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Dee Patience Visual Resume


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Dee Copeland Patience's Visual Resume 2012

Published in: Career, Business, Education
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Dee Patience Visual Resume

  1. 1. Dee Patience Visual Resume
  2. 2. Hello. This is Me.
  3. 3. My Full Name is...DeChontelle Demera Copeland Patience
  4. 4. Don’t Worry.“Dee” is fine.
  5. 5. I was born here San Antonio, Texas
  6. 6. I have a Degree in... Communications
  7. 7. Not This Kind Or This KindOr This
  8. 8. This Kind... Interpersonal Communication
  9. 9. What Does THAT Mean?
  10. 10. CorporateCommunication Training EmployeeDevelopment
  11. 11. I manage People, Programs and Processes.
  12. 12. But...What’s my Experience?
  13. 13. I started Supervising Employees Here Customer Service Sales
  14. 14. And my Careergrew here
  15. 15. I quickly climbed the corporate ladder
  16. 16. Global Program & Project Management Contact Center Quality Technical Team Management ..and Business ProcessTechnical ImprovementSupport (BPI) )
  17. 17. I even workedon cool Global Projects Cork, Ireland Minacs,Canada Sydney, Australia
  18. 18. And by the way...
  19. 19. I Love writingTraining Courses &Standard OperatingProcedures (SOPs)
  20. 20. I also....
  21. 21. So...Why Did I leave Apple?
  22. 22. Because I learned to...Think Different
  23. 23. And Launched my own Company
  24. 24. What Did My Company Do?
  25. 25. Real EstateInvestments Training Investors & Sales Agents Blogging aboutBusiness Technology
  26. 26. I became good great at...
  27. 27. Marketing & PR Blogging MobileTechnology
  28. 28. I taught others to implement CBS News Affiliate new Millionaire Investortechnology in Podcast Seriestheir business Keller Williams Realty- Texas Association of Austin Realtors
  29. 29. And Served onLeadership Committees Mueller Advisory Land Use & Commission Transportation Task Force Agent Leadership Council Young REALTORS Grievance Advisory Board Committee
  30. 30. But I also liked...
  31. 31. Community Leadership To help Solve By giving OthersSocial Problems a “Voice”
  32. 32. So they canachieve greatness (one day)
  33. 33. I was a Part of GreatCommunity Initiatives
  34. 34. It was Rewarding (but required a lot of time)
  35. 35. So I felt the need to...Think Different Again!
  36. 36. And I got into... For the State of ...
  37. 37. I now manage Texas’ Housing Trust Fund
  38. 38. We Provide Safe andAffordable Housing
  39. 39. Executive Women in Texas Government I’m in several professional organizations ...and I’m leading a collaborative effort toI have the PMP Project teach others to apply Manager Certification Lean Six Sigma in Public Agencies I’m a member of the Government Division
  40. 40. I’m also on several committees at work. Information Services (IS) Steering Committee Social Media Task Force We make policy Asset Review We developed the socialrecommendationsand decisions that Committee media strategy, policies and online presenceaffect the agency Implemented by our Board of Directors
  41. 41. I now get to use All of myPast Experience every day Marketing Team Customer Leadership Service Project Management ProcessQuality Improvement Program Stakeholder Management Management
  42. 42. For a Rewarding Purpose
  43. 43. Which is very cool.
  44. 44. And.... Yes.This Presentation was made on a Mac.
  45. 45. Nice to Meet You