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Manufacturers of 100% Cane Syrup for Raspados


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Research was done for one of my American client who is the CEO of a company that sells snow cone. In honoring his customers wish to use 100% cane syrup on the Raspados (shaved ice) which is more healthier than the ones with artificial flavors added, I was offered the task of getting the research done to which i gladly accepted. I did an intense research, then put my findings together hence this presentation. My client was well pleased with the result which saw me receiving a 100% rating feedback my client.

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Manufacturers of 100% Cane Syrup for Raspados

  1. 1. MANUFACTURERS OF 100% CANE SYRUP FOR HAWAIIAN or MEXICAN SHAVE In my thorough research for companies that manufacture 100% cane syrup for raspados I only came across ONE major company that really stand out. It is the RALPH SNOBALL SUPPLY INC. Let us look at them in further details.
  2. 2. Ralph Snoball Supply has being around since 1976. They are one of the main supplier of 100% cane syrup for raspodas which is made with organically grown fruits, herbs, spices and 100% pure cane sugar. These cane syrups are packaged in plastic bottles to avoid breakage and allow the snow cone syrup color to show through. Ralph's Snow Cone Syrup has a 6 month shelf life and there is no need for refrigeration. RALPH SNOBALL SUPPY INC.
  3. 3. FLAVORS Ralphs snow cone syrups are available in Regular syrup,Lite syrup,Sugar free syrup and Flavor concentrate with over 150 flavors to choose from of which 25 are a top.
  4. 4. The feedback from their customers are phenomenal as they have received a 100% positive review on the taste, the texture and delivery of this product. For example, here is what Stacey Feeney of Edgewood, WA had to say. The status of this order (ID 699) has been updated from Order Shipped to Order Delivered and enjoying the Flavors. Thank you for your great and timely service. The syrups are perfect! Customers Feedback
  5. 5. SPECIAL When order is made from the 'Free Ship Snow Cone Products' page, you save money when you buy snow cone products in bulk and you'll also get your shipment free.
  6. 6. SHOPPING Ralph's 100% cane sugar can be ordered on: 3.www.snowballsupply.comp/pages/ ml ?cat or TEL: 1-877-543-7997 From 8 am - 8 pm 7 Days A Week
  7. 7. THANK YOU Keywords: 100%,snowcone, raspados, cane, syrup