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A Message to Jehovah's Witnesses


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A message to Jehovah's Witnesses and a call for change.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
  • all of you are assholes no jehovah has done anything wrong, just because they believe different then you doesn't mean you have to go head hunt them. They are peaceable and respectful people, I should know I live next door to one, I have been here for ten years
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  • I love what you've done. I'm cirrculating this to all my email contacts and encouraging them to do the same!!!

    (Raised Jehovah Witness)
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  • Danny Haszard,

    I know, from personal experience, the truth of what you said.
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  • Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs:

    A) They are at your door to recruit you for enslavement to their watchtower corporation,they will say that 'we are just here to share a message from the Bible' this is deception right off.

    B) Their 'message' is a false Gospel that Jesus had his second coming in 1914.The problem with this is it's not just a cute fairy tale,Jesus warned of the false prophets who would claim '..look he is here in the wilderness,or see here he is at the temple...'

    C) Their anti-blood transfusion ban has killed hundreds if not thousands

    D) once they recruit you they will 'love bomb' you in cult fashion to also recruit your family & friends or cut them off. There are many more dangers,Jehovah's Witnesses got a bad rap for good and valid reasons.

    99% of the world has rejected the teachings of the Watchtower Jehovah’s Witnesses, the darker truth is they are a destructive and oppressive organization.


    Danny Haszard Jehovah's Witness X 33 years
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A Message to Jehovah's Witnesses

  1. 1. A Message to Jehovah's Witnesses
  2. 2. We have been watching you. We know what is going on in your religion. We don't hate you or want to persecute you. We just have a message that you need to hear.
  3. 3. We know about your long history of false prophecies. It's time to apologize to the people you have hurt and misled.
  4. 4. We know about your past prohibitions against vaccinations and organ transplants. It is time to apologize to the people who have died or suffered because they followed your commands.
  5. 5. We know about the thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses who have died because they refused necessary blood transfusions.
  6. 6. It is idolatry to sacrifice a life in behalf of a symbol for life.
  7. 7. We know about how you shun members who dare to disagree with your teachings or decide to leave your religion. We know how this policy destroys families.
  8. 8. We know about your secret trials for those accused of wrongdoing. We know you don't allow them to record the proceedings, take notes or have a friend or lawyer present. We know you don't offer an effective appeals process.
  9. 9. It is time to start respecting the rights and human dignity of others.
  10. 10. We know your elders are only told to report allegations of pedophilia when the local laws require it.
  11. 11. We know that your legal department asks your elders to make anonymous reports from telephone booths, when reporting these cases is required by law.
  12. 12. It is time to stop mocking the authorities who are trying to protect your children.
  13. 13. We know about the multi- million dollar pedophilia lawsuits you have settled. We know the victims were required to sign gag orders. We know that you didn't apologize to the victims.
  14. 14. It is time to take responsibility for your actions.
  15. 15. We know that you ask members with a history of pedophilia to knock on our doors. This is irresponsible and insulting to us.
  16. 16. Don't expect us. We will expect you. When you come to our homes uninvited, we will give you this message:
  17. 17. quot;Put me on your do not call list.quot;
  18. 18. This is our quiet and peaceful protest. It is our way of protesting your offensive policies without interfering with anyone's religious freedoms. Your response will determine if further action is needed.
  19. 19. We respect your rights.
  20. 20. Will you respect ours?
  21. 21. To those who are not Jehovah's Witnesses
  22. 22. Please help with this peaceful protest.
  23. 23. It's simple. When Jehovah's Witnesses come to your door, just say in a firm voice, quot;Put me on your do not call list.quot;
  24. 24. This will save you irritation in the future. It is also a peaceful way to pressure Jehovah's Witnesses to rethink their deadly and abusive policies.
  25. 25. Victims of Jehovah's Witnesses will thank you.
  26. 26. Please download and share this slideshow, or embed it into your website. Please tell your friends about this peaceful protest.
  27. 27. Be informed. Be safe.
  28. 28. If you want to learn more about the dangers of Jehovah's Witnesses, click on these links: Facts About Jehovah's Witnesses Silent Lambs Associated Jehovah's Witnesses for Reform on Blood Videos About Jehovah's Witnesses quot;Put Me on Your Do Not Call List.quot;