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Contingency Plan                   Problem                                           SolutionLight set up doesn’t work, (t...
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Contingency Plan


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Contingency Plan

  1. 1. Contingency Plan Problem SolutionLight set up doesn’t work, (too many shadows) Get more lights and do practices before actual filming to be sure it is right Cast is busy or can’t make it Be well organised to be sure that the cast can show up for filming, (unless it is an emergency) Not allowed to film in location Have a film location release contract signed so that the location is contracted for allowance to use Cast becomes unable to do the role Have back up actors who can do the role, (as it is washing hands so not too difficult)Computer crashes or breaks causing work, edits Save every so often and back up on another hard and shot to be lost drive Project is over the deadline Keep up to date with work and look at project management schedule to make sure the project is on track Someone becomes injured on set Look at risk assessment and stick to the rules of it to prevent risk of injury