Establish your own Fashion Style


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Establish your own Fashion Style

  1. 1. Fashion: How to Establish your own Stylish look
  2. 2. Know your body type… If your thinking about giving yourself a style makeover it’s important you know your body shape so that you can dress your shape to complement it. So many people fall into the box of a big ‘fashion faux’ because they wear clothes that are not flattering to there figure. Knowing what clothes work best for your body will enable you to make the right buying decisions which will ultimately help you to look amazing. For more information on how to know what your body shape is and how to dress your body shape visit:
  3. 3. The wardrobe overhaul… When your trying established a fashionable personal style you will need to do a slightly daunting task of editing what you currently have in your wardrobe. Don’t worry ! Follow this process and it will be like a walk in the park.
  4. 4. Pick your faves! The first step before you give your whole entire wardrobe away to charity or to a clothing bank, pick out your favourite pieces that you just can’t live without. Lay it all on your floor or bed and let the editing assessment begin. Go through everything you own from your clothes to shoes, bags, hats and jewellery, pick out all your best outfits.
  5. 5. Note what you have already brought… Now is the time to be a bit more ruthless and realistic, look at everything you have brought. Whilst you do this ask yourself… • • Are most of your garments mostly casual? • Are most of your clothes black? • Do you only have trousers and no skirts? • Are most of your clothes made from synthetic fabrics or from quality natural fabrics? • Do you own any key or designer pieces? • On examination of your clothes you will probably see patterns emerging with regards to your buying behaviour. When you make your assessment you really need to understand what you have got and too much of anything is never good. A person with a good fashion style is able to wear multiple styles of clothes and never limit’s what they wear. So, if you feel you are slightly heavy in one area of your wardrobe you need to edit it, and if your slightly slacking in your sartorial clothing for example you need to develop it with pieces that suit your style and body.
  6. 6. Look to impress… The next step is to ask a friend how they feel about your style, what you may think looks good may not be that exciting to your friend. What other people think matters as it is often the way people perceive you and your personality. It is also important to note regardless of whatever clothes you wear, you should be comfortable, it should never be comfort over fashion or vice versa, a nice balance is what is needed.
  7. 7. Find your Fashion inspiration… Identifying inspirational fashion icons will also help you to develop your own style. Find celebrities styles that you like from online or from in a magazine and make a little inspirational board of their style. Another way to get inspiration for your look is by browsing fashion ecommerce stores and clipping images into a site called Polyvore whereby you can put together looks that pertain to your style.
  8. 8. Get your basics sorted first! Fashion basics are pieces everyone should own. Basic pieces in your wardrobe are essentially that piece that you can team with almost anything. For example a simple white tee, shorts, skirt, leggings, sandals, heels flatties, a cool bag, coat or jacket and you can go wrong with a bit of knit. All of these items in simple colours quantify as basics.
  9. 9. Buy key pieces… So, once you have your basic sorted it’s now time to invest in some designer key pieces. If you can not afford high end fashion it’s not problem as high street chains like Zara, & Other Stories all do luxe niche pieces that will do the job. When you are shopping for a key piece look for items that are bold, been made from quality materials, have an amazing print design or unique in construction.
  10. 10. Accessories… Once your done with your wardrobe basics and you have got your key pieces. The best way to finish off your look is to accessorize. You can introduce statement or subtle pieces. Accessories range from anything from scarfs, rings, necklaces, shoes, bags, braces, broaches. All of these accessories will give you that added depth to help you finish off a stunning look. Accessories are also great in providing texture to your look which all adds to mastering a unique stylish fashionista aesthetic.
  11. 11. Style tips! • When your pulling a look together you can introduce something old, new or borrowed to elevate your look. • Introduce classic vintage pieces. • Choose bright accessories to complement your look. • Layering up gives a unique stylish quality to your look. • Never underestimate a power of a scarf in summer silk ones are great and in the winter invest in a decent scarf or snood. •
  12. 12. Quotes from the experts… • Ralph Lauren: "Breaking rules is what makes clothes interesting. I love mixing fabrics and shapes in unexpected ways - classic with modern, rugged with elegant.“ • Donatella Versace: "The most valuable item in your wardrobe is not a piece of clothing; it is an accessory. With a quick switch of a handbag or a pair of shoes, you can instantly change your look and mood.“ • Giorgio Armani: "Elegance is the result of a natural equilibrium between simplicity, looking after oneself and intelligence. All this generates the attitude we call elegance. It is a quality which, contrary to popular belief, does not require deep pockets."
  13. 13. The End