Likez, partagez, communiquez : réinventez la culture d’entreprise


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Exploiter la puissance des réseaux sociaux pour cibler, engager et fidéliser ses clients ? Cela ne fait plus aucun doute. Toutes les entreprises en sont aujourd’hui convaincues. Ce qui est bon pour les clients l’est aussi pour les collaborateurs. Quel est l’impact des réseaux sociaux d’entreprise sur leur organisation interne ? Comment améliorent-ils la productivité ? Comment créer facilement un espace de collaboration avec des clients, des partenaires… en toute sécurité ? Georg Ell, EMEA General Manager de Yammer nous présentera les enjeux de cette nouvelle communication d’entreprise, au travers de cas concrets d’entreprise ayant déjà adopté ces nouveaux usages, et répondra à vos questions.

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  • 20% Virality Tipping Point – staff start to sort out problems (if you empower them)Email bottlenecks decision making through middle management – Social starts to show the efficiency gains in removing that bottleneck, but requires cultural change to allow it to happen. Retail – connecting HQ to shop floor, and shop floor managers to each other to optimize display, supply chain etc.Capgemini - Self-Scheduling via Yammer – right person / right role. Customer & Employee satisfaction. TfL – connecting travel ambassadors at the Olympics, another scheduling example (Olympic Park at short notice)Big Oil Company – connecting people across the whole process, oil from ground to customer
  • Business Value of Social - Changing the way we work togetherSocial has clearly rewired the way we communicate in our personal lives, and businesses that have started adopting social in the enterprise are seeing it change the way people get things done at work. The basic premise of social technologies is around open conversations and personal connections.  In a world where the pace of innovation has increased dramatically over the last few decades, agility is key.  Open conversations and personal connections increase the agility of an organization by helping people connect the dots in an ever-changing world. Customers that have embraced Enterprise Social are driving real business results with social networking, and are “transforming their businesses”.  A lot of it is because they embracethe idea that open conversations and personal connections could help them with their most important strategic initiatives. These customers recognize that the only way they can keep up with the pace of change in their industries is to trust their people, and empower them to organize and decide "in the moment."   And for these companies, Enterprise Social ismuch more than a newsfeed.  It’s a way to change the way their people work together. Companies use Yammer for addressing every imaginable business need, ranging from connecting store managers in a retail operation , to coordinating R&D projects with external partners, and to managing logistics for complex shipping operations….just to name a few examples .We’ve identifiedfour business scenarios that seem to resonate across customers & industries, through which companies are able to drive value from Enterprise Social : improving team collaboration, increasing employee engagement, enhancing business agility, and building a social intranet.  
  • The Social Layer TodayAs a first step toward the vision of the Social Layer, Yammer introduced ways to both embed the Yammer feed in any biz apps, as well as bring updates from different biz apps into the Yammer feed leveraging open graph.Integrate & Embed: Social isn’t the destination – and it’s crucial that the places we get our work done, including key LOB applications are able to utilize social data both to ENRICH their own experiences through embedding social content (example: Adding a discussion thread to a LOB process), and ensure that social data isn’t silo’d and can be interacted with by users in other applications and experiences through Social Graph integration.
  • Likez, partagez, communiquez : réinventez la culture d’entreprise

    1. 1. Georg EllGeneral Manager, Yammer EMEA@yammerguy,, +44 (0)7792 213 204
    2. 2. Yammer in Brief› First mover and leader in ESN with 6+ million registered users› Used by over 85% of the Fortune 500 companies› Around 400 employees, with offices in US, UK, and Australia› In 150+ countries and 23 languages› Enterprise software built for and loved by users› Acquired by Microsoft for $1.2bn and now part of the Office Division Leader Leader Cloud Collaboration Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the The Forrester Mobile Wave Workplace The Forrester Activities Streams Winner Top 50 The Forrester Groundswell Award Venture Backed Companies Game-Changer: Innovation Application Innovation Software Company to Watch @yammerguy
    3. 3. Recent Validation @yammerguy
    4. 4. Customer Footprint @yammerguy
    5. 5. Organisational Vitality PEOPLE Collaboration + Empowerment = Transformation Diminishing Returns Breakthrough Ideas & Results @yammerguy
    6. 6. The “Big Four” What Speed Means… • Decision making Big Data CloudRight Decision? TCO? • Project completion • Research & Ideas Speed! • Sharing results • Matching supply/demand Social Mobile • Customer responseCollaboration? Productivity? • Customer satisfaction @yammerguy
    7. 7. The organization that adapts… @yammerguy
    8. 8. Our Vision for Social @yammerguy
    9. 9. The Business Value of SocialFour Scenarios from our most successful customers @yammerguy
    10. 10. Team CollaborationTeams need to connect, learn from each other, and thrive in a world of rapid change. Sales Marketing Finance @yammerguy
    11. 11. Employee EngagementRemove communication barriers and give employees a voice, information,and the tools they need to take your business to the next level. @yammerguy
    12. 12. Business AgilityInnovate and adapt when launching new products, merge cultures during anacquisition, and accelerate your transformation. CUSTOMERS COMPANIES Employees PARTNERS @yammerguy
    13. 13. Social IntranetTraditional Intranets offer great capabilities for publishing content and providingaccess to structured information. Social brings these intranets to life with freshdiscussions and active communities. @yammerguy
    14. 14. Value Beyond Boundaries • Build a B2B customer community • Collaborate with partners on joint initiatives • Manage vendors to streamline operations • Connect with retailers to optimize sales • Stay connected to Alumni @yammerguy
    15. 15. Brainsonic CEO
    16. 16. Response to the Dynamics CRMactivity show up on the Yammer feed @yammerguy
    17. 17. Transform your business by connecting employees, partners, and customers New experiences that combine social, collaboration, email, and UC across devices and services Pervasive social layer connecting people, content, and business data Enterprise-class platform for security, management, and compliance @yammerguy
    18. 18. Get Started Today! @yammerguy