no means exhaustive, and is reflective of my experience and some of my developer colleagues... feel free to add your own suggestions!!

Collated for The Nudge Melbourne interview I did in June 2013.

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16 Things Designers wish Developers 'got' (in no particular order)

  1. 1. Things Developerswish Designers ‘got’(in no particular order)@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  2. 2. Get anunderstanding ofCMS & Contenti.e. Titles can be more than oneline - Content can be in long orshort form - (i.e. design meetsreal-world use - think beyond theLorem Ipsum)@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  3. 3. Existing SolutionsAsk the dev if they have an existingsolution to accommodate your designideas... (Jquery library, plugin/slideshow etc.) this saves the dev timeThis is win/win in action@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  4. 4. Photoshop BestPracticeUse logical file naming and layer structureProvide fair warning for the dev aboutdesign file format if it’s not PSD - Don’tassume they’re all over (or even have accessto ID etc) (InDesign? Illustrator? Photoshop,PDF or Fireworks?) - But realistically PSD pls@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  5. 5. IllustratorIf you MUST design for web inIllustrator don’t outline your text...But seriously... see below(PSD = #winning)@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  6. 6. Widget UseThink about reusing widgets onpage templates rather than adifferent widget/content block onevery page - ok so this is WPspecific... but different content onevery page layout can be a p.i.t.a@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  7. 7. Responsive vMobileGet across the differences betweena responsive layout over adedicated mobile design -responsive layout flows existingelements to fit - it isn’t a wholenew designDon’t limit to fixed size (i.e. mustlook like this at xxxpx etc.)@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  8. 8. Realistic DeadlinesTalk first and set reasonabledeadlinesDon’t keep asking ‘When will it beready?’ (talk about deadlinesupfront, agree, trust the dev to doit - and to communicate if thingsneed stretching)@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  9. 9. Value versus CostI hate telling you how much Ithink it will cost (hourly rates,time taken to do the job etc.)... Tellme what it’s worth to you... let’snegotiate on that basis...@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  10. 10. Pixel Perfectioncomes at a priceIf you want your site to be EXACTLY thesame as the PSD be prepared to pay... it takestime... it takes skill especially the furtherback in IE you go.. (also fonts WILL lookdifferent across browsers)@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  11. 11. On all Singing/allDancing sitesIf you have promised the client theworld... make sure you’ve talked toyour dev about just what a worldthat will be... BEFORE you make thepromise@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  12. 12. FontsOn font sizes - measure in pixels NOT points -& don’t use half pixels there is no such thing!!Get across websafe fonts... helvetica neue is noton typekit or google fonts... costs dollars... andbitchy to implement via (in myexperience)Default font size on browsers is 16px - designfor that@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  13. 13. Width and HeightHow will your design look on a big screen?What happens to your background image?Stretch? Tile? Something else?Is your layout in finished pixel dimensionsi.e. at web resolution? (if not, insert wristslashing motion here)@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  14. 14. GridsLet your dev know which gridyou’re using... OR ASK them whichthey’d like you to useIf you’re not using a grid... WHYNOT? (Seriously it will save youmoney and save the dev time;more win/win)@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  15. 15. Give up on IE 6Seriouslyor if you insist... sit down while I tell you what thatwill cost - (think double)@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  16. 16. RetinaGet familiar with what you need to provideas far as 2x images for retina displays... andprovide themget across and use the naming conventiontoo... save your dev some headachesthis may mean buying bigger stock images ormaking your elements in vector rather thanraster format@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess
  17. 17. CommunicateAll in all, a lot of the designer/dev issues could be solved bytalking up front... and during theprocess... for it is written...“assumption is the mother of allfuckups”. (Jeff Crabtree)@nudgemelbourne@thewebprincess