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Decimononic - Technical Analyse - Abyssal Cuff


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Since the very beginning we have received many inquiries about this piece of jewelry. Without any kind of doubt, its colour surprises.

For this reason we wanted to write a brief technical analyse that helps understand the technical and creative challenges we have faced when we took up its design and execution.

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Decimononic - Technical Analyse - Abyssal Cuff

  1. 1. The "Abyssal" cuff by Decimononic Technical Analyse May 2015 | Pag. 1 de 5
  2. 2. One month. A thirty-day period to design and manufacture a piece inspired by the theme 'The Sea', that would allow us to participate in the AJA's design contest of this year. To be honest, finding a compelling idea was actually a little hard, an idea that would let us come unscathed from the challenge of competing with designers with terrific careers and track records . We were facing many open fronts and short time, as usual. We called on the muses and, not without some resistance, the muses condescended to show as a route on the navigation chart. A seed that started to germinate with a certain shyness in the shape of initial drafts, giving form to sketches we refined until the final sketch was distilled. Blessing or curse, I am convinced that those born in a seaport will never be able to remain unmoved by the magnetism of the sea. As being rolled by the waves seemed insufficient to Irene and I, we wanted to dive to the depths to claim our trophee: a jewelry piece that allows us to evoke the odd creatures that populate the abyssal sea floor, a trace of leviathan (hence the name of this cuff). Therefore, we decided to combine the fascinating colour range titanium puts within our reach with the organic touch of stingray leather (we only work with suppliers that meet the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora - CITES) and a sodalite cabochon with a blue colour so intense that it could be a remnant of ocean setted in sterling silver. Obviously, to design requires to take into consideration the technical challenges that will have to be overcome in order to turn the design into reality. Titanium is a hypoallergenic material as fascinating as difficult to work with, light as aluminum and hard as steel. Due to this extraordinary quality we could use sheet with a thickness of 0.4 mm only to give shape to the cuff (and for this reason it weights less than 30 g measuring 76x65 mm). Besides, it is a metal that cannot be soldered with a conventional jewellers' torch, so that state-of-the-art welding equipment is required (in our case a TIG microwelder) and, of course, a specific glue to join leather and metal together. May 2015 | Pag. 2 de 5
  3. 3. The magic of titanium and its colour range It is true that the colour range of this cuff could be the result of using an airbrush. However, this is not the case. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact. Would you like to know where this fascinating colours come from? Go on reading and amaze youself. In contrast to the stable metals like gold, titanium is a reactive metal. What does this mean? It means that titanium is altered by the changes in its environment. How does it react, then?, you will be probably wondering. It reacts generating an oxide layer, which makes us perceive the colours. And I am using the term 'perceiving' on purpose, because this oxide layer is completely transparent: like rainbow, soap bubbles or peacock feathers, the titanium colours that our eyes perceive result from a light refraction/reflection phenomenon. What we do is subjeting it to electricity or heat under controlled conditions in order to achieve the desired results. These are the miracles of physics placed in the service of creativity and beauty. We cannot deny that we are proud of the obtained result: a unique piece of jewelry, because we could not get exactly the same range of colours even if we wanted to. May 2015 | Pag. 3 de 5
  4. 4. Technical sheet Title Abyssal Type of jewelry piece Cuff Dimensions in mm (length × height × width) 75 × 50 × 65 Materials Titanium, sterling silver, stingray leather (galuchat), sodalite cabochon Weight in grams 29 Date of manufacturing April 2015 May 2015 | Pag. 4 de 5
  5. 5. Does this jewelry piece deserve a price? Remember that you can show your support quite easily until May 20th 2015 by 'liking' the original photo uploaded for the contest and, naturally, spreading the word. Many thanks for your help! About Decimononic Irene López and José Francisco Alfaya are the founders of Decimononic, a transdisciplinary experimental project launched in 2010. The areas of interest for Decimononic encompass fields as diverse as trend spotting and photography, but its main interest is creating avantgarde fine jewelry. Thus, Decimononic's creations are conceived as a means of a creative discourse that revolves around the inherent singularity of every human being. May 2015 | Pag. 5 de 5