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Tips That Help You Save Money With Your Car Rentals


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Published in: Business, Automotive
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Tips That Help You Save Money With Your Car Rentals

  1. 1. Tips That Help You Save Money With Your Car Rentals
  2. 2. From the very first signs of warm weather, people all over the world havestarted to consider their future summer vacation. The internet is alreadyfilled with all kinds of holiday offers and people, no matter their income,can surely find something that fits their financial status.No matter how big is your salary, wonderful destinations are waiting foryou this summer. The sooner you book your flight tickets and youraccommodation, the better. Few people on this planet have the power tospend money endlessly and the following article is going to help youunderstand some of the ways in which you can save some money withoutgiving up comfort or anything else.I am referring here to the possibility of renting a car for the summervacation. Many of us use to drive a rented car during their holidays. Thereare many reasons somebody decides to rent a car: more space, newer car,more power destined for the mountain roads etc. In the same way you arethinking well about the air company or the comfort of the hotel you aregoing to book, you should consider the rent a car company.Driving a rented car during vacation means trusting that the car you use is asafe one. When you choose to work with a major rent a car company youcan at least hope, that all their cars are safe and checked by professionalsbefore they are rented out. All major rent a car company have all types ofnew cars so you have a wide range of models to pick from.So the very first thing which I consider very important is the company youare going to choose. You can read on the net about people’s experienceswhile driving certain cars from certain companies. Read and analyze themand then decide accordingly.
  3. 3. If you lack the necessary time for the search process, you can use a travelagent who will do the job for you and, in the end, will present you someoffers you can choose from.The decision should be also influenced by the price. I am not at all sayingthat the cheaper offer is the best offer. It never is. But you can compareprices so that you do not regret later, especially when you have in mindsaving some money. You can visit the price comparison sites where you arehelped to compare prices in order to find the best one that fits all the needsyou might have.Once you have chosen the rent a car company, book the wished car as soonas possible; most people planning to travel to Romania will discover somegood advice at the Thrifty Rent a car Bucharest Romania website. This waythe company will offer you a price discount. It is a strategy of all rent a caragencies and a method to rent out as many cars as possible.Especially during summer time, rent car agencies want to have all their carsrented and they try to obtain more and more clients by offering themspecial offers and all kinds of discounts. Try also and see if you qualify forany of these discounts. For example, some rent a car use to offer for rent atspecial prices some car models.Is it possible that you can rent that particular car model? In order to answerto this question it is wise to understand the type of car you need. And theanswer depends on the number of persons that will be traveling with you.Will you be going alone, with your spouse or with the spouse and the kidsyou have?Depending on the answer, you will need a compact or more spacious car. If,for example you will be driving with your spouse and the two kids of yours,
  4. 4. you definitely need a larger car. Kids need more space and if the journeywill be a long one, their patience will be hardly tested.Giving them a little more space for the toys is much better, not to mentionthe fact that you are going to need more space for the many bags you will betaking along.The price for a rented car can be kept at a minimal level if you, for example,bring your own car seat for the kids. If you have your own car you probablyhave car seats for the kids. Instead of renting them, bring them along.Another way of reducing the car rental price is renting it for many days in arow.Usually when you rent the car for more than a couple of days, the price willbe reduced and this is ok for somebody who wants to rent the car for thesummer holidays.It is very possible that the car insurance policy you are currently paying foryour own car is covering also for the situation you are driving a rented car.If this is your case, then the price will be greatly reduced as a big part of theprice represents the costs associated with insurance.It is crucially important to understand exactly what happens if the rentedcar you are driving gets involved in a car accident. In what way is the carinsurance policy you pay being of any help?
  5. 5. Before you pick the car and leave the city for the long expected vacation,make sure you examine the rented car. Check for any scratch or damage,take picture if necessary.Do that very attentively as you surely do not want to be held responsible fordamages you have not made. These pictures may become a great help in theworst case scenario you are asked to pay for something you are not guiltyof.