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Dot For Profit


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Dot For Profit

  1. 1. Welcome to<br />
  2. 2. Dot for Profit was founded in June 2009 by Inevitable, <br />an Australian advertising, design and production agency.<br />Inevitable’s success is based on our ability to source the right team <br />for each of our client’s projects. In this we have a unique difference.<br />
  3. 3. Inevitable operates completely as a ‘hot desk’ agency.<br />Outside of the core operational members of the team<br />our staff vary from project to project from a pool of<br />over 40 professionals in their field.<br />On any one project a photo shoot can take place in Hong Kong, <br />the editing completed in Sydney, design and print in Brisbane, <br />web uploads in Germany and e-campaign via Melbourne, all in 24 hours. <br />This system utilises the best people when and where we need them. <br />
  4. 4. This process is managed by our highly experienced core team.<br />Our team were selected for their expertise in a range of advertising<br />and marketing disciplines, each with a diverse knowledge and ability<br />to bring insight and added value to even the simplest of projects.<br />Between us we bring a high level of professionalism and <br />experience to our clients as well as a portfolio that includes <br />work with some of the biggest corporate brands in the world. <br />
  5. 5. Dot for Profit came to life as a project by the Inevitable team<br />to raise the level of advertising, design and production quality<br />offered to not for profit organisations whilst simultaneously <br />providing a cost effective alternative to the current market <br />vendors.<br />Through consultation with industry leaders, senior charity<br />marketers and our suppliers the project has grown to <br />encompass the complete range of services offered by Inevitable.<br /><ul><li>Graphic Design
  6. 6. Web Design
  7. 7. Email Marketing
  8. 8. Advertising
  9. 9. Direct Marketing
  10. 10. Viral Marketing
  11. 11. Film & Photography
  12. 12. Production services
  13. 13. Print production</li></li></ul><li>The Dot for Profit Management team bring not only corporate experience but<br />also a unique understanding of the specific needs of not for profit organisations <br />through our extensive experience in NFP Marketing. <br />Dec Maguire Dot for Profit Project Manager / Inevitable Director<br />Mark Scott Foundation Imperial Cancer Research Fund SCIAF<br />Prevent Blindness Foundation Queensland Eye Institute 24hrs of Change<br />The Cancer Council NSW Australian Conservation Foundation Greenpeace <br />ChildFund Amnesty International UNHCR Médecins Sans Frontières RSPCA<br />Diabetes Australia Wesley Mission Cancer and Bowel Research Trust WWF<br />Shari Maguire Dot for Profit Account Manager<br />I2Y International - Founding Member<br />Two Ladies E commerce Expressions - Director<br />Dorothy Sales Cottages, Acquired Brain Injury Unit - Project Manager<br />Tour Down Under – Project Manager <br />
  14. 14. Dot for Profit is a simple proposition. Take everything Inevitable <br />has to offer to our clients, drop the profit margin, offer it to charities. <br />How can we do this?<br />Simple<br />With the support of Inevitable’s in house resources,<br />22 philanthropic designers, producers and marketers,<br />our digital media and print partners, industry leaders<br />and some special people who were quietly interested <br />in being part of great change in motion. <br />.......................................<br />
  15. 15. The next step<br />To get started contact your Account Manager, Shari Maguire<br />Direct on 0404 684 543<br /><br />
  16. 16. Not quite there yet?<br />For more information<br />contact Dec Maguire, Dot for Profit Project Manager<br />Direct on 0422 270 270<br /><br /><br />