Frequent Mistakes People Do With Their Home Improvement Projects


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Frequent Mistakes People Do With Their Home Improvement Projects

  1. 1. Frequent Mistakes People DoWith Their Home Improvement Projects
  2. 2. Whenever you finish a job and you look back at the entire process, wheneverything was done with your own hands, the feeling is indescribable: youhave proven once again what you are capable of, and you and your lovedones will surely enjoy the result of the work.However, as in any other job or task you take, getting involved in a homeimprovement project may mean doing some mistakes which can affect oreven ruin the entire process. Read this article to discover some of thefrequent errors that can be avoided easily.Some people consider it is enough to have the home improvement plansomewhere in their mind, so they do not write it down. Still, homeimprovement means making plans and sticking to them, so that the entireprocess flows nicely and does not leave you penniless.If you decide to keep everything in your mind, you are risking a lot: you canforget essential things, overpass the set budget and make a chaos out ofeverything. This is a mistake that could cost you a little fortune and that isnot at all hard to avoid.Depending on the size of the project you want to start, you will need somepermits or authorizations in order to make the planned changes. Do notmake the mistake of starting the work without having them all, or you willregret later. Just imagine being obliged by the authority’s representative tostop any further actions that are related to you home improvement project!Since these projects are usually costly, you need to plan all the details sothat everything is bought and done in time. Sticking to the initial costs andplans is not easy, as you will discover new things to do, change or buy on a
  3. 3. daily basis. If you have not committed yourself to respect the budget, youare soon going to get in trouble.Any job of this kind has the potential to increase the value of your home, sothat the moment you plan to sell it, you will get more money. I am notsaying that every home improvement decision has to be done thinking ofthis aspect, but it would be wise to also keep take this into account.Sure, the main benefit is that you and your family will feel wonderful inyour new, improved, refreshed house, but try not to overlook the aspect ofincreasing the value of your house at the same time.If you get involved in a home renovation project without having enoughmoney, the temptation is to buy cheaper materials and stuff. This would beanother huge mistake, because when you start improving your home, theresults should be clearly visible for many years.If the materials you buy are cheap, so it their quality, so you might regretbuying them the very next day. You should better do fewer things usinghigh quality materials than more and cheaper things!Maybe you are a handy man and you plan to do everything by yourself. Ifthis is your case, you should at least pay an architect to give you someadvice on the colors, decorations and general design of the house. It is true,you are going to spend some extra money, but you never regret it, especiallyif the designer you have worked with has good references.
  4. 4. Don’t consider yourself a very experienced person. Even if you have donethis many times before, invest some hours in reading some new articles,some magazines, as this will certainly trigger your creativity andimagination. Every year there are new trends in home improvement, sowhy shouldn’t your house benefit from this?Irina Chirilov, the author of this report, is a consultant for Tub To ShowerConversions, a bathroom renovation company that has invented the tub toshower conversion kit.