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Ceedo Sales training


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ceedo Sales training

  1. 1. Introduction + Selling Ceedo By: Dedi Ben-Natan, VP Sales© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  2. 2. In 20 Seconds • Portable desktop • Manage Windows applications on un-managed machines. • User Installed Applications vs. Security • Lock-down machines with-out locking down users. • Dept. Installed Applications vs. Image Sprawl/VDI • Disengage the OS image from the apps. Solve the toughest issues confronting modern IT© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  3. 3. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingAbout Ceedo We are a privately held company, established in 2005. We specialize in developing innovative enterprise-class IT solutions that solve the toughest issues confronting modern IT. Our products are based on our proprietary application and run-time virtualization technology. Our products shipped to over 4,000,000 users worldwide. We are now at the final stages of completing our most ambitious product, codenamed “Project Ren”, which will change the way we IT...© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  4. 4. Solution#1 Ceedo Enterprise Secure Ubiquitous Computing© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  5. 5. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingCeedo Enterprise Product Overview Some History... Matured from 2005 over 3 years as a consumer product, shipped on leading USB-Drive brands. Officially launched in 2008 and gained immediate success. Endorsed by high-profile partners and distributers. Shipped to over 4,000,000 users on encrypted and regular USB-drives. What? How? Provide complete and secure ubiquitous Complete workspace on a USB drive computing (with or without encryption) Enables IT dept. to manage biz-apps on un- Sandboxed applications that run on any managed/non-domain PCs Windows platform Provides intuitive user-experience Lightweight: zero install, zero footprint Simple to manage and integrate Cloud-based management© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  6. 6. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingCeedo Enterprise Architecture Example Applications: Security Features: Integrated 2FA Reporting One Workspace to Rule Them All… Encryption Read Only Ceedo Management Console Apps Data Users Policies At Home Point of Sale On The Road Contractors Desktop PC Thin Client Laptop/Any PC BYOC© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  7. 7. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingAmong Our Customers Managed Workspace PC On A Stick PnP Secure Remote Access© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  8. 8. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingAmong Our Channel Partners Service Providers & System Integrators Distributors & Resellers© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  9. 9. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingAmong Our Technology Partners© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  10. 10. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingSelling Ceedo = $... $... $... Sell More • Address more requirements – execute more deals • Sell more products – increase deal size Increase your deal margin Increase your professional services potential© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  11. 11. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingKnow your customer What is the pain point and context? • Disaster recovery, business continuity, work from home… Who is the end user? (employee, external…) • Getting the device, the software, using the solution Which applications are planned for deployment? What domain is the competition? • Considering OS, workspace, application virtualization? Specific vendors such Citrix? Check Point Abra?© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  12. 12. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingIdentify Technical Concerns Security requirements • Encryption, anti-malware, sandboxing Hardware constraints • Storage (e.g. applications, data files) • Performance (e.g. read speed) Application complexity • Services • Drivers© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  13. 13. Resources We Provide© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  14. 14. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingTechnical Resources Online Training Quickly learn about the product, installation and basic management concepts. Demo Images Access to pre-packaged images with different sets of high-value applications. Software Trial Trial download allows much greater engagement with the customer. Priority Support Go straight to the top of the queue for quick tech support on customer questions.© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  15. 15. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingSales Resources Datasheets & Brochures Download PDFs and print or e-mail to customers. Sales Presentations Download, personalize and present. Whitepapers & Case Studies Great when a client needs some technical convincing. Competitive Analysis Great resource if you’re in a competitive bid.© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  16. 16. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingThank You! Sales Contact: Pre-Sales Contact: Dedi Ben-Natan Dror Nachtigal Technical Support Contact: Keith Watson Asher Hakmon© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  17. 17. Q&A© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  18. 18. Thank You.© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  19. 19. Solution#2 Project Ren To Serve and Protect© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.
  20. 20. Ceedo - Flexible ComputingCompany Roadmap 2011 2012 Q4/2011 H1/2012 • Project Ren – User Installed Apps • Project Ren - VDI • Ceedo Enterprise 5.0 • Windows 8 support • Portable desktop apps container • Supporting kernel • CCMS 1.5 – Reporting, Active drivers Directory, redesigned UI Ongoing: CCMS cloud management via web-services© 2011 All rights reserved to Ceedo.