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Utilisation des solutions de communications unifiées pour le recrutement et la formation de vos collaborateurs, partenaires ou clients.
Animée par Jean-Renaud Kervela, Microsoft
Témoignages, Caroline Dulac-Jardin de Bouygues Telecom et Reza Goli-Dehboneh de l'APEC.

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  • Slide Objective: Articulate the vision for Lync 2013 & Lync Online. No Build - Use the pillars to articulate the investments and set-up the subsequent slides. Talking points:The vision for the next release of Lync builds upon the strengths of Lync 2010 while taking a broader view of how communications, data and human interaction can blend in order to drive connections among a diverse and distributed workforce. When animation, clean design and touch are layered in, the scenarios and user experience is elevated in new and engaging ways. The essence of Lync 2013 is captured in 4 pillars, or collections of investments:The first is Multiparty HD video & content sharing. Lync 2013 and Lync Online showcase advances in video and visual communications. “I see what you mean” takes on an entirely different meaning when colleagues and customers from down the hall, across town or around the globe can see each other’s gestures while hearing their tone - when working together in a Lync Meeting. The next release of Lync further delivers on the promise of “access anywhere”, ensuring that Lync is available anywhere a user has access to Windows 8 PC or tablet, mobile device or browser. Modern, mobile and web client investments allowLync to be where the users are, putting people at the center of communications and collaboration. And yet, with the diversity of platform, form factor and device support – the experience is familiar and engaging. Lync was built from the ground up to deliver identity-based communications– pivoting on a user’s identity rather than the old paradigm of using phone numbers as a proxy for a person. Lync Integration across Office apps enables “one-click” communications directly from within the productivity applications used by Information Workers everyday. Lync is integrated into Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote and other Microsoft applications, users do not have to leave their current application when they need to reach out to others. Lync breaks down solution silos and application boundaries making communication and collaboration natural and less complex. Federation with Skype unlocks the potential to bring all of these investments mentioned, and the rich communication and collaborations scenarios they enable - to hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Transition - Take a closer looks at each one of these investment areas
  • Slide Objective: Articulate the Benefits of Lync Room SystemsWith Lync Room Systems customers can drive real-time meeting collaboration AND participation experienceLync Room System offer single, unified meeting experience that supports IM, voice, video, and sharing of powerpoints, desktops, and joint white boarding, while remote participants can easily see and hear the discussion and the content presented. LRS helps easily schedule meetings, join session and manage the interfaceLync Room systems use the same familiar Lync user interfaceand allows users to join meetings with a single click, switch easily between presenters, in-room and remote.
  • Lync - Recrutement et formation

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Lync Conférence Témoignage Recrutement et Formation Bouygues Telecom : Caroline Dulac Jardin APEC : Reza Goli-Dehboneh
    3. 3. Flexible Workspace Solutions Enable and improve mobile productivity Communicate in real time with colleagues, customers and partners from virtually anywhere Enable new ways of collaboration with voice & video using a single unified client Share ideas and keep teams in sync Reduce costs related to video conferencing, telephony and travel Reduce costs through simplification and consolidation Manage with common and familiar tools Reduce total cost of ownership with integration and shared infrastructure Accelerate adoption of online services Reduce IT operations costs Enables a path to unified communications – following a customer’s blueprint
    4. 4. The Flexible Workplace with Lync From Anywhere Communicate directly from within Microsoft Office Single identity across business and social applications Personal iteration OneNote Share SharePoint integration Communicate with anyone on Skype Consistent and familiar clients Multi-party video gallery Immersive experience optimized for touch HD video or high resolution photos of attendees Mobile client experiences designed for the device Support of different network bandwidths Secure and archived Instant Messaging Lync Web App for browser access to meetings Personalized collaboration experiences Peer to peer voice Intuitive controls Share rich presence information
    5. 5. The Flexible Workplace with Lync Room SystemsConference Room Inside the Collaborate in a single, unified meeting experience that supports IM, voice, video, and sharing Familiar Lync user interface Native Lync software on industry standard hardware Start or join a Lync meeting with a single click Easy to manage with intuitive meeting controls Always-on hardware with special management console Remote participants can easily see and hear the content presented and take part in the discussion through Lync Easy to switch between presenters, in-room and remote Up to 1080p multi-party video quality built-in Comprehensive solution sold by partners Simple provisioning through device accounts in Lync Server and Exchange Server (for Outlook scheduling) No different deployment requirements than a standard Lync client
    6. 6. m 300 Utilisateurs connectés 554 45m ~50% 33% milliads de minutes vidéo et audio par an (avec des pics à 2 milliards / jour) des appels intègrent de la vidéo Utilisateurs Simultanés en pic Des appels internationaux (appels PSTN et Skype-à-Skype) sont des minutes Skype-à-Skype FOURNIR À DES MILLIARDS D’UTILISATEURS DES MOYENS DE COMMUNICATION POUR LEURS ÉCHANGES QUOTIDIENS
    7. 7. Specialisés par destination, unifié par nécessité La Communications Unifiées pour tous, sans frontière Particuliers TPE, petites associations PME, Grandes Entreprises Microsoft propose d’intégrer toutes vos communications, du Salon à votre Salle de Direction.
    8. 8. HR Cares About Enabling Employees …by attracting the brightest, quickly onboarding, and maintaining positive connection How does Lync & Skype Help HR Enable Employees? Attract the brightest and the best with latest consumer capabilities from Skype & Yammer Recruiting Move classroom training to a virtual environment where workers train each other through best practices Identifying and pulling in right expert to provide detail on benefits packages and investments Move town hall meetings online to reduce costs, broaden reach, speed communications Enable employees to work from home and reduce cost of office moves by removing reliance on phones Onboarding & Development Benefits Consulting Employee Communications Flexible Workers
    9. 9. Témoignage Bouygues Telecom Caroline Dulac Jardin Qualité Opérationnelle 10
    10. 10. Témoignages
    11. 11. Témoignage APEC Reza Goli-Dehboneh 12