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  • Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, my name is DeeAnn and today we are going to discuss what social media can do for you here at Northwestern Technologies. To show you what social media can do for you I want to show you a brief history that I promise won’t put you to sleep. I also want to show you specifically what social media can bring to a company like Northwestern and how we are going to bring the best of what is offered to you and help you to avoid the biggest mistakes made so that every dollar you invest brings return that will make Northwestern’s name known as the most successful web development firm even in this economically trying time.
  • What is Social Media? Well I think we all here have a great understanding of what media is….the way we gather our information..newspapers, magazines, tv, video, radio, all these wonderful things.. Now today’s market ads in SOCIAL media… think of it as a floodgate that has opened to now allow the river to flow both ways… now we are not only sending information upstream we are receiving the reaction downstream and most of the time this reaction is immediate.
  • The first thing we have to be careful for when looking at social media is to pick an avenue that is stable and will get you linked to other businesses looking to actually do business. As you can see over the years we have come a long way. A lot of people know these sites are included in social media but other avenues not often thought of are involved as well such as blogging, forums, anywhere you can socially discuss your business as well. These are the places you look for and find opportunity to grow your business network. It’s all about making “friends” and associates in places you never thought possible. When we all began in sales we remember the days of finding our biggest customers in the most unlikely of places ie the grocery store line. Now our opportunities are endless we are no longer limited by geography anymore. From the beginning when we started our emailing and chatting in the 80’s through our growth through relay chats and discussion boards the time has come we have been waiting for. The time when we can associate and even speak with video to people across the world.
  • As we know in web development we want the new start. We want to find the company we can begin with as a start up and work with through their billion dollar success story and never has there been a time more leading for this than now. Small businesses and upstarts are the leaders in todays turning economy with fewer layoffs, less over head and the knowledge they need at their fingertips on every device imaginable. That si where we come in and where Northwestern takes the cake. Small/ Starter and Micro businesses are out there by the million. 30 million at the time of this study to be exact and out of those 34 percent were EXPANDING their social media presence. This translates to millions of businesses out there in the web awaiting you. They are waiting to hear about a company that can be trusted, loved and socialized with. Studies show that having employee to client content on their social media pages avaialable for the public to read strengthens the consumers trust of the company even if the feedback is not 100 percent positive. This is because in today’s market place the consumer even being another company looks to do business with someone not some thing, everyone wants to see the person behind the voice. Our consumer marketplace will no longer take an OZ figure with a voice. They want to see what is behind the curtain. The bottom lineis still a figure that is watched but along with that companies are expecting more.
  • Social Media is gaining its credibility by leaps and bounds For example, Pepsi opted to use a social media campaign in lieu of a Super Bowl ad last year for the first time in 23 years. And, of course, there's the 71-year-old deodorant brand, Old Spice, who revitalized its image and appeal to younger generations with its now-famous "Old Spice guy" -- who stars in the company's viral YouTube video campaign. Many argue the success of the Obama campaign came from their acceptance and use of social media outlets and viral videos.
  • I believe we are all familiar with most of these symbols. We have our twitter linked with our facebook, we post to millions of sites a day. The key here is to know where to look and where to tell. A blog giving information on web design and success for small business or new starts can get your brand and message across to millions of perspective business owners, Business owners who at first wanted to save the bottom line and thought the internet was theirs, Then they began the process of building their company and realized why there are companies like Northwestern out here, They are needed, The internet is much bigger and trickier than led to be known they have to have assistance to be heard. They need an energetic, ncompany with the knowledge and the drive, they need Northwestern Technologies. They have the idea, the vision now they need Northwestern Technologies to paint the picture.
  • Get your name out there. With Blogs posted on design specific boards like with a twitter account that showcases your web design talent, with email blasts to perspective companies and email sign ups on your social pages. Get connected and stay connected with your audience. We can get you set up and angled towards the success that is waiting. With our help there is an endless supply of prospects waiting on that click. Let’s get started
  • DeeAnn Gray Social Media Presentation

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