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8-yr old Summarizes Bazaarvoice Products


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My 8-yr old son got offered co-CMO role during kids at work day. I asked him to read our web site and present back to me and my team what our products were all about. This is what he came up with.

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8-yr old Summarizes Bazaarvoice Products

  1. 1. This is a presentation created by my 8-year old son who was “hired” as co-CMO during kids-at-work day. I gave him the assignment to look at and make his own presentation to sell our products. This is what he came up with, unedited.
  2. 2. There’s a 5 star scale in Bazaarvoice.
  3. 3. Ratings and reviews. 5 STARS!!! 4 STARS AND A HALF!! 5 STARS!!!!!!
  4. 4. Bazaarvoice is there when you need it Customers house “ Someones not getting any rates on his site, I better step on it,” said bazaarvoice. “ hello old customer what seems to be the problem?,” asked Bazaarvoice. “ I am not getting any rates on my site when I review products,” said the customer. “do you have any company getting you some rates on products?,” asked Bazaarvoice. “no sir,” said the costumer. “I’ll help you,” said bazaarvoice. “OK,” said the customer. “ I am not getting any ratings,” yelled the customer
  5. 5. 1 week later……. “ Hey bazaarvoice, what’s up,” said the customer. “Hey old customer,” said Bazaarvoice. “I wanted to thank you for what you did.. My house is bigger than the president,” said the customer. “well it was not just me I have employs and they helped a lot.. Did you know that we can do 100 reviews in 10 minutes,” said Bazaarvoice. “no I did not.. Anyway I have to go,” said the customer. “ Bye old customer,” said Bazaarvoice. “ man my house is off the hook, I have to thank that Bazaarvoice dude,” said the customer.
  6. 6. Directly to there sites. “ how did I get my rate on my site,” said customer. “ I forgot,, bazaarvoice does it,” said customer. Bazaarvoice is working hard to put there rates on there site. Why can’t other companys do that too! Ratings and reviews “ bazaarvoice just put my rate on my site, cool,” said customer.
  7. 7. Clients love bazaarvoice The more ratings and reviews bazaarvoice does, then there clients will fill this heart. 2004/2005 heart rate. From clients. 2007/2008! Heart rate. From clients.
  8. 8. Ask and answer.
  9. 9. Alowing customers to ask. “ that car looks beautiful… maybe I can ask another customer of what they think of that car,” said customer. “and bazaarvoice can put it on my site!!!!. Said the customer. Wroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. 10. “ hey David, stop,” said The customer. “ what’s up Chris,” said David. “What do you think of this awesome car, (Chris hands out a picture of the car) “looks affully nice but affully expensive,” said David. “well if I buy it and rate it on, bazaarvoice will put it on there site!!! Said Chris. “gotta go,” said David. “ do you think it is good,” asked Chris. “buy it,” yelled David.
  11. 11. Questions can make companies bigger. “ Before” Population bar. “ After” population bar. Do you know how that happened? .
  12. 12. “ can you put my question from home depot on to my site,” asked customer. “ yes we can,” said Bazaarvoice. That is how the company from the other slide got there bar so high. Customers put questions on home depot from bazaarvoice technology.
  13. 13. It builds there bussines. “ I have a lot of paperwork to do,” said customer. “maybe bazaarvoice can help me,” said customer. BEFORE
  14. 14. “ I love bazaarvoice,” said customer. After
  15. 15. Stories.
  16. 16. Directly to there sites. “ what are you doing brother,” asked tom. “I am posting the story that grandma told me on,” said Zach. “ well I thought that bazaarvoice puts the story on their site,” said tom. “exactly, that is how I am doing it,” said Zach. “anyway….. See ya,” said Tom.
  17. 17. THE END!!!!